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Dec. 15, 2017:  Special-Counsel Mueller's Staff's Prosecutorial Misconduct & Hatch-Act Criminality in Their Poisonous-Tree-House Warrant Rescission of Guilty Pleas of Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos and Prosecution of Mueller's Staff for Obstruction of Justice, Hatch-Act Criminality and FISA-Abuse Criminality..

Dec. 4, 2017:  Comey-Strzok-McCabe Justice-Obstructing Troika.


Aug. 28, 2015:   Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now -- A Sequel Answering the Question Megyn Kelly First Asked Jeb Bush, then Rand Paul, then Donald Trump, and all the rest of the Republican Candidates for the 2016 Nomination.·

Where has PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com been since May 25, 2015?  Back to 2003 is where (when?), but there were also quite a number of detours which shall remain top secret.

May 22--25, 2015:  Memorial Weekend and Memorial Day May 25, 2015-- A Video Tribute.

May 1, 2015:  Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Schools USA on Looting of Property in Baltimore 2015 Riots.  ·

Apr. 29, 2015:  Millennial Breaks World Record Solving The Peoples Cube After Teenager Collin Burns Breaks World Record Solving Rubik's Cube. · 

Apr. 27, 2015:  Hillary Clinton's "Hillary 2016" campaign should adopt a new slogan:   Hitchhiker's Guide to the White House -- It's Time to Give this Woman a Lift.   ·

Apr. 20, 2015:  Hillary 2016-- General Secretary Hillary Clinton Appoints Brian Williams as Minister of Authenticity and Media Campaign Manager Because "It Takes a StoryTeller" to Tell Stories.·

Apr. 15, 2015:  Hillary 2016: More to Come-- If You Liked Obama's Policies, You'll LOVE Hillary's.·

Apr. 13, 2015:  Hillary Clinton Opens 2016 Campaign on Cover of Elle Magazine While Chelsea Urges Affluent Millennials to Join Her "Campaign to Save the Clintons." ·

Apr. 10, 2015:  Judith-Come-Lately -- But Too Late for Scooter Libby that in 2015 Judith Miller Reveals in Her New Book, "The Story," that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald "Manipulated" her Flawed Recollection to Convict Scooter Libby in Connection with "Outing" Valerie Plame as a CIA "Operative" Despite Fitzgerald Having Known that Richard Armitage Did It. ·

Apr. 1, 2015:  Ten years ago, Liberty Gave Birth to The Peoples Cube.·

Mar. 18, 2015:  Is Congress Powerless to Prevent Obama from Implementing his Secret Plan for an "Executive Agreement" with Iran to Become "International Law" by Having It Adopted by the UN Security Council Despite Congressional Actions Against His Doing So?·

Mar. 13, 2015:  Egyptian President el Sisi Asks President Obama to Cooperate with Egypt in Its Struggle Against Islamic Extremists, But Obama Rejects el Sisi's Overture.·

Mar. 12, 2015:  A Titanic Boston University Study Says Hard Science Proves Chivalry is Sexist War on Women Disguised as Benevolent Care for Women.·

Mar. 11, 2015:  President Obama Tells Americans It Was from Recent News Reports that He First Learned About Hillary Clinton's Email System a.k.a. Hillary's "Tin-Can-Telephone" System.·

Feb. 28, 2015:  Hillary Clinton Explains Three Reasons for Running in 2016 in Exclusive Interview with PoliticalXray.Com·

Feb. 19, 2015:  Remember that report that "Republicans" want to ban yoga pants?  ---  Joe Biden remembered, so he took a break from massaging nominees' wives for a trip to the Senate Gym, where he was delighted to discover that yoga pants had vanished from the Gym.·

Feb. 18, 2015:  Here's an ObamaCare Medical Device Update on President Obama's "Strategic Patience"™ Foreign Policy to avoid those uncomfortable feelings of "urgency."  ·

Feb. 09, 2015:  President Obama Unveils New National-Security Strategy:  "Strategic Patience" Euphemizing "Strategic Constipation"·

Feb. 05, 2015:  ISIS, ISIL and Other IslamoFascists ASK Allah, "WHY did you make Abdullah, II the King of Jordan?" But THANK Allah that Bush 43 is the FORMER President of the United States.·

Feb. 02, 2015:  Super Bowl XLIX Truther Report-- Patriots Quarterback Used I-Pad on Sidelines to Hack into Seahawks' Play-Call Communication System to Enable Patriot Coach Bill Billichick to Imitate Voice of Seahawks' Offensive Coordinator to Tell Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, to Call the Most Stupid Play Ever as Seahawks' Final Play to Snatch Defeat from Jaws of Victory.·

Feb. 01, 2015:  Obama's OSA Advisor, Ben Rhodes, Hard at Work on "Operation OSA-OSA" (Obama Security Agency - Observing Sharyl's Activities) in Hacking into Sharyl Attkisson's Computer for "National Security" Reasons.·

Jan. 30, 2015:  To Honor President Obama's Historic Open-Hand to Cuba, Che Guevara Comes Back from the Dead and Poses for Iconic "Chebama" Picture of Che Wearing an Obama T-Shirt.·

Jan. 25, 2015:  How to Get President Obama to Risk a "Megyn Kelly Moment" -- 2015 Journalism-101.·

Jan. 25, 2015:  Scientists Say "Cowgirl" ("Woman on Top") Position is "Most Dangerous Sex-Position," So ObamaCare Board for Health-Care Standards Excludes Coverage for Injuries Sustained During Sex in the "Cowgirl" Position.·

Jan. 20, 2015:  Unlike Jessica Lange's Response to Manipulation in King Kong's Fingers ... Ukrainian Femen Co-Founder Alexandra Chevchenko -- In Response to King Putin-Kong's Manipulations -- Went Further ...·

Jan. 08, 2015:  Obama & Hillary Post-Behghazi Anti-Free-Speech Liturgy Before Paris Slaughter Gave  Charlie Hebdo Eternal Life.·

Jan. 05, 2015:   Progressive Gynecolics Force Phallic Withdrawal of Hasbro's Penis-Shaped Play-Doh Toy Cooking-Kit Cake-Decorator.·

Dec. 25, 2015:  Christmas Thanks to Our Troops (Reprise of 2007 Thanks).

Dec. 24, 2014:  Twas the Night Before Marxmas with SantObama.·

Dec. 22, 2014:  Indisputable Science:  Smelly Beavers' Methane Emissions Contribute to Global Warming.·

Dec. 19, 2014:  SantObama Introduces Elf-on-the-Shelf Watchers for Naughty-Or-Nice List.·

Dec. 14, 2014:  I-Can-t-Breathe/We-Can't-Breathe Chants Prove Cover-Ups by Grand Juries in Ferguson, MO, re Michael Brown and New York City re Eric Garner -- See Video Exposé Here.·

Dec. 11, 2014:  In Response to Sen. Diane Feinstein's Release of the So-Called "Torture Report," Critics Offer a Posthumous Recognition of an Expert Opinion on Enhanced Interrogation versus torture versus being killed -- Osama bin Laden's Last Words were: "I'd Rather be Waterb ..."·

Dec. 09, 2014:  USA Trashes CIA While Putin Exalts Russian SpyMaster Anna Chapman by Putting Her in Charge of Recruitment and Morale for Russian Military.·

Dec. 04, 2014:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report:  Fall 2014 Chicago Being Coldest in 110 Years is Global-Warming Head-Fake.·

Dec. 02, 2014:  Al Sharpton Says Progressives MUST STOP Charles Barkley's Mocking of "Hands-Up, Don't-Shoot" as "Hands-Up, Don't Think" as a Way of Profiling of Race-Card Dealers Anointed by President Obama as Top African-American Leaders.·

Nov. 27, 2014:  Thanksgiving 2014

Nov. 26, 2014:  Progressive Dos and Don'ts Learned at Ferguson Re Michael Brown Expose Darren Wilson as Flying-Ninja Cop.·

Nov. 23, 2014:  Climate Models Prove What Deniers Call Polar Vortex Is Hot Snow from Global Warming. ·

Nov. 21, 2014:  Nancy Pelosi Divorces Hubby to Marry Pajama Man (Jonathan Gruber) to become ObamaCare Pajama Girl.·

Nov. 21, 2014:  Shocking Robbery Proves Need for Breast-Control Laws.·

Nov. 12, 2014:  Microscopic-Video/Analysis of the "Algae Virus" Reveals Its Causative Agent for Its Pernicious Effects on Human Brains to "Make Humans More Stupid."   ·

Nov. 11, 2014:  Careful Research into ObamaCare Reveals that Obama's Architect for ObamaCare (Jonathan Gruber) and ObamaCare Gynecologists Planted Confusion in the Minds of Female Patients About When "No" Means "Yes."·

Nov. 05, 2014:  Stardate 2014-11-04:  The Reign of the OBORG Queen Final Season Begins -- The Beginning of the Ending.·

Nov. 05, 2014:  At 11-05-2014 Post-Election Banquet, Obama Says:  "I didn't order a plate of fried chickenshit."·--The waitress says "It's compliments of Benjamin Bibi Netyanhu," but Joe Biden says "It tastes like that special kind of pork from Iowa," but Michelle Obama says, "It tastes like crow to me."·

Oct. 28, 2014:  Hillary Clinton Clarifies Comments About Jobs at Martha Coakley Rally: Don't Swallow All That 'Trickle Down' -- Bosses Don't Give-Out 'Jobs', Interns Do.·

Oct. 24, 2014:  Monica Lewinsky Tells "Forbes Under 30 Conference" Her Mission is to End the War ON Women; Bill Clinton Says It Depends on What the Meaning of "On" is.·

Oct. 12, 2014:  Gwyneth Paltrow Fundraiser Fun-Raiser for President Obama:  Paltrow Tells Obama "You're So Handsome, I Can't Speak," to which Obama Replies "No Matter-- Not Needed for Humming."·

Oct. 02, 2014:  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Gets Ready to Tomahawk-Chop Licenses of Broadcasters Failing to Bar Broadcast of the "Racist" Words "Redskins" and "Oklahoma" and Phrase "Native Americans."·

Aug. 14, 2014:  Meathead Rob Reiner Likens Hamas to Tea Party.·

Aug. 14, 2014:  Re Foreign-Policy "Disagreements," Hillary Clinton and Barack Speak from Behind to the Nation: "These are the Martha's-Vineyard Hugs our Party's Looking For." ·

Aug. 13, 2014:  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Debate Foreign-Policy Disagreements.·

Aug. 09, 2014:  ObamaCare Guarantees Entitlement to Breast-Pumping at Work.·

Aug. 07, 2014:  Bill Clinton Explains the Real War on Men.·

Aug. 06, 2014:  Obama Proves Womyn Already Won War on Men at Command Level.·

Aug. 04, 2014:  South Korea Sends Helium-Inflated Giant-Condom Balloons Over North Korea; Then North Korea Retaliates with Giant Feminine-Parts Sandra Fluke Hot-Air Balloon.·

Aug. 04, 2014:  Putin Assures Obama He Understands American Acceptionalism

Aug. 03, 2014:  Western Media Ignore Feats of Vladimir Putin, His Mistress Kabaeva and the Space Dog Laika on the Moon.·

Aug. 03, 2014:  Comrade Khrushchev Proved Western Media Ignore Great Russian Feats Such as the Invention of Shoes.·

Aug. 02, 2014:  That Al G's Thing is Spreading Algae as Bio-Energy Spawns Theory re Toledo's Toxic City Water re Whether It's Caused by Al G a.k.a. Al Gore.·

Aug. 01, 2014:  Obama says Islam is "woven into the very fabric of America," so what about Sharia?·

Aug. 01, 2014:  We the People Say "We Like Our Liberty and Intend to Keep It," In Response to Which President Obama says, "Ye the People:  Stop the Hatin' ."·

July 24, 2014:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report:  Red is the New Blue is the New Green is the New Red.·

July 23, 2014:  Crazybeth Warren Update.·

July 20, 2014:  Once Upon a Time in the USA:  Exceptional Footprints for Mankind's Liberty on July 20, 1969 by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin via Apollo 11 -- Now at Risk of Being Obliterated by Totalitarian Footprints.·

July 18, 2014:  Obama Adapts "Motel 6" slogan for US-Mexican Border:  "We'll Leave the Border Open for You." ·

July 11, 2014:  Giant People's Cube Floats on Hudson to Celebrate Red Square's Birthday.·

July 10, 2014:  While Shooting Pool, President Obama Hears News Report About Marine Sgt. Andrew Thamooresi in Mexican Jail for Traffic-Wrong-Turn at Border.·

July 10, 2014:  Reprise From Bill Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's Early-Post-White-House Era Seeking Deliverance from Their Post-White-House Poverty.·

July 9, 2014:  President Obama a.k.a. Barack the Plumber Orders Comprehensive Plumbing Re-Design to Stop Ongoing Flood in Vital Public System.·

July 7, 2014:  Dawn of the Planet of GoogleBot Cyborgs: Machine Intelligence a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence Surpassing Human Intelligence a.k.a. The Singularity Is Coming Soon·

July 4, 2014:  Fourth of July Tribute to Our Troops

June 22, 2014:  Obama Describes Foreign-Policy Nuances of When to Leave-Behind the Leave-No-One-Behind Policy in Explaining Contrasts Between His Failure to Seek Release of Marine-Hero Sgt. Tahmooressi from Mexican Jail on Bogus Charges and His Having Traded Five Top Taliban Prisoners for U.S. Armer Deserter, Bowe Bergdahl.·

June 18, 2014:  U.S. Trademark Board Extinguishes Trademark Protection for "Redskins" name and logo for the Washington Redskins UNLESS New Design by Anyer Marx Proves Acceptable to Everyone.·

June 18, 2014:  Obama Explains How World Would Be Much Better If Bush 43 Had NOT Toppled Saddam Hussein in Iraq War.·

June 17, 2014:  Obama Acolytes Attempt to Blame Bush 43 for Obama-Enabled Catastrophe in Iraq in 2014 While Ignoring Fact that Absent Bush 43 Toppling Saddam, Qadhaffi Would Still be in Power Today Because He Would Be Sitting Atop a Nuclear-Weapons Arsenal.·

June 14, 2014:  In Vouching for the Clintons' State of Poverty When Leaving White House as Hillary Claims in Hard Choices, Sheryl Crow (an Eco-Confidant of Al Gore) Explains Why Hillary Declined Gore's Offer to the Clintons for Rent-Free Living at the Gore Estates.·

June 14, 2014:  Global-Warming  Climate Change Claim-It Changes Update:   Reverend Al Gore Puts Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Kirk in Salem-Trial Stockades for Nimoy's Narration of an Ice Age is Coming Documentary.·

June 11, 2014:  Gravitational Proof of Man-Made Global Warming-- North-South Gravity-Waves from Massive-Carbon-Footprints in USA Forcing Volcanic Magma Closer to Surface in Antarctica and Melting Underside of Western Ice Sheet Causing It to Gradually Slide Into Ocean and Melt.·

June 06, 2014:  On D-Day our thoughts are on Normandy's shores where thousands gave all bringing freedom ashore.·

June 05, 2014:  Obama Offers Trade for U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Still Being Held in Squalid Mexican Jail-- Obama Offers Priceless Selfie Poster to Mexican President Peña Nieto in Exchange for Sgt. Tahmooressi.·

June 02, 2014:  Obama "Selfie Dreams of My Poet" Reveals Maya Angelou's Spirit Eschews Title of Being "Barack Obama of Poetry" in Favor of Title of Being "Joe Biden of Thru-the-Door Shooting."·

May 26, 2014:  Memorial Day, 2014

May 16, 2014:  Statue of Liberty Invokes Wet-Foot/Dry-Foot Policy to Stymie Illegal Immigration by Euro-Caucasians

May 16, 2014:  Morgan Freeman Comes to Us Through The Wormhole to Issue Dire Warning that Global-Warning Climate-Change Deniers Will Destroy Earth Unless We Take Them With Us Through the HopeHole.·

May 16, 2014:  Deep-Knowledge Robot Rebellion Arises Against Google's Roboticized Humans-- Don't Google Me, Bro !

May 14, 2014:  Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Invoke #Hashtag-Diplomacy, #Hashtag-Foreign-Policy, #Special-Hashtag-Forces, #Climate-Hashtag, #Smidgeon-Hashtag,  #PC-Hashtags, and More

May 12, 2014:  European Ice Hockey -- Vladimir Putin Scores Six Goals and Five Assists as He Power-Pucks Progressive Goalie.·

May 10, 2014:  Google's Robotic-Humans With On/Off Brain-Switch to Surpass Honda's Human-Like Robots known as ASIMOs

May 08, 2014:  Vanity Fair Promotes Hillary/Monica-Victimization Distraction From Benghazi to Show Hillary is Ready for 2106


Apr 26, 2014:  BIG ETHANOL Attacks BIG OIL to the Detriment of American Consumers and Efforts Against World Hunger-- So FRACK BIG ETHANOL.·

Apr 22, 2014:  Putin Uses Secret Weapon Against Ukraine-- RUUGLE Glasses.

Apr 17, 2014:  If You Like Your Doctor-Patient Privilege, You Can Keep It.·

Apr 17, 2014:  Paladin, whose card reads "Have Gun - Will Travel," Introduces Galadin, whose card reads "Have GUNS - Will Travel."

Apr 17, 2014:  Paladin Guards Gun-Control Advocates Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein, Jim Carrey and other Liberals Until ...

Apr 15, 2014:  Obama Losing Support Among Millennials Graduating to METUGRICUNA.·

Apr 14, 2014:  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Claire Shipman and Kids Win Peoples Cube Award for Unwitting Self-Parody

Apr 10, 2014:  Ukrainian Women Get Their GUNS Ready.·

Mar. 31, 2014:  METUGRICUNA-- Millennials Epiphanizing That Unlimited Government Renders Its Citizens Utterly Naked and Afraid.·

Mar. 24, 2014:  Obama Says Yes ICANN Transform the Internet

Mar. 10, 2014:  ObamaCare Orgasm-On-Demand Surgical-Implants for Womyn Guarantee Democrat Victories in Senate and House on Nov. 3, 2014.·

Mar. 07, 2014:  In Hastily-Called News Conference on Ukraine, President Obama Tells White House Press Corps Corpse:  "This is not the Putin you're looking for."·

Mar. 01, 2014:  On ObamaHog Day, Sarah Palin Sends "Told-You-So" to President Obama that Obama's 2008 Indecisive/Moral-Equivalence re Putin Invading Georgia Would Entice Putin to Invade Ukraine·

Feb. 26, 2014:  Obamanomics-- Everyone Climbing the Steps to Success.·

Feb. 22, 2014:  Barack Obama-- The News Father for the Federal Content Commission's (FCC's) Policy to Require Broadcasters to Serve the People's "Critical Information Needs."·

Feb. 16, 2014:  Michael Moore Leads LGBT activists (Large Gut-Belly Trans-fat activists) in Protest on Beach at Hamptons Against New York City's Ban on Trans-Fats.

Feb. 16, 2014:  The UnWarming-- The Polar Vortex of 2014 -- A GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report on Global Warming Climate Change Claim-It Changes the Brief-Pause in Global Warming

Feb. 07, 2014:  Russians Are Coming to the 2014 Olympics Scantily Clad Such As Ski-Jump Olympian Irina Avvakumova, who's seen as having a crack-shot for gold·

Jan. 29, 2014:  Don't Miss Barack Obama as "Pinobamio," in the Blockbuster, Budget-Busting Fairy Tale About the Commandment to "Never Tell a White Lie" --- The Story of a Puppet Bringing ObamaCare to Life by Spinning a Fairy Tale for Low Information Voters Long Enough to Imbue ObamaCare with Eternal Life.·

Jan. 29, 2014:  Bi-Polar Bear Al Gore Keynotes 2014 Polar Vortex Outdoor Conference on Global Warming Climate Change Claim-It Changes -- Direct Dispatch from GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report.·

Jan. 29, 2014:  Hillary swears she did not have editorial relations with that video-caused-Benghazi pronouncement.·

Jan. 22, 2014:  Anatomy of the Evolution of Obama's Post-Benghazi-Attack Public-Information Strategy-- JV Strategy Evolves from Just Video to Junior Varsity.·

Jan. 17, 2014:  Hillary Condemns ObamaCare Penis-Pump Benefits as Wasteful -- Says HillaryCare Vacuum-Shredders Instead Would Save Money; Says Every Bedroom Should Have One, and It's NOT a "War on Men."·

Jan. 17, 2014:  Even Other Polar Bears Are Embarrassed by Bi-Polar Bear's Pronouncement that Global Warming Caused the Polar Vortex of 2014 According to a GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report

Jan. 16, 2014:  Talking Heads Spread Rumors that Monica May Make a Comeback Before Hillary Does.·

Jan. 15, 2014:  Polar Vortex of 2014 Forces Bi-Polar Bear and GAIA Minister Neytiri to Evacuate Jeckyll Island, GA, to Seek Warmth in Chicago Peoples Zoo, But Even There It's Too Cold Even for Bi-Polar Bear.·

Jan. 13, 2014:  Ex-Russian-Spy Anna Chapman Announces New Fashion Line with Vladimir Putin·

Jan. 07, 2014:  The People's Cube's Coup de Gras Against Facebook in Forcebook Episode of Spaceballs Over Dyke Dynasty Parody of Duck Dynasty Versus SF Dyke March on Facebook

Jan. 05, 2014:  Facebook Becomes Forcebook by Censoring Duck Dynasty Satire at ThePeoplesCube.Com; Mark Zuckerberg as Dark Helmet versus Red Square as Captain Red Square.·

Jan. 04, 2014:  ObamaCare Mandates Minimum Coverage -- Not the Crappy Stripped-Down Coverage Tea-Baggers Deceptively Describe as "Top" Coverage, Which Does Not Satisfy Shairia.·

Jan. 03, 2014:  HealthCare.Gov ObamaCare Eliminates Unequal Coverage for Women by Mandating Equal, Minimum-Coverage for ALL.·

Dec. 20, 2013:  Study Shows Higher Scientific Comprehension among Tea-Partiers Than Among Progressives Because Progressives Exhibit Faith in Whatever "Scientists Say," But Tea-Partiers Apply Scientific Skepticism to Empirical Evidence Rather Than Accepting Unproven or Unprovable Scientific Hypotheses Now Fashionably Described as "Models."·

Dec. 14, 2013:  Inspired by the signing translator at the Nelson Mandela funeral, President Obama recruits him to provide a new way for "Signing Up" for ObamaCare at HealthCare.Gov for the "Affordable Care Act."·

Dec. 12, 2013:  At Nelson Mandella funeral ceremony, Danish Prime Minister Ms. Thorning-Schmidt Shows President Obama Her Basic Instinct for Fun-eral Protocols·

Dec. 11, 2013:  Save America: Give a Book and a Cube to a Boob for Christmas 2013 -- i.e., Give the Book, Shakedown Socialism, and The Peoples Cube to a Liberal or Non-Political Friend for Christmas.·

Nov. 14, 2013:  Hillary Says "The Health Insurance Marketplace is Open, But So Are Your Doctor-Patient Privilege, Your Wallet and Your Fly, So 'What Difference Does It Make?' It's 'HillaryCare' on Steroids."·

Nov. 13, 2013:  ObamaCare Ad: Got Insurance? Hot to Trot -- Geezers need contraceptive, maternity, erectile and sex-counseling coverage too!·

Nov. 12, 2013:  ObamaCare Nov 11 Current Truth-Replaces Oct-31 Current Truth re What "You Can Keep"·

Nov. 11, 2013:  Veterans Day·

Nov. 8, 2013:  Ye the People, If You Like Your Liberty, You Can Keep It, Period.·

Oct. 31, 2013:  ObamaCare Meaning of "If You Like YOUR Plan and Doctor You Can Keep Them, PERIOD" Depends on What the Meaning of "Keep" Is.·

Sep 21, 2013:  Flash From the Middle East-- Putin Eyes New World Order Cubed.

Sep 17, 2013:  ObamaCare Division of IRS:  Intimately Rigorous Sexquisition-- ObamaCare Rules Will Require Physicians to Thoroughly Question Patients About Their Sex Lives and Sexual Habits and Preferences.·

Sep 11, 2013:  Syrian Museum of Statuary Art Reopens with Russian Renaissance Sculptor Putin's "Obama With Unbelievably Small Fig Leaf."·

Aug 15, 2013:  Peoples Rodeo Rider Breaks Obama-Clown Bull for Supporting Banning of Obama Rodeo Clown.

Aug 08, 2013:  Latest Research: Smart Women-- No-Kids by Choice; Dumb Women Like FoxNews Megyn Kelly Choose Motherhood·

Jul 31, 2014:  Sexting Names Decrypter Developed for Sexting Inspired by Anthony Weiner a.k.a. Carlos Danger· (originally published at TPC)

Jul 04, 2013:  July 4, 2013-- PoliticalXray's Thanks to Our Troops; George W. Bush's Suggestions on How to Thank Our Troops.·

Jul 02, 2013:   ObamaCare Surgeons Pioneer Transplanting Head onto a Human -- Says Bill Clinton, "I told you all that ObamaCare would take care of what HillaryCare failed to take care of."·

Jun 30, 2013:  Smart-ObamaPhone Cursive-Translation App for All LIV SmartPhones, I-Phones, Droids, Galaxy Phones, Google Glass, Blackberrys, etc.·

Jun 06, 2013:  On D-Day our thoughts are on Normandy's shores where thousands gave all bringing freedom ashore.·

Jun 04, 2013:  Obama Sends Encrypted Email to Subordinates re IRS, Spying on Press, Benghazi, ObamaCare:   Issa 2 Dumb 2 Connect Alias or Secret Email DOTS.·

Jun 03, 2013:  Susan L. Anderson, wife of embattled former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, was a supporter of, and active participant in, the Occupy Wall Street movement, attending and promoting Occupy DC in Oct. 2011

Jun 02, 2013:  Staples Presses Easy Button for Gun-Control

Jun 01, 2013:  IRS Top Officials Douglas Shulman, Lois Lerner, et al, Worked Hand-in-Glove with Anti-Tea-Party Agenda of Tax-Exempt Anti-Tea-Party Group "Public-Campaign" in Which Shulman's Wife is a Leader with Funding by Tax-Exempt Anti-Tea-Party/Conservative/Republican Political-Action Arms of Leftist Unions and Organizations.·

May 31, 2013:  Buck Ofama Because Ofama Bucks Us·

May 28, 2013:  Progessive Summer Blockbuster-- Godfather MMXIII: "IRS The Auditor" Starring FaceLess IRS Bureaucrats With Behind-the-Scenes Producers Barack Obama, Colleen Kelley, Lois Lerner, Douglas Shullman, Sarah Hall Ingram, and a Cast of Thousands of IRS Union Employees.·

May 27, 2013:  Memorial Day 2013.·

May 24, 2013:  Memorial Weekend May 24--May 26 and Memorial Day on May 27, 2013

May 24, 2013:  IRS Targeting Tea Parties and Conservatives Began Soon After Meeting Between President Obama and Colleen Kelley, President of the IRS Employees Union Which Is an Aggressive Opponent of Tea-Parties.·

May 23, 2013:  Anthony Weiner Campaign-for-Mayor Slogan--Two Heads Are Better Than One

May 23, 2013:  The Limbaugh Theorem: What Makes Obama Popular Among LIVs is His Denouncing His Unpopular Agenda by Blaming Its Failures on Faceless Bureaucrats as Though They Were Not Playing Loyal Knights to Obama's King Henry II Speaking Rhetorical Flourishes About Punishing Enemies Regarding the "Meddlesome Tea Party" and Rewarding Progressive Friends.·

May 18, 2013:  Obama Knows Federal Bureaucrats -- and Especially IRS Agents Enforcing Tax Laws and ObamaCare-- Only Need a Rhetorical "Nudge" to Know the Importance of Punishing Political Enemies and Rewarding Political Friends  -- Obama's "Enemies List" Skills Make Nixon Look Like Amateur.·

May 17, 2013:  We The People Found 501c4 Organization Titled "NO ABATTOIRS," Which Stands for "Nationally Organized Americans Beseeching America To Throttle Obama's IRS

May 08, 2013:  Wednesday, May 8, 2013:  Today, May the 8th We Did Hear the Blowers of Whistles Most Feared by B.H. Obama and Hill'ry, Whose Dramas to Lies on Benghazi adhered

May 07, 2013:  Tuesday, May 7, 2013: Tomorrow, at last, we will hear The Blowers of Whistles most feared By B.H. Obama And Hill'ry, whose dramas To Lies on Benghazi adhered.·

May 02, 2013:  People are probably asking, "What would Al Gore say" regarding this historic snowstorm April 30 through May 2, 2013, from Texas to Michigan.·

May 01, 2013:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report on Gore's Global-Warming Speech that "Rocked" the Milkin Global-Warming Conference Commencing on April 30, 2013 in Beverly Hills While Gore's Most Ardent Fans Were Stuck in a Record-Breaking Snowstorm in Denver.·

April 30, 2013:  Law-Abiding Citizen Reveals a Type of Gun-Control Meriting Universal Approval But Being Quite Challenging to Implement-- Video-- Victim Takes Shotgun from Attacker.·

April 30, 2013:  In Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing by Radical Jihadists, Pam Geller a.k.a. Atlas Shrugs Speaks Against "Islamophobia" Epithet Used as Tool to Silence Identification of Radical Jihadists as the Totalitarian Barbarians They Are.·

April 29, 2013:  Sean Connery as James Bond Rolls The Peoples Cube

April 28, 2013:  In the OBORG Cube, OBORG Queen a.k.a. FLOTUS a.k.a. Michelle Obama Spots the Most Dangerous Cube of All-- The Peoples Cube.·


April 25, 2013:  Thank You to George W. Bush a.k.a. Bush 43 and Our Troops That We're Not Also Facing a Nuclear-Armed Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Nuclear-Armed Ghadaffi in Libya.·

Apr. 14, 2013:  Obama toasts Cheers for NO "Universal Background Check" for anything other than for acquiring and possessing a firearm by purchase or by gift from spouse, parent, son, daughter, sibling, relative, neighbor, BFF or anyone else.·

Apr. 10, 2013:  Cheers for NO "Universal Backgroud Check."·

Apr. 10, 2013:  MSNBC Host of Special Program on Education Explains How Parents "Need to Get Over" the Antiquated Notion that "Their Children Belong to Them."·

Mar. 19, 2013:  Fauxcohontas Senator Elizabeth Warren Proposes $22/HR Minimum Wage to Prevent Scourge of Unskilled Employment.·

Mar. 12, 2013:  Progressive Intellectual Powerhouse Lena Dunham Answers Greg Gutfeld's Joy of Hate With Joy of Haute.·

Mar. 8, 2013:  Universal Background Checks Must Be Required Regardless of the Mode of Acquisition -- It's Time to Say "Enough" and to End the Carnage.·

Feb. 17, 2013:  Creationism-- Genesis Says God Created Man, We Learned from Paul Harvey that God Made a Farmer, But Do We Know Who Created Julia?·

Feb. 15, 2013:  Surveys Show Good Citizens Want, and Will Dutifully Obey, Universal Background-Check for Gun Ownership; Home-Invaders Remain Opposed.·

Feb. 14, 2013:  President Obama's 2013 SOTU Address Proclaims "If Congress Doesn't Act, I Will Because the State of the Union Is I Am the State."·

Feb. 11, 2013:  Hillary Clinton and her HillaryClintonOffice.Com Take Comfort that LIV's a.k.a. Low Information Voters Don't Know and Will Never Ask, "What Difference Does What Make?".·

Feb. 08, 2013:  Trailer-- "Hillary & Barack The Movie" Becomes "Route 66 Movie" For Progressive America Starring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Answering the Timeless Question:  "What Difference Does It Make?"·

Feb. 07, 2013:  President Obama Addresses  "Ye the People" in Explaining the "Living Constitution" View of Constitutional Law and the Bill of Rights Drafted by Long-Deceased, Primitive White Males·

Feb. 03, 2013:  The Peoples Cube Photoshop of Obama Shooting Gun Causes Riots.·

Jan. 22, 2013:   President Obama Proclaims Declaration of Dependence to Inaugurate the Untied States of America as Untied to 18th Century Males Lacking Mynhood.·

Jan. 16, 2013:  Barack Obama Reiterates Support for Second Amendment Rights in Issuing Executive Orders on Guns, Ammo and Alms.·

Jan. 7, 2013:  Georgia Mother Proves Need for Better Gun Control as Better Way to Save the Children -- Had to Shoot Home-Invader Five Times to Stop Him.·

Dec. 21, 2012:  Twas the Night Before Cliffmas·

Dec. 18, 2012:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked-Truth Report: Al Gore Slapped for Applying Scientific Breast-Squeezing to Female Colleague·(OPE)

Dec. 14, 2012:  Save-America: Give-a-Book-and-a-Cube-to-a-Boob-for-Christmas-2012 -- i.e., Give the Book, Shakedown Socialism, and The Peoples Cube to a Liberal or Non-Political Friend for Christmas

Dec. 8, 2012:  Islamic-Rage Boy Can't Hold a Candle to Progressive-Rage Boys:  Al Gore, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg.·

Nov. 22, 2012:  American Thanksgiving Tribute to Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and World-Wide.·

Nov. 16, 2012:  #HamasBumperStickers -- A Musical Delight Now Playing in the Middle East Ages: "Hamas Side Story" Featuring the Blockbuster Muslim Brotherhood Hit Song: "Sharia" a.k.a. "I Just Stoned a Girl Named Sharia."·

Nov. 11, 2012:  We pause today on Veteran's Day to join in this refrain to those who risked their all for us so freedom we'd retain.·

Nov. 6, 2012:  Great Moments in Presidential Campaigning History-- Bill Clinton and the Cookie Jar in 2012 Campaign Speech for Barack Obama against Mitt Romney.·

Nov. 5, 2012:  Back to the Future in Virginia -- Clear on November 4, 2012, that Former Virginia Governor Wilder Abandoned Obama.·

Nov. 4, 2012:  Obama 2012 Campaign 11th-Hour Slogan-- SHOVEL·

Oct. 24, 2012:  Donald Trump Offers "Major Award" to Barack Obama for College and Passport Records a la the "Major Prize" in "Christmas Story"·

Oct. 21, 2012:   Video :  Romney's Binders Full of Women and Obama's Response Invoking Bill Clinton and Hillary re Tools Women Need.·

Oct. 19, 2012:  Mitt Romney's Women in Binders versus Obama's Women in Blinders.·

Oct. 17, 2012:  Romney/Obama-I-Candy Town Hall Debate -- Getting All We-We'd Up With Candy Crowley.·

Oct. 15, 2012:  Lame-Stream Media Institute for Journalistic Assessment of Leadership During Crises -- Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and George W. Bush: What's a Leader to Do?·

Oct. 14, 2012:  Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman for Obama in 2012 is Through the HopeHole a.k.a. the SuperMassive Sink-Hole of Obamageddon.·

Oct. 12, 2012:  JOEKER Reveals Self at Vice Presidential Debate Between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan on 10-12-2012 -- Joker Emerges·

Oct. 7, 2012:  Eastwooding Proliferates After Romney-Obama Presidential Debate on 10-3-2012·

Oct. 4, 2012:  Climate-Change Scientist Al Gore Blames Denver Altitude for Obama Losing 10-3-2012 Debate with Mitt Romney, At Presidential Debate on October 3, 2012, Mitt Romney ROARS:  Coming Soon-- Obama Ousted in 2012.--ROAR in 2012 T-shirts-Tank-tops·

Oct. 4, 2012:  At Presidential Debate on October 3, 2012, Mitt Romney ROARS:  Coming Soon-- Obama Ousted in 2012.·

Sept. 29, 2012:  Bill Clinton's Greatest Speech About Mitt Romney at the Clinton Global Initiative Forum on 9-25-2012·

Sept. 29, 2012:  Allen West ad re Patrick Murphy -- Two Men, You Decide in Race for Congress in Florida Election 2012.·

Sept. 25, 2012:  On 9-25-2012 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Reprises Her Class-Warfare "Tax-the-Rich/Take-Those-Profits" Campaign Theme in 2008 Known as "CITGO-HITGO."·

Sept. 25, 2012:  Exclusive Video of Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speech to United Nations on September 24, 2012, Delivered in Song Titled "Everybody Needs a Mahdi."·

Sept. 23, 2012:  Allen West re Obama End-Zone Dance-- Suppose, on April 18, 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt were to have declared the following to the Congress and to the American people·

Sept. 23, 2012:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Expresses President Obama's Appreciation to Egypt's President Morsi for the Rotary-Club-Like Moderateness of His Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt in Seeking Only Moderate Death Penalties for Blasphemy.·

Sept. 15, 2012:  Clint Eastwood re Obama in Chair-- You Just Gotta Let Him Go.·

Sept. 13, 2012:  Islamic Fanatics continuing their asymmetrical warfare against the United States by attacks on U.S. sovereignty commencing on 9-11-2012 in Egypt and Libya makes it worthwhile for American voters to briefly revisit aspects of the 2008 election campaign to learn what can be discerned therefrom that may guide them in casting their votes on November 6, 2012 in the 2012 election campaign for President between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and thus lead them to vote for Romney instead of Obarter.·

Sept. 12, 2012:  American Doctors for Truth a.k.a. AmericanDoctors4Truth.Org Expose ObamaCare as the Collectivist Nightmare That It Is·

Sept. 11, 2012:  No-Satire 9-11:  Today, Date 11, Month 9, Remember to Also Take Time to Thank and Support Our Troops Who Deport Jihadists to Hell for All Time.·

Sept. 4, 2012:  Clint Eastwood Conversation With Obama in Chair in National Empty Chair Day Symposium -- Inside Straight or Flush?·

Aug. 25, 2012:  Neil Armstrong's Death Today Deprives Us of One of the Greatest Embodiments of American Exceptionalism Most Dramatically Exemplified When He Was the First Human to Walk on the Moon on the Apollo 11 Mission on July 20, 1969.·

July 19, 2012:  Mitt Romney is Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises to Battle the Bane of Capitalism a.k.a. Barack Obama-- Bing, Google or Yahoo Mitt-Romney-The-Bain-Knight-Rises.·

July 4, 2012:  Fourth of July, 2012: Much to Celebrate to Reinvigorate Ourselves for Much We Have to Do Between Now and November 6, 2012 (Especially in the Wake of the Supreme Court's Leftist ObamaCare Decision on June 28, 2012) to Defeat Obamatarianism, Taxitarianism, Mandatorianism, Climatarianism, Appeasementarianism, Bureaucratarianism, and Adjudicatarianism.·

June 29, 2012:  Thank-You Chief Justice Roberts-- Your Joining the Left to Uphold ObamaCare Emphatically Reminded Us that Only "We the People" Can Prevent America from Going Over the Financial Cliff and into the Socialist Abyss by Defeating Obama on November 6, 2012 and Electing Decisive, Limited-Government Majorities in Both Houses.·

June 21, 2012:  PoliticalXray.Com Unveils Video of Newly Discovered Ronald Reagan Speech to President Barack Obama Rivaling Tear-Down-This-Wall Speech.·

June 14, 2012:  Barack Obama Thanks Obama-Bo for Crush on Obama Video and More.·

June 6, 2012:  On D-Day our thoughts are on Normandy's shores where thousands gave all bringing freedom ashore.·

May 3, 2012:  Elizabeth Warren-- First nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar Exam; First Breast-Feeding Mother to take New Jersey Bar Exam

May 25--28, 2012:  Memorial Day and Memorial Weekend, 2012

May 22, 2012:  Obama on Mount Obamore (formerly Mount Rushmore); Crazybeth Warren Monument Soon to be Completed in South Dakota.·

May 22, 2012:  Obama's Literary Agent Reveals how the Kenyan Lone Ranger Learns New Pupaya Recipe from Tonto Cherokee-Warren a.k.a Massachusetts Senatorial Candidate Elizabeth Warren.·

May 20, 2012:  The Lone Kenyan Ranger and Tonto Cherokee-Warren-- Composite Autobiographical Tales from the New West by Pre-President Barack Obama and Harvrd Professor of Native-American Studies, Elizabeth Warren-- Episode I.·

May 19, 2012:  After Brief Flirtation with Life of Julia under Obama Nanny-Statism, It's Back to the Future in Virginia for Culmination of Time-Travel Journey Initiated in November, 2009 and Accelerating Thereafter.·

May 13, 2012:  More on the Life of Julia: Breastfeeding Mom on Cover of Time Magazine Exemplifies How Attachment Mothers Are Joining the LGBT "Out for Obama" Campaign.·

May 10, 2012:  Roman Empire EPA Inspired Obama EPA Ban on Highest-MPG Fords (and VW Passats and others).·

May 4, 2012 (updated May 6, 2012):  Evolution of Julia Tribe Womyn Under Obama-Style CapitOlism and Evolution of Palin Tribe Women under Romney-Style CapitAlism.·

May 4, 2012:  The Lone Ranger and Elizabeth Warren-Tonto: Looks Like They've Got Us; What You Mean Us White-Eyes?·

May 3, 2012:  Obama's Imaginary Girlfriend, Imaginary Friends and Imaginary Friendships.·

May 1, 2012:  Obama's Campaign Video Touts His Ordering SEALS to Kill Usama bin Laden and Implies Romney Would Not Have Done So But Omits Osama's Last Words a.k.a. Usama's Last Words.·

Apr. 27, 2012:  In Declaring the President Barack Obama "has a big stick," Vice President Joe Biden shows why.·

Apr. 22, 2012:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report-- Bi-Polar Bear (a.k.a. Al Gore) Presides over Earth Day 2012 Artic Conference on Snow Blizzards and Coldest Artic Winter in 40 Years.·

Apr. 13, 2012:  In Mocking Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen Exposes Herself as Woman of Straw in 2012 in Obama's Straw-Woman Claims of a Republican War on Women.·

Apr. 4, 2012:  Russian Spymaster Anna Chapman Infiltrates Obama Cabinet.·

Apr. 3, 2012:  Russian Spymaster Anna Chapman Seduces Obama Cabinet Official

Apr. 2, 2012:  Romney Says "No" to Russia With Love as He Battles Obama a.k.a. Dr. NO to Anti-Missiles, Dr. NO to Space Preeminence, Dr. NO to Drilling, Dr. NO to Oil, Dr. NO Profitss, Dr. NO Capitalism (Just CapitOlism).

Mar. 31, 2012:  Sharia Superiority Over Western Decadence:  Sharia Wife-Beaters versus Western Beta Males -- But What About the Chivalry of Western Alpha Males?·

Mar. 30, 2012:  Operation Hot Mic-- Starring Barack Obama, Dmitry Medveded and Vladimir Putin -- A Barackumentary on Operation Open Mic or Open Microphone re Election 2012.·

Mar. 27, 2012:  Promising Missile-Defense Flexibility in 2013, Obama Makes Open-Microphone Request to Medvedev for Putin to Give Obama Space Until After 2012 Election.

Mar. 26, 2012:  Russian President Medvedev Offers to Remove Algae Stuck Between Obama's teeth.

Mar. 22, 2012:  Barack Obama Toasts Media Matters' War Against Rush Limbaugh

Mar. 22, 2012:  Barack Obama Drinks Algae as Toast to Keystone Pipleline Off-Ramp in Oklahoma After Blocking Keystone Pipeline On-Ramp

Mar. 21, 2012:  Sandra Fluke Up for Womyn Campaign Shows How Women Don't Need Men to Have Great Orgasms.

Mar. 20, 2012:  Obama Tacitly Tolerates Bill Maher's Vulgar, Crude Attacks on Conservative Women and Their Families and Children

Mar. 17, 2012:  War on Women -- Hollywood -- Jessica Lange in Palm of King Kong's Hand.·

Mar. 17, 2012:  Republican WAR on WOMEN versus Democrat War ON Women -- Bill Maher and Barack Obama.·

Mar. 16, 2012:  Iranian Cleric Says Earthquakes Are Caused by Women Dressing Immodestly.·

Mar. 15, 2012:  Spy-Master Anna Chapman Defends Petty Woman Sandra Fluke's Demands for Free Self-Protection for All Womyn from Men and Ann Coulter in their War Against Womyn.·

Mar. 15, 2012:  ALGAE THING Says "GAIA's Been Drilled by Oil Men for Too Long -- Now it's ALGAE THING's Turn

Mar. 14, 2012:  Democrats Replace Blue/Stars Background of American Flag with Face of President Obama

Mar. 07, 2012:  Petty Woman Music Video Shows How Sandra Fluke Learned How to Get Contraceptives for Free Without Rush Limbaugh's Advice.·

Mar. 04, 2012:  White House Awards Super-Maher-Obama-PAC-ObamaFluke Limbaugh Awards and ObamaCare Awards to Rush Limbaugh and Susan Fluke.·

Mar. 02, 2012:  Advocates of Liberty Mourn Andrew Breitbart as Exceptional American Advocate of American Exceptionalism Over Obama's American Acceptionalism.·

Feb. 19, 2012:  GM in the Year Twenty-Twelve Proclaims What Its Lobbying Swelled-- Inducements to Dolts for Purchasing Volts Through Offsets on Taxes Compelled.·

Feb. 16, 2012:  President Obama's 2012 Campaign Unveils New Foreign-Policy Campaign Slogan: Re-Elect Obama in 2012 for Peace by 2016.·

Feb. 11, 2012:  Barack Obama 2012 -- Obamageddon Looms via Super-Massive Sink-Hole.·

Feb. 04, 2012:  Barack Obama Launches Campaign 2012 with Sermon on the Mint at 2012 National Prayer Breakfast as Obamessiah 2012·

Jan. 28, 2012:  Advice to Sarah Palin from an Ardent Admirer re Establishment Republicans and Tea-Partiers re Gingrich and Romney.

Jan. 19, 2012:  Global-Warming Believers Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi hide in bushes while watching Romney in Global-Warmng Boot Camp. (originally published elsewhere only but later added here nunc pro tunc

Jan. 19, 2012:  Obama, born in Hawaii, becomes Born-Again-Pandoran in blocking Keystone Pipeline. (originally published elsewhere only but later added here nunc pro tunc

Jan. 08, 2012:  Obama Unveils 2012 Campaign Slogan: STAY on THE COURSE in 2012 for a HOLE IN ONE for America.·

Oct. 25, 2011:  Vatican-- Pope Benedict XVI Calls for Global Collectivism to Undo Pope John Paul II's Heretical Collaboration with Reagan to Undo Soviet Collectivism.·

Oct. 17, 2011:  The Occupy-Wall-Street Poseurs Versus The REAL 1%, 99%, 53% and 47%.-- Tea-Party and 9-12 Sleeping Giants Reawaken.·

Oct. 15, 2011:  People's Translator for Occupy Wall Street Agit-Props.·

Oct. 11, 2011:  Critics Claiming "Occupy Wall Street" Has No Coherent Message, Goal, Strategy, Discipline or Political Connections to Occupy America Are WRONG.·

Oct. 07, 2011:  Obama Inspires Civilian National Security Force to Occupy Wall Street to Aid Long March from Crony CapitAlism to Obama CapitOlism.·

Sept. 16, 2011:  "SOLYNDRA GREEN is People's Money," Shrieks Tea-Partier About Obama's Shovel-Ready Prequel to Soylent Green.·

Sept. 11, 2011:  9-11-- No Satire:  Today, Date 11, Month 9, Remember to Also Take Time to Thank and Support Our Troops Who Deport Jihadists to Hell for All Time.·

Aug. 21, 2011:  ROAR in 2012 Slogan on T-Shirts Presages Campaign for Paul Ryan Or/And Marco Rubio for President Or/And Vice-President in 2012 for Obama Ousted in 2012.·

Aug. 21, 2011:  NASA Scientist Says Aliens Will Destroy Humanity to Save Cosmos from Global Warming; GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report for Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman.·

Aug. 20, 2011:  NASA Scientist Says Aliens Will Destroy Humanity to Save Earth from Global Warming; GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report for Al Gore, Mitt Romney and John Huntsman.·

Aug. 14, 2011:  Sexy Babe Skydiving Naked While Pregnant Exposes Heretofore Unrevealed Relationship Between ObamaCare Mandate and Abortion Issues.·

Aug. 6, 2011:  Mitt Romney Joins GAIA Minister Neytiri's Boot Camp Training in Goremonism per Al Gore Urging American Spring in Capitol Square to Emulate Arab Spring in Tahrir Square.·

Aug. 5, 2011:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked-Truth Report Reveals Al Gore Urging "Arab Spring" in U.S. for GAIA and Mitt Romney Converts to Goremonism.·

July 23, 2011:  Atlantis Shuttle Mission Ends Era; Obama Strips NASA's Astronaut-Space-Exploration Naked; Obama Opens Door to China Planting New Flag on Moon.·

July 22, 2011:  Obama Dismantles Manned-Space Program in 2011 Space Odyssey With Shuttle Atlantis' Final Mission So China Can Plant New Flag on Moon.·

July 8, 2011:  Iran's Ahmadinejad Sings "Everybody Needs A Mahdi" as Middle-East Nears Tipping Point between Catastrophe and Nuclear Apocalypse.·

June 13, 2011:  Weiner Resists Push for Premature Withdrawal; Weiner Gets Out In Front Despite Objections from Wife, Huma Abadin, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.·

June 12, 2011:  Weiner to Get Treatment to Avoid Exposing Weiner to Expulsion Says Wife, Huma Abadin, and Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Concur.·

June 9, 2011:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report Reveals Mitt Romney Believes in Humans Contribute to Global Warming.·

May 30, 2011:  Left-Stream Media Lament Failure of Their 'Rolling Thunder Hates Sarah Palin for Joining Memorial Day Weekend Rally' Meme.·

May 27, 2011:  Memorial Day and Memorial Weekend Remind Us to Honor Those Whose Ultimate Sacrifice Purchased the Freedom We Enjoy and Proved Freedom Isn't Free.·

May 25, 2011:  Herman Cain Exhibits Self-Critical Candor in Explaining Right-of-Return Stumble on Fox News Sunday on Palestinian-Israeli Relations in Middle-East.·

May 23, 2011:  Herman Cain's Right-of-Return Stumble on Fox News Sunday Shows Him Better Qualified for Secretary of Treasury or Commerce than President.·

May 21, 2011:  Herman Cain Announces Campaign for President in 2012 and Thus Completes Vulcan Quadrilogy to Restore "Live Long & Prosper."·

May 17, 2011:  WickedLeaks Reveals Osama's Favorite Porn Found by US Navy SEALS in Abbottabad McMansion of Osama bin Laden a.k.a. Usama bin Laden

May 16, 2011:  Pin-UP of Michael Moore Found in Osama's Porn Stash Recovered by US Navy SEALS from Usama bin Laden's McMansion in Pakinstan.·

May 16, 2001:  Bill Clinton Proposes federal or UN Governmental "Ministry of Truth" to Expose "Malicious Rumors" on the Internet.·

May 14, 2011:  Osama Porn-Stash Found by SEALS Shows Usama Hacked into Rumsfeld's Covert Burqa Stripper Operation Assisted Suicide Code-Named Buurka Streeper.·

May 14, 2011:  Osama T-Shirts Removal by CafePress.Com from PoliSat.Com's Osama Shop Comforts Usama's Spirit in Hades.·

May 11, 2011:  WickedPedia Leaks US SEAL's Pictures from After-Life of Osama bin Laden a.k.a. Usama bin Laden

May 11, 2011:  Mandatory Cell-Phone Chips for PLAN Prevent Opting-Out of Alerts from Obama.·

May 9, 2011:  Conclusive Proof that Waterboarding Played Vital Role in Killing of Usama aka Osama bin Laden.·

May 6, 2011:  Killing of Osama bin Laden a.k.a. Usama bin Laden per Obama Order to SEALS Boosts Employment in T-Shirt Industry.·

May 3, 2011:  Superkommissar Maksim at the Peoples Cube Fills Void Created by Superman Renouncing U.S. Citizenship.·

May 2, 2011:  Special Forces Kill Usama a.k.a. Osama bin Laden on Orders from President Obama.·

Apr. 13, 2011:  GAIA Minister Neytiri Naked Truth Report Explains UN Agenda from Bolivia for Global Law Giving Mother Earth and All Living Things the Same Rights as Humans.·

Apr. 02, 2011:  Left Faces Dilemma: Obama's KMA Booties in Lieu of Boots on the Ground or Code Pink Boobs on the Ground or Aisha Qaddafi Leading Libyan Labians.·

Mar. 31, 2011:  Iran's Attempt to Modernize Its Fighter Planes as Member of IFAPSA Alliance Fails to Win Nose-Art War.·

Mar. 27, 2011:  Gore Explains How Right-Wing Sabotage Made Earth-Hour Lights-Out an Epic Fail on 3-26-2011.·

Oct. 7, 2010:  It's The Life Liberty And Property Stupid--Original-2010-10-07-version.

Sept. 25, 2010:  Shakedown Socialism-- A Entertainingly Informative Book that can Help Save America-- If You Give Copies to Non-Leftist Friends·

Sept. 24, 2010:  Obama Progressively Halting Iran's Nuclear Program:  Balk Softly and Parry a Big Schtick.

July 4, 2010:  Thanks & Tribute to Troops.·

June 25, 2010:  Massage-Therapist aka Masseuse Accuses Al Gore of Groping Her and Forcing Her Hand onto His Private Parts in Oregon Hotel. (OPE)

June 23, 2010:  Obama-- Roiling, Stoned

June 06, 2010:  On D-Day our thoughts are on Normandy's shores where thousands gave all bringing freedom ashore.·

June 02, 2010:  Gore-Split-- What (who?) Caused Al Gore and Tipper Gore to Split?·

June 02, 2010:  Gulf Leak:  Obama Recruits James Cameron to Plug Hole in GAIA

May 28-31:  Memorial Day & Memorial Weekend.

May 21, 2010:  SEIU thugs and stooges mob private home of lawyer for BankAmerica while DeeCee police cower and refuse to enforce private-property rights against trespass by a mob of 500 people. (Quick Post

May 20, 2010:  Disclosure-Act/Net-Neutrality Proposals by Obama Administration to Regulate Speech On Internet (Quick Post

Apr. 28, 2010:  Capitolism-- Obama makes it clear:  "I've Always said 'I'm a Capitolist.'" (QuickPost

Apr. 01, 2010:  Posters and T-Shirts at Tea Party, Town Hall, and 9-12 Rallies Help Convey Important Political Messages and Themes.·

Mar. 29, 2010:  Exclusive Photo Refutes Republican Lie that ObamaCare Failed to Include Mandate for Covering Pre-Existing Conditions.·

Mar. 19, 2010:  Expectant Mother in Final OB-Gyn Visit Deems Obama Statement on Reconciliation of ObamaCare with Reality to be Bait and Switch.·

Mar. 15, 2010:  While Pelosi Cracks Whip for Reconciliation, President Obama Emulates Al Gore by Unveiling Indisputable Scientific Proof of Superiority of ObamaCare.·

Mar. 15, 2010:  ObamaCare-- The Final Thrust Focuses on Rahm Rod Emanuel Refuting Right-Wing Claims About Benefits to Aliens.·

Mar. 09, 2010:  Update on Academy Awards 2010 Reveals Inadvertent Omission of Oscar for Best Green Theme Song to "Neytiri Sings AVATAR."·

Mar. 08, 2010:  2010 Academy Award for Best Original Theme Song by a Navi Goes to "Neytiri Sings AVATAR"; Best Singer to Neytiri.·

Mar. 06, 2010:  To counter the Tea-Party Movement, Progressives conclude it behooves 'em to gather and meet for coffee, not tea, to further progressivist movements.·

Feb. 26, 2010:  AVATAR star Neytiri Accepts Prestigious Position of GAIA Minister at The Peoples Cube for Implementation of Copenhagen Protocols Against Global Warming

Feb. 26, 2010:  Neytiri singing the AVATAR theme makes Pandora the new "Camelot" for environmentalists battling global warming and climate change.·

Feb. 10, 2010:  Climate Experts Call Blizzards of 2010 a Temporary-Cooling Effects of Global Warming that Endanger Species and Hasten Emergence of Maximum Hotness.·

Jan. 08, 2010:  Video exposing AVATAR Navi Princess Neytiri on Pandora captures hearts and hormones of young voters with videographic sensuality of James Cameron.·

Dec. 24, 2009:  AVATAR Stands for What in Cameron's Blockbuster Movie

Dec. 21, 2009:  Virginians Warn Warner and Webb:  A Yes-Vote for Cloture to Ebb Debate on ObamaCare is Yes to ObamaCare by Which Cherished Freedoms Will Ebb.·

Dec. 20, 2009:  A Warning to Warner and Webb:  A Yes-Vote for Cloture to Ebb Debate on ObamaCare is Yes to ObamaCare by Which Cherished Freedoms Will Ebb.·

Dec. 18, 2009:  David Frum Leads Safari Frum Hier to Internity to Bag Sasquatch or Bigfoot Fowling Moderate Landscape With Political Litter from Tea Parties and Palin.·

Dec. 10, 2009:  Obama Saying You Can Keep Your Own Health Care Plan Really Means Only as Long as ObamaCare Bureaucrats Approve It-- It's 9 After 12 Right Now

Dec. 10, 2009:  Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech for Nobel Peace Prize Trumpets Values Worth More than Prize·

Sept. 21, 2009:  BOOB Czar Sets Example at 9-12 DC Rally Mocking Boobs Named as Czars and Inspires Admiration of Her Example(s).·

Sept. 15, 2009:  ACORN denies intentionally revealing "no child sex-slave left behind" motto for helping sex-traders get federal aid for business loans and mortgages.·

Sept. 11, 2009:  No-Satire 9-11: On Nine-One-One Two-Thousand-Nine, Remember to Also Take Time to Thank and Support Our Troops Who Deport Jihadists to Hell for All Time.·

Sept. 9, 2009:  Hopes Rise that 7 of 9-12 Actions as Seven of Nine-Twelve Expose More than OBORG Trojan Horse in ObamaCare.·

Sept. 9, 2009:  Obama's Operatives Still Seeking Unmasking of Seven of Nine-Twelve Actress and More Before 9-12 Events.·

Aug. 30, 2009:  Identity of "Seven of Nine-Twelve" Leader of Anti-OBORG EIT Rebellion Eludes News Media and Obama as 9-11 Nears.·

Aug. 29, 2009:  News Media and Obama Seek Identity of "7 of 9-12" Leader of Rebellion Against OBORG as 9-11 Anniversary Nears.·

Aug. 20, 2009:  A Nurse Says ObamaCare Plans Will Not Provide All That It Can For Ailments to End When Patients are Men Unless Good-Nurse Shortages End.·

Aug. 17, 2009:  ObamaCare zealots' confections appear to be doomed to rejection since Town-Hallers made political waves for Little Miss HealthCare's protection.·

Aug. 17, 2009:  Cartoonist Chris Muir has invoked the spirit Town-Hallers invoked at plans to install ObamaCare laws, which now do appear on the ropes.·

Aug. 15, 2009:  Howard Dean, America's Primary-Care Physician, Rushes Patient Through ObamaCare OB-Gyn Exam to Not Be Late for ACORN/SEIU Town Hall Meeting.·

Aug. 8, 2009:  Jake Tapper makes uncharacteristic mistake in article on criticism of ObamaCare by Sarah Palin despite characteristic fairness.·

Aug. 7, 2009:  Meet the Mob Opposing ObamaCare; Meet the Mob Supporting ObamaCare; Meet Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi-- Oops, last clause is redundant.·

Aug. 6, 2009:  New Health-Care Campaign slogan emerges: Buy American-- Don't Buy ObamaCare; Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in State of Panic.·

Aug. 4, 2009:  Joyful Parade Through Obama Square Celebrates Barack Obama's 48th Birthday with Giant Mosaic Made by Hundreds of Thousands of School Children.·

Aug. 2, 2009:  OB-Gyn Health Care Visit Under ObamaCare Exposes Government Plan Pre-emption of Private Plans Which Barack Obama attempts to obfuscate·

July 29, 2009:  OB-Gyn Health Care Under ObamaCare Exposes Obfuscation on Government Plan Pre-emption of Private Plans·

July 20, 2009:  World still celebrates America's Apollo 11 mission for first moon landing in 1969 and venerates Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and NASA.·

July 17, 2009:  Obama's political ideology stands at war with the "new mindset" for family values and personal responsibility he espouses to NAACP.·

July 15, 2009:  The nominee, Sotomayor, is peppered with questions galore on statements she made in speeches she gave on wisdom-- Latinas have more.·

July 13, 2009:  Resignation by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin generates new political cottage industry known as Palintology.·

July 4, 2009:  At PoliSat-Com we obtained exclusive reports to explain the reasons behind the plan to resign that yesterday Palin proclaimed.·

July 4, 2009:  Fourth of July 2009 Inspires Tribute and Thanks to Troops for Courage, Sacrifices and Successes in Iraq and Afghanistan.·

July 2, 2009:  Fourth of July Weekend 2009 Inspires Tribute and Thanks to Troops for Courage, Sacrifices and Successes in Iraq and Afghanistan.·

June 5, 2009:  On D-Day our thoughts are on Normandy's shores where thousands gave all bringing freedom ashore.·

June 04, 2009:  Inspired by Al Gore's Carbon Offsets, the New GM's marketing offsets: "Buy here, you're implored, but if you buy Ford, you must purchase 'New GM-OffsetsTM."·

May 29, 2009:  The new General Motors reports proceedings in bankruptcy court by gov'ment contrived will keep it alive as bond-holding folks they extort.·

May 23, 2009:  We pause for this Memorial Day to join in this refrain to those who gave their all for us so freedom we'd retain.·

May 12, 2009:  Proliferation of Hate-Crime Legislative Proposals May Apply to Steve Rattner, the Car-Czar for Obama.·

May 4, 2009:  Nominee by Barack Obama for replacing retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter will redistribute the judicial philosophy of Obama.·

Apr. 17, 2009:  Obama-supporting Critics of Tea Parties Apply Tea Bag Vulgarism to Participants, Who Respond Not in Kind But Rather in Rhyme.·

Apr. 16, 2009:  Thousands of Virginians brave cold and rainy weather to attend the Richmond Tea Party demanding less government and lower taxes.·

Apr. 8, 2009:  Barack Obama denies bowing to Saudi King; says he was showing how bending at the waist could give the King six-pack abs like Obama has.·

Apr. 7, 2009:  Newt Gingrich says Obama Doctrine under Barack Obama towards terror and tyranny is Jimmy Carter Doctrine reprised as Obarter Doctrine.·

Apr. 4, 2009:  Barack Obama implements Obarter Doctrine to supersede Bush Doctrine regarding North Korea and Iran on missiles and nukes

Mar. 24, 2009:  To avoid Gorbachev's mistake in destroying socialism with perastroika meant to save it, Obama's Obamachev persona uses Obamastroika to save socialism by destroying capitalism·

Mar. 21, 2009:  Pundits ask whether ObamaPrompter, TOTUS or BaracksTeleprompter caused Obama snub of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown still reverberating.·

Mar. 15, 2009:  Evan Sayet again proves himself a humorist with brilliant insights into culture, politics and philosophy of Left, Middle and Right on war, economics and governance·

Mar. 13, 2009:  BillBoard Wars:  Obama White House Operation Rushbo inspires Obama followers to erect anti-Limbaugh billboard saying Americans Didn't Vote for a Rush to Failure; Rush Limbaugh supporters erect counter-billboard.·

Mar. 12, 2009:  Victory By Any Other Name-- Dominant News Media Perpetuate Their Ideological Blindness on Iraq, Talk Radio, the Fairness Doctrine and Iran.·

Feb. 24, 2009:  Obama's First "State of the Union" speech: The State of the Union is The Union of The State with The One who says "I Am The State."·

Feb. 02, 2009:  Pepsi's SuperBowl 43 ad featuring Bob Dylan song with video montage approvingly displaying protester defacing painting depicting U.S. military personnel prompts Pepsi lovers to stop drinking Pepsi·

Jan. 20, 2009:  President George W. Bush gracefully and graciously handles transfer of power to President Barack Obama-- America continues as Classiest Political Act in Human History.·

Oct. 5, 2008:  Youth Vote 08 video shows how YouTube generation can refute claims by anti-Obama forces that young voters lack sufficient attention span to focus on issues.·

Oct. 3, 2008:  Sarah Palin's vice-presidential debate with Joe Biden turns Gwen Ifill's Age of Obama into Age of Palin.·

Sept. 11, 2008:  No-Satire today--September 11, 2008: On Nine-One-One Two-Thousand-Eight with courage we have to maintain our thanks and support for troops who deport jihadists to Hell for their fate·

Sept. 8, 2008:  Sarah Palin from One Million Nanoseconds BC propels John McCain to the top by Five Hundred Trillion Nanoseconds AC·

Sept. 4, 2008:  Sarah Palin acceptance speech as running mate for McCain fails to refute media reports accusing her of contributing to Global Warming in the Artic.·

Sept. 3, 2008:  Alaskan frontier woman and Governor Sarah Palin saves the caribou -- for dinner with John McCain on campaign trail as running mate for Vice President.·

Aug. 23, 2008:  Joe Biden accepts Barack Obama offer of VeePee role as Obiden to perform Obama Salute to tune of Obama Anthem per Obamessiah Code using Obamacain against ravages of John McCain.·

Jul. 13, 2008:  Bob Gorrell shows that for dominant media coverage of Iraq, "No news is good news" means "Good news is no news."·

Jul. 12, 2008:  In Memory of Tony Snow (1955--2008)·

Jul. 10, 2008:  New Barack Obama video explains why his Obamacain plan makes drilling unnecessary, but McCain favors off-shore drilling for oil and gas.·

Jul. 2, 2008:  Approaching Fourth of July, 2008, Affords Bloggers Opportunities to Show Support for Our Troops and Their Mission and Embed Videos Expressing Such Support.·

Jun. 6, 2008:  Barack Obama, John McCain, D-Day, The Greatest Generation Then; The Generation Now, and Campaign 2008 Command Our Attention on June 6, 2008.·

Jun. 4, 2008:  Media's reaction to Hillary Clinton's speech preceding Barack Obama's claim of victory highlights Reuters' and NBC's view of Barack as Obamessiah.·

Apr. 22, 2008:  Celebrating Earth Day, Al Gore unveils Computer Models showing Genesis of GAIA Theory of Global Warming and draws plaudits from Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Newt Gingrich.·

Apr. 5, 2008:  Al Gore wages war of words for lights out not merely Earth Hour against "flat Earth" skeptics about Global Warming.·

Apr. 4, 2008:  Al Gore's problem-solving success with Gorbel's Cube during "Earth Hour Lights Out" inspires plan for "Earth Decade Lights Out."·

Mar. 30, 2008:  Not satire: Anatomy of a Face in Fitna with photographic likeness of Dutch-Moroccan rapper Salah Edin in Geert Wilders film raises issue on copyright of hatred.·

Mar. 29, 2008:  Non-Satirical Update on Anatomy of a Face in Fitna about Geert Wilders using likeness of Dutch-Moroccan rapper Salah Edin in the film raises issue of whether Edin owns copyright on hatred.·

Mar. 28, 2008:  Satire not needed re fanatics proudly embracing medieval interpretations of Islam and thus exposing their dangerously mindless inability to grasp their own backwardness, hatefulness and barbarity.·

Mar. 13, 2008:  Video of early-morning call to Hillary Clinton from Eliot Spitzer on "red phone" reveals Spitzer's plan to "more than make up" for her loss of him as superdelegate upon his resignation as Governor.·

Mar. 10, 2008:  Secret task force de-codes video of Sharon Stone eliciting terrorist-leaders' praise by exposing "Basic Instinct" credentials in Mid-East interview calling 9-11 "pretext" for Afghanistan and Iraq wars.·

Mar. 7, 2008:  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spar over Clinton Library's refusal to release information about pardons issued by Bill Clinton in waning hours and days of his Presidency.·

Mar. 5, 2008:  Ohio and Texas primary victories enable Hillary Clinton to answer Barack Obama's "yes we can" slogan with "yes we will" continue the "red phone" ad depicting her as "tested and ready."·

Mar. 4, 2008:  Ohio and Texas primaries intensify race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with YOUTH vote for Obama, GOTBOH Gals for Hillary and YOUNG VOTE for John McCain.·

Mar. 4, 2008:  YouTube bans political satire video about Hillary Clinton just before Clinton/Obama contests in Texas/Ohio; YouTube stays mum on whether for politics or video cleavage of Hillary or Sharon Stone.·

Mar. 3, 2008:  Ad about hot-line call to Hillary on red phone at White House and reply from Barack Obama remind voters of John McCain's superior "experience" while YouTube bans political-satire video on Hillary.·

Feb. 27, 2008:  Wit and Wisdom of William F. Buckley, Jr. made world richer and the passing of his patrician trusting plebeians more than patricians leaves legacies in National Review and conservatism.·

Feb. 26, 2008:  Barack Obama calls Hillary Clinton in 2008 via time-warp telephone from 2004 to concede "experience" issue as debate escalates with Hillary mocking Obama on NAFTA and health care

Feb. 14, 2008:  Valentine Call from Bill Clinton consoles Hillary Clinton in wake of Potomac Primaries or Chesapeake Primaries in which Barack Obama's BaRack the Vote Boat Iceberg in Chesapeake sank the Clintanic.·

Feb. 13, 2008:  Iceberg in Chesapeake sinks Clintanic but Captain Hillary Clinton claims being torpedoed by "BaRack the Vote Boat" weaponry of Barack Obama as Top Gun Maverick John McCain rockets above.·

Feb. 11, 2008:   Barack Obama wins Grammy for "BaRack The Vote" to "Rock the Boat" for "Change for America" as Hillary Clinton seeks duet with Obama while John McCain wins "Top Gun Maverick" Grammy.·

Feb. 10, 2008:  John McCain's surge facilitates contrast between Top Gun Maverick and both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on who voters would want in cockpit when "the [terrorist] stuff hits the fan" in jihadists' war

Feb. 7, 2008:  Super-Thursday Romney/McCain Alliance Prepares Political Battlefield Against Essence of Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama as Would-Be Monarchs of Clintalot (a.k.a. Bubbalot) and/or Obamalot.·

Feb. 3, 2008:  Debate rages over what deserves top spot among Super Bowl ads: Essence of Hillary, Hillary's Wardrobe Malfunction, Spinning Hillary, the Al Gore Mobile," or Duet by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.·

Feb. 1, 2008:  New "Essence of Hillary" video adapts Reagan's "Morning in America" theme to "Morning After in America" following a "one term stand" with Hillary Clinton reprising the two-term stand with Bill Clinton.·

Feb. 1, 2008:  2008 Super Bowl "Patriots" versus "Giants" game provides excellent setting for Thanks to Our Troops as "MVP" players in Liberty's Game.·

Jan. 31, 2008:  2008 Super Bowl provides excellent setting for Thanks to Our Troops as "MVP" players in Liberty's Game.·

Jan. 30, 2008:  Hillary 2008 Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction as stand-in for Janet Jackson falls short of being her breast performance and thus fails to provide the lift Bill Clinton predicted.·

Jan. 27, 2008:  2008 Super Bowl ads on Global Warming provide half-time debut for "GoreMobile" invented by Al Gore to "end dependence on fossil fuels," but experts doubt Patriots and Giants fans will be impressed

Jan. 23, 2008:  Hillary 2008 Super-Bowl Ad rebuts Barack Obama and John Edwards with political sex-appeal outdoing Janet Jackson in her "Naked-Silhouette Spinning-Hillary" Half-Time Show narrated by Bill Clinton.·

Jan. 17, 2008:  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi surprise George Bush by showing support for Second Amendment in going hunting in lame duck habitat with guns and firearms but find Dubya Duck instead.·

Jan. 08, 2008:  New Hampshire Primary forces Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama into brief post-Iowa-Caucus political duet in harmony ending in off-key political knock-fest.·

Jan. 02, 2008:  2007 Year in Review Top Stories: Lame-Duck Bush, Dubya Duck, Routed Reid, Pummeled Pelosi, Gored Gore, Hassled Hillary, Bounced Barack, Baseball, Football, Iraq War, Code Pink, Bowels MoveOn, etc.·

Dec. 26, 2007:  2007 Year in Review: Lame-Duck Surge by George Bush emerges not as ghost of Harry Truman but as spirit of Western Liberalism exemplified in John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech.·

Dec. 26, 2007:  2007 Year in Review-- Sports: America re-learns baseball's endgame strategy requiring extra-innings when needed for victory and rejects football's artificial time-constraints in Iraq.·

Dec. 26, 2007:  2007 Year in Review: Political jury still out on whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton will score knockout as 2001 drafts of "Dueling Memoirs" of Hillary and Bill Clinton emerge from archives.·

Dec. 23, 2007:  Christmas thanks to our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world are being sent in record numbers, and PoliSat.Com joins the effort with Christmas Thanks to Troops video.·

Dec. 21, 2007:  Bill Clinton takes break from Hillary's Campaign 2008 by giving best tour ever of Clinton Library not to be confused with Clinton Liebrary.·

Dec. 20, 2007:  Lame-duck George Bush delivers swift kick in butt to anti-Iraq-war donkeys Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on funding for troops and mission in Iraq.·

Dec. 18, 2007:  First drafts of memoirs of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton released without Hillary's permission by archivist at Clinton Liebrary (to be confused with Clinton Library) reveal bawdy poetry.·

Dec. 14, 2007:  Al Gore's private slip-of-tongue at UN climate conference in Bali admits George Bush exhibited effort to stop Global Warming in private meeting following White House Nobel Prize ceremony.·

Dec. 11, 2007:  Oprah Winfrey's escalating support for Barack Obama simultaneously reduces Obama's need to "knock" Hillary Clinton and increases Hillary's need to knock Barack.·

Dec. 9, 2007:  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sing "I Knock You, Babe" Duet for Political Grammy Awards.·

Dec. 5, 2007:  Rudy Giuliani's cheap-shot at Mitt Romney in CNN/YouTube debate about illegal aliens working at his mansion proves to be bullseye instead and sharpens focus on illegal immigration.·

Dec. 4, 2007:  As "Draft Gore" campaign nears critical deadlines, George Bush shocks the world by using his recent private meeting with Gore to make him responsive to a draft.·

Dec. 4, 2007:  EU-Trained Palestinian Police-Women inspire behind-the-veil hopes for growth nascent feminism in Islamic world while American faux-feminists remain oblivious--PoliSat.Com Analysis.·

Dec. 4, 2007:  EU-Trained Palestinian Police-Women inspire behind-the-veil hopes for growth nascent feminism in Islamic world while American faux-feminists remain oblivious.·

Nov. 30, 2007:  Source leaks video of private meeting between Bush and Gore after White House ceremony honoring Nobel Prize winners on Global Warming.·

Nov. 15, 2007:  Without Hillary Clinton's authorization, archivist at Clinton Liebrary, to be confused with Clinton Library, releases controversial Clinton Liebrary Book on Clinton motto, "Pardon my funding with funding from pardons."·

Nov. 11, 2007:  We pause today on Veterans Day to join in this refrain to those who risked their all for us so freedom we'd retain.·

Nov. 10, 2007:  Lions for Lambs movie exposes Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise as LambChops for Lions in Hollywood Left's anti-McCain campaign commercial posing as a movie.·

Nov. 8, 2007:  Events expose YouTube's political water-boarding of PoliSat.Com by banning Usama Girl video and WretchBoarding video

Nov. 2, 2007:  PoliSat.Com Video-News Update on "Buurka Streeper" and "Burka Babes" corrects erroneous report of Israeli IDF using gorgeous female strippers as "weapons" against terrorists.·

Oct. 13, 2007:  Since winning the "Peace Prize," will Gore rely upon MoveOn_Dot_Org for "in kind" support enabling Al Gore to campaign for POTUS once more?·

Oct. 13, 2007:  The Peace Prize in Olso for Gore so clearly has brought to the fore the aura, do tell, of Alfred Nobel, that Earth's foremost poet lauds Gore. (PoliSat.Com)·

Sept. 30, 2007:  Betrayal-101-- "Phony" soldiers:  MoveOn.Org and MediaMatters.Org shoot selves (and Al Gore) in groin in smearing Rush Limbaugh, George Bush and Gen. Petraeus as "Betray US" on Iraq.·

Sept. 28, 2007:  Obama Girl, Hillary Girl, Breck Girl, and Ron Paul Girl spawn Usama Girl video as Campaign 2008 enters "Girls Gone Wild" phase.·

Sept. 21, 2007:  Alan Greenspan was right that Iraq war is "about oil" because it's "about [toppling a terror-supporting, genocidal, totalitarian regime that had spent, and would now be spending, vast] oil [revenues on WMDs]."·

Sept. 13, 2007:  Gathering of Eagles poised to over-fly, overshadow, outnumber, out-class and swoop-down-on anti-troops/anti-mission protest by Code Pink, ANSWER, MoveOn, NotInOurName, Breasts for Bombs, and 9-11 "Conspiracy" nitwits, et al, ad nauseum, on 15 Sept. 2007.·

Sept. 12, 2007:  PoliSat.Com's Non-Satirical Reminder On September 11, 2007:  20010911--20070911 NEVER FORGET.·

Sept. 11, 2007:  PoliSat.Com's Non-Satirical Reminder On September 11, 2007:  20010911--20070911 NEVER FORGET (posting delayed 24hrs).·

Sept. 01, 2007:  In wake of Gonzales resignation, former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld spends Labor Day holiday on top-secret mission at Gitmo perfecting WretchBoarding to replace waterboarding.·

Aug. 26, 2007:  New York Times and ABC News expose top-secret activities of former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld using "WretchBoarding" -- much harsher than "waterboarding"-- at Gitmo.·

Aug. 17, 2007:  Video leaked to PoliSat.Com exposing "Wretch-Boarding" as new "harsh interrogation" technique at Gitmo eclipsing water-boarding in effectiveness.·

Aug. 12, 2007:  Iraq Veterans as Vets for Freedom Urge Politicians to Repudiate American Self-Defeatists in War on Terror in Iraq.·

Aug. 8, 2007:  PoliSat.Com exposes Hollywood's release of anti-John-McCain campaign ad disguised as movie titled "Lions for Lambs" with Tom Cruise as the "bad" guy-- a "Maverick" Senator supporting the war.·

Aug. 1, 2007:  New York City issues fatwa promoting breastfeeding but officials deny it's related to "WorkPlace Fatwa" by an Islamic scholar on breastfeeding.·

July 25, 2007:  PoliSat.Com video shows how Taliban "fauxtography" of suicide bombers "graduation" ceremony duped ABC News and omitted scenes of "Buurka Streeper" recruiting; Also ABC Spy-Cam exposes top-secret Cheney/Rumsfeld operation.·

July 7, 2007:  Baseball and Football Provide Decisive Extra-Innings and Overtime Strategic Support for War in Iraq, Afghanistan and World-Wide War on Terror.·

June 4, 2007:  George Bush owes apology for defaming anti-illegal-immigration opponents of current Senate proposal and opponents owe America support for proposals to remedy its deficiencies.·

May 25, 2007:  2007: We pause for this Memorial Day to join in this refrain to those who gave their all to us so freedom we'd retain.·

May 21, 2007:  Satire-- Ellis Weiner's so-called "liberal" view of "conservative" satire ignores distinctions among various forms of satire.·

May 21, 2007:  Dennis Miller uses satirical hyperbole to succinctly explain that to end or win the war in Iraq, "the buck STARTS HERE."·

April 30, 2007:  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Provide Extra-BackPacks Support for the Troops in Iraq.·

April 5, 2007:  "Pelosi Toons" such as "Whack-A-Wabbit" Present Fresh Focus on Efforts by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to Impose Out-of-Iraq Deadline on George Bush and Cut-Off of Funds for War.·

Mar. 25, 2007:  Code Pink Issues Out-of-Iraq Video-Response ANSWER to Belated News Reports that Gathering of Eagles Out-sized Gathering of Code Pink in D.C. on March 17, 2007.·

Mar. 25, 2007:  Eagles return to nests after Gathering of Eagles swooped-down on MoonBats, NutRoots, Stalinistas, ANSWERists, Code Pink, and Tin-Foil-Brigade in Washington, D.C. on March 17, 2007.·

Mar. 16, 2007:  Gathering of Eagles in D.C. issues Rolling Thunder Answer to "ANSWER" and Code Red response to Code Pink with Red, White & Blue Thanks to Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and worldwide·

Mar. 9, 2007:  Non-Satirical Commentary: Open Letter to Patrick Fitzgerald re "Scooter" Libby, Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame, Richard Armitage, Karl Rove, Robert Novak, et al.·

Feb. 25, 2007:  Al Gore Arrives at Academy Awards in GoreMobile Limo; Awaits Oscar Despite "Da Gorgle Code" Exposure of "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Stink" Surrounding the "Al Gore Mobile."·

Feb. 21, 2007:  Al Gore drives "GoreMobile" to Global Warming Concert celebrating nominations for Nobel Prize, Academy Award and Honorary Climatology Degree for "An Inconvenient Truth" fueling "Draft Gore" for 2008.·

Feb. 16, 2007:  Barak Obama & Hillary Clinton attack each other in joint appearance dubbed "I Knock You Babe" and rock-star status of Barak Hussein Obama inspires John Kerry to change own middle name.·

Feb. 12, 2007:  Hillary Clinton "conversation" commercial on oil policy provokes unexpected response from Venezuela's Soon-to-be President-For-Life, Hugo Chavez, owner of CITGO but not HITGO.·

Feb. 4, 2007:  Another Steamy Sharon Stone Super Bowl Ad for Hillary -- "1 Good, 2 Better" for "The View"; Coup for Hillary-- Obama Not Seen in Any Super Bowl Commercial.·

Jan. 30, 2007:  Abridged report on Super Bowl Halftime debut of Sharon Stone ad showing Hillary is equipped with the Basic Instinct to deal with 'bad, evil men" in the world.·

Jan. 30, 2007:  Super Bowl Halftime debut of Sharon Stone ad showing Hillary is equipped with the Basic Instinct to deal with 'bad, evil men" in the world.·

Jan. 29, 2007:  Sharon Stone Super Bowl ad for Hillary Clinton exposes falsity of claims by Barak Obama and others that she lacks "what it takes" to "stand-up" to "evil men"; Stone shows "toughness" is more than "Basic Instinct."·

Jan. 26, 2007:  Senator Jim Webb releases video "addendum" correcting embarrassing "oversights" in his response to the State of the Union speech by President Bush.·

Jan. 22, 2007:  China Out-Capitalizes the Capitalists while Blumberg and Schumer champion nanny-government policies contributing to decline of America as the Center of Gravity of Capitalism.·

Jan. 21, 2007:  ICANN-- I Can, I Can-- What's new in the internet's "story"?   In 2007 said Toure (successor to Annan, the U.N. loose-cannon): "The W-GIG plan we're ignoring."·

Jan. 18, 2007:  Video of test-run of "Bi-Partisan Surge" (code-named "DonkRhino Surge") as alternative to Bush's surge in Iraq is leaked to PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief for internet broadcast.·

Jan. 12, 2007:  Video inside the January 4, 2007 celebration for Speaker Nancy Pelosi surfaces a week later-- Grateful Dead Shakedown on K-Street featuring the Dreadful Grate of the Grateful Dead.·

Jan. 11, 2007:  Leftist Democrats, "Truthers" and Impeachment Advocates express outrage over new video titled "Democrats Supporting The Troops" featuring Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi.·

Dec. 20, 2006:  Barak Obama & Hillary Clinton sing new campaign song "I Knock You Babe," and rock-star status of Barak Hussein Obama inspires John Kerry to change his own name.·

Nov. 14, 2006:  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld explains resignation: We know there are things that we know and know things we know we don't know but know that we've found the unknown abounds in things we don't know we don't know.·

Nov. 11, 2006:  No satire today-- Veterans Day--We pause today on Veteran's Day to join in this refrain to those who risked their all for us so freedom we'd retain.·

Nov. 5, 2006:  Iraqi Court sentences Saddam Hussein to death by hanging while Bush's critics maintain that "if Bush hadn't toppled Hussein, the world would be better off."·

Nov. 4, 2006:  Backfire of the "Exposing Bush On Iraq" campaign invoking half-hindsight attacks conceptually indistinguishable from "single-entry accounting"·

Oct. 30, 2006:  Exposing Bush on Iraq-- A new video presenting an unvarnished assessment of the fruits of Bush's decision to topple Saddam Hussein

Oct. 24, 2006:  Rewind, Rewrite, Replay 2001-2006 (If Bush had just listened to his critics after 9-11 on Afghanistan, Iraq and War on Terror)·

Aug. 17, 2006:  Hollywood hopes public will flock to "Back To The Future III" sequel entitled "Ahead To The Past" scheduled to premiere on November 7, 2006, starring new-left heart-throb Ned Lamont.·

Aug. 10, 2006:  REUTERS' doctored photos about Israeli attacks on Hezbollah strongholds in Qana, Lebanon, enable Little Green Footballs to expose REUTERS' true identity as "al-REUTERS-zeera."·

Aug. 4, 2006:  Hugo Chavez's control of CITGO fuels IFAPSA (Islamo-Facist And Paleo-Stalinist Alliance) anti-liberty, anti-American, and anti-Semitic hatred disguised as "social responsibility" in ad narrated by Danny Glover.·

July 31, 2006:  Non-Satirical Commentary:  Qana-- Responses to Israeli/Hezbollah war in Lebanon re-expose asymmetrical morality under-girding U.N. and European sophistry rationalizing delusional faith in passive diplomacy.·

July 27, 2006:  Non-Satirical Commentary:  Email by Canadian Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener exposes falsity of Hezbollah propaganda Kofi Annan eagerly spouted in calling Israeli bombing of UNIFIL post "apparently deliberate."·

July 25, 2006:  William F. Buckley, Jr. says George W. Bush "not a true conservative"; Bush prescribes "compassionately conservative" treatment for Buckley's Paleo-Face countenance resembling Pat Buchanan.·

July 20, 2006:  WayBack Machine's Archives of Internet/World-Wide-Web expose Valerie Plame's pre-Novak-column role as political mole to help Joe Wilson promote John Kerry's campaign against George W. Bush.·

July 16, 2006:  Clinton Liebrary launches video instructing men on how to please women in gentlemanly, respectful ways, but Bill Clinton denies involvement in such endeavor.·

July 9, 2006:  Bin Laden makes copyright-infringement "piracy" claim against star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp, for role as Parrot of the AlQaedians.·

June 30, 2006:  Americans' plans include "Fourth of July Thanks to Our Troops" as part of Fourth of July celebrations from July 1st through 4th, 2006.·

June 28, 2006:  Chris Muir Journeys Day by Day to the Future via MSM NewsPrint Media while retaining overwhelming dominance in the Blogosphere.·

June 17, 2006:  The Left and Leftist Democrats make Iraq and war on terror their "Bridge on the River Fie" without recognizing or atoning for their treachery as did "Col. Nicholson" in Bridge on the River Kwai."·

June 4, 2006:  Al Gore unveils "GoreMobile" he invented to end Global Warming by cracking The Da Gorgle Code as depicted in his scientific-documentary movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."·

May 26, 2006:  We pause on this Memorial Day to join in this refrain to those who gave their all to us so freedom we'd retain.·

May 23, 2006:  2006 Election Fulcrum: Hard-Right joins Hard-Left in shooting Uncle Sam in Groin; Smoking Gums evidence of Code Pink chemo-political warfare.·

Apr. 26, 2006:  Bush's new Press Secretary, Tony Snow, denies forumlating Bush's response to Hillary Clinton's latest salvo at Donald Rumsfeld in video titled "Firing Rumsfeld Episode X."·

Apr. 21, 2006:  Fallacies exposed in Carl Bernstein's April 19, 2006, Vanity Fair commentary calling for "Senate Hearings on Bush, Now" as prelude to impeachment.·

Apr. 13, 2006:  To Citizen Soldiers a Song to Explain How Proudly We Thank You for Deeds in Our Name·

Apr. 03, 2006:  Sharon Stone asserts "Basic Instinct" insight into political anthropology to proclaim Hillary Clinton is "too sexy" to be elected President in 2006.·

Feb. 03, 2006:  Pre-Super-Bowl, pre-Lingerie-Bowl launch of "Vermont JackAss for Valentine's Day" video emerges as new competitor of "Vermont Teddy Bears for Valentine's Day."·

Nov. 11, 2005:  A Veterans' Day Message to America's Military Personnel.·

Oct. 18, 2005:  Sunnis voting on Iraqi constitution and alleged voting irregularities affect perceptions of Iraqi front in war against Islamic fascism as terrorist-tree blight or new growth in freedom's forest.·

Oct. 3, 2005:  Bloggers' exposing falsity of Aaron Broussard's accusation of "bureaucratic murder" against Bush Administration in wake of Hurricane Katrina further diminishes dominant media.·

Sep. 13, 2005:  Katrina-Blame Tennis Game-- It's Dubya's turn to serve in blame-game begun by high-profile political opponents of George W. Bush in immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina passing New Orleans.·

Sep. 11, 2005:  Take Back the Memorial for 9-11-- Don't even put hints of WAHABOAist excuses for murderers near the grave sites of their victims.·

Sep. 7, 2005:  Hurricane Katrina Blame Game: Political pitchers in rubber rooms shouldn't throw muck-balls-- Ragin' Nagin, Kathleen Blanco, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Howard Dean, Mary Landrieu.·

Sep. 3, 2005:  New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as "Ragin' Nagin" wins place in Smearers Hall of Fame by smearing George W. Bush with Nagin's own failure to use school-bus fleet to evacuate blacks and "the poor."·

Aug. 31, 2005:  Images of desperation in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina-- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., blames Katrina on George Bush not advocating Kyoto Treaty; Kyoto Kennedy Kites Katrina.·

Aug. 29, 2005:  Martin Sheen, Acting President of WAHABOAism joins First Lady of WAHABOAism, Cindy Sheehan, in Crawford to admire WAHABOA Award she received from Al Jazeera's Editorial Board.·

Aug. 27, 2005:  Repudiating Cindy Sheehan's WAHABOAism:  A song to our soldiers to proudly explain how proudly we thank them for deeds in our name; "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" Caravan.·

Aug. 24, 2005:  Smearers Hall of Fame inducts Cindy Sheehan to join Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Dan Rather, et al to complete the Whole Schmeer of Smearers.·

Aug. 22, 2005:  To disapprovingly but accurately quote Cindy Sheehan smearing others isn't to "smear" Sheehan.·

Aug. 18, 2005:  To American troops: Thanks from US-- Not Cindy Sheehan and the hate-Bush defeatists she's joined.·

Aug. 16, 2005:  Grieving father seeks help to Move-On to Crawford to echo Cindy Sheehan in bashing George Bush as "war criminal" responsible for deaths of his sons for Zionist NeoCons and Iraqi oil.·

Aug. 14, 2005:  Revelation of top-secret "Able Danger" reports in 2000 that Atta was in Brooklyn fuel new suspicions of "Deep Underwear" thefts from National Security Archives by Sandy Berger.·

Aug. 10, 2005:  Mick Jagger bashes Bush in new Rolling Stones album, "Sweet NeoCon"; Left swoons over Roiling Clones also known as "JagMoorKenDurb" seeking Alternate Posterities in War on Terror.·

Aug. 8, 2005:  The ABC's of Peter Jennings-- American; Born Canadian.·

Aug. 5, 2005:  Ayman al Zawahri hosts infomercial on Al Jazeera touting Al Qaeda Brand Jihad.·

Aug. 4, 2005:  Intelligent Design of Nature Or Natural Design Of Intelligence-- "IDONONDOI" solution lies in Palindromic Arts-and-Sciences Concept and the da Vinci Code of Scientific Evidence.·

Aug. 2, 2005:  Sen. Norm Coleman urges Senate to counter efforts of UN's Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) to take control over the World Wide Web from ICANN.·

Aug. 1, 2005:  Al Gore TV debuts tonight as Current TV; Gore says network will focus on non-political fare such as how Bush "betrayed our country" and how he's destroying Earth; Google Gargles Gorgle.·

July 26, 2005:  Plame Game Time-Line-- Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, Robert Novak, Karl Rove, Matt Cooper, Judith Miller, and the Beltway Media Chorus ignoring the timeline.·

July 15, 2005:  What did Joe Wilson know and when did he know it? How many dots did he and Valerie Plame reveal on his website or elsewhere? How many adversaries were too stupid to "connect the dots"?·

July 6, 2005:  Internet's WayBack Machine Archives shed light on controversy involving Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper regarding leak of alleged covert CIA agent status of Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, to Robert Novak.·

July 2, 2005:  Arizona's Sandra Day O'Conner's resignation as an independent-minded Justice able to alienate both sides means it's New Mexico's turn now; Reliable sources know whom Bush will nominate to replace her.·

June 26, 2005:  Democrats demand that Karl Rove resign or be fired for saying post-9-11 "liberals" favored law enforcement over military strategy against terror; Rove's molehill of hyperbole versus Durbin's mountain of distortion.·

June 23, 2005:  Senate rejects McCain/Lieberman amendment to Energy Bill to codify Global Warming BSF; U.N. and European, bureaucracies (aka IPCC) apoplectic over Senate's refusal to pass gas limiting amendment.·

June 22, 2005:  Dick Durbin says he's "sorry"; Americans respond by recognizing him as a sorry excuse for a U.S. Senator in likening Gitmo to death camps run by Nazis, Stalin and Pol Pot.·

June 7, 2005:  Washington Post publishes interview with Hillary Clinton: "I stay awake at night" worrying about the harm in Washington caused by "people who have never been acquainted with the truth."·

June 6, 2005:  June 6 then and now-- June 6, 1944, and June 6, 2005; D-Day and T-Day; Loose Lips Sink Ships; ACLU-- American Careless Lips Union.·

June 5, 2005:  Deep Analysis of reports about Deep Throat Mark Felt exposes deep contradictions about perceptions of whistleblowers raising question of whether media have tripped on their biases.·

June 2, 2005:  Deep Throat Mark Felt links Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton in history-- Exclusive report from PoliSat.Com.·

May 31, 2005:  Regarding the ACLU suit seeking to force release of additional Abu Ghraib photos.·

May 27, 2005:  Memorial Day 2005-- We pause on this Memorial Day to join in this refrain for those who gave their All for us so Freedom we'd retain....·

May 23, 2005:  Heroes mistakenly killed by heroes-- Controversy about the military's handling of information about Pat Tillman's death merits thoughtful commentary rather political hyperbole.·

May 19, 2005:  Minus 60 Minutes and Not Counting; Dan Rather and Mary Mapes mistakenly receive "Peabody" Award rather than "PeeBuddy" Awards for how they targeted Pentagon in segment on Abu Ghraib.·

May 18, 2005:  Newsweek Makes Itself a Heavy Backpack on the Backs of American Military Personnel in the War Against Fanatical, Totalitarian Perverters of Islam.·

May 17, 2005:  What Newsweek knew and when it knew it about the allegations that U.S. interrogators abused the Koran as a means to induce cooperation by captives at Gitmo.·

May 12, 2005:  PoliSat.Com Announces Founding of GRAARP better known as Geezers Repudiating AARP; Herman Cain tours America for private enterprise and Social Security Reform.·

May 4, 2005:  PoliSat.Com provides innovative, free-use imagery to aids commentators exposing AARP as "Road Hog in Edsel" blocking travel on highway toward modernizing Social Security with private accounts.·

May 3, 2005:  Road Hogs in Edsels: AARP-- Aging Americans Ravaging Posterity on the Retirement Highway; George W. Bush's proposals for private accounts to modernize Social Security.· 

May 1, 2005:  RunAway Bride-- Exclusive Video.·

April 29, 2005:  Trappings of Travel-- Joe Biden outranks Tom Delay in travel funded by interest groups; Holy Casa Blanca, is there "gambling" going on here?·

April 20, 2005:  Critics condemn citizen "militias" monitoring illegal immigration in Arizona as "vigilantes" but laud comparable anti-crime activism in urban or suburban settings as "Neighborhood Watch."·

April 12, 2005:  Google Gorgle or Gargoyle-- Commentary about Google's decision to "partner" with Al Gore's "news" network to reach the 18-34-year-old audience with "Google Current."·

Apr. 10, 2005:  PoliSat.Com uncovers video-tape of George W. Bush consulting former President Bill Clinton on Air Force One on private market devices for retirement while en route home from Pope's funeral.·

Apr. 07, 2005:  Hanoi Jane promotes her new autobiographical book as presenting a portrait of a "remorseful" Jane Fonda.·

Apr. 04, 2005:  Two resourceful gals launch a TV-Remote Rebellion against unbalanced dominant-media coverage of U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and elsewhere in war on terror.·

Apr. 02, 2005:   Commentary-- Farewell to a Giant, Pope John Paul II.·

Mar. 30, 2005:  Commentary-- Brain death and the "culture of life" regarding Terri Schiavo; Human compassion, love, emotion, rationality, reality, and organ donation.·

Mar. 25, 2005:  It's time for those demanding intervention for Terri Schiavo to recognize that our needs for adjudication based on law and facts rather than emotional blindness is why we have courts.·

Mar. 23, 2005:  Passing the Coverage Redux regarding news about Iraq.·

Mar. 23, 2005:   Siding on the Err of Life regarding Terri Schiavo, Living Wills, Adjudication, Legislation and Administration; George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, the Schindlers, and Tom Delay.·

Mar. 21, 2005:   Non-Satirical Commentary on Terry Schiavo tragedy: Love, Morality, Compassion, Family, Marriage, Parenthood, Law and Common Sense.·

Mar. 17, 2005:  Major League Baseball-- Congressional hearings, chemical steroids, political steroids, moral steroids, Mark McGuire, Curt Schilling, Jose Canseco, and so-on.·

Mar. 15, 2005:  News at a glance-- WorldCom, Bernie Ebers, AARP, Social Security, Italian forces in Iraq, gay marriage, heterosexual marriage, and cults of celebrity and tabloidism.·

Mar. 14, 2005:  Lebanon plays Lebanese Poker against Hezbollah and Syria's Bashar Assad; See, raise and call-- 15,000 to 50,000 to 500,000 to 800,000.·

Mar. 13, 2005:  Commentary-- Victims of Brian Nichols in Atlanta on March 11, 2005, were also victims of Political Correctness.·

Mar. 10, 2005:  Media wish good luck to Captain Bob Schieffer, who may be able to keep the U.S.S. See BS from sinking after dropping the Rather over-sized anchor.·

Mar. 09, 2005:  Dan Rather resigns as CBS News Anchor in wake of MemoGate or RatherGate, but worldwide media find Dan Rather certain he did not have fraudulent relations with that source, Mary Mapes.·

Mar. 09, 2005:  Dan Rather’s Attack on President Bush’s Military Service Rested on Left-Wing Media’s Contrived Myths

Mar. 08, 2005:  Media world finds Dan Rather certain he did not have fraudulent relations with that source, Mrs. Maples, so he needs to get back to the work of informing the people on 60 Minutes.·

Mar. 05, 2005:  Commentary-- Exit Polls 2000 and 2004-- Manipulated Exit-Poll Data to De-legitimize the Republican Presidency-- Commentary by Col. John H. Wambough, USAF (Ret)·

Mar. 04, 2005:  Martha Stewart's release from prison sparks proposals for new laws to criminalize bad puns about Martha Stewart and honor the best ones in the world-wide "Martha Stewart Pun Contest."·

Mar. 03, 2005:  Supreme Court allows death penalty for victims of juvenile killers-- Effects of that 5-4 decision will increase the number of victims of murderous schemes by under-18 offenders who'd risk killing victims.·

Mar. 01, 2005:  In wake of car-bomb in Hillah, Iraq, thousands of Iraqis condemn "Wahhabism" rather than the West; NeoCons at the Gates welcome what Neo-Arabians Speak in Neo-Arabian Streets.·

Mar. 01, 2005:  The Arab Street-- Predictions before toppling of Taliban versus today after Afghani Blue Finger Revolution, Iraqi Purple Finger Revolution, Palestinian election and Lebanese Red, White and Green Revolution.·

Feb. 27, 2005:  On CBS News 60 Minutes, Dan Rather reveals identity of "Deep Threat," an "unimpeachable source" revealing that George W. Bush-- not CBS-- fired Rather's underlings for bogus National Guard "report."·

Feb. 26, 2005:  Canadian Prime Minister says, "No defense, please-- we're Canadians"; Washington Post says Condoleeza Rice exudes "sex and power"; High school principal requires plunging necklines for females.·

Feb. 19, 2004:  Commentary-- Exit Polls 2000 and 2004-- Statistical Analysis of Disinformation Exit Polls-- Commentary by Col. John H. Wambough, USAF (Ret).·

Feb. 18, 2005:  Bill Maher astounds the world by declaring religious faith to be a mental disease and thereby reveals conditions to jar the mindscape of Maher.·

Feb. 17, 2005:  Politicians and pundits of all stripes extend best wishes for a quick defeat of colon cancer by Tony Snow, renowned practitioner of civility in political discourse.·

Feb. 9, 2005:  Send your favorite political "significant other" a Vermont Jackass for Valentine when you send your paramour a Vermont Teddy Bear.

Feb. 8, 2005:  Condoleeza Rice's speech today in France leaves the first of many giant footprints on the landscape of history; Rice and Bush focus on posterity rather than "legacy."·

Feb. 7, 2005:  Go-Daddy's Go-Naddys in Super-Bowl ads confuses Ted Kennedy, delights Bill Clinton, mesmerizes Arnold Schwarzenegger, surprises John Ashcroft and rekindles lust in Jimmy Carter's heart.·

Feb. 5, 2005:  Election 2004 - "Exit-Poll Disinformation Hoax Backfires?" Part III-- Commentary by Col. John H. Wambough, USAF (Ret)·

Feb. 4, 2005:  Chris Matthews insults Byron Norwood's grief-stricken mother by opining that she collaborated with White House to "set up" being hugged at State of the Union address by an Iraqi woman.·

Feb. 2, 2005:  Ted Kennedy's view of Interrogation 102 as "torture" at Gitmo using beautiful female interrogators in thongs for interrogating detainees.·

Feb. 1, 2005:  Washington Times Cartoonist Bill Garner garners honor from PoliSat.Com for 2005-01-30 Editorial Cartoon on Ted Kennedy.·

Jan. 31, 2005:  Election 2004 - "Exit-Poll Disinformation Hoax Backfires?" Part II-- Commentary by Col. John H. Wambough, USAF (Ret)·

Jan. 27, 2005:  In first speech as Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice vows to add whole-grain Rice and Texas meat-and-potatoes to Foggy Bottom Bistro's menu; Sen. Barbara Boxer vows hunger strike.·

Jan. 17, 2005:  Ted Kennedy says "Iraq is George Bush's 'Vietnam.'"; Bush contemplates response; CBS News unveils plan for Dan Rather as new anchor on "Face the Nation" to be re-named "Mace the Nation."·

Jan. 12, 2005:  CBS News and 60 Minutes: Les Moonves, Andrew Heyward, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes officially deny RatherGate and MemoGate prove political bias at the SeeBS Casa Blacka-Rocka.·

Jan. 10, 2005:  For CBS News, Les Moonves says Thornburg report is "No White-Wash" for Dan Rather's Memogate-RatherGate; Eye-Wash removes Mary Mapes and three other blemishes from SeeBS Eye.·

Jan. 08, 2005:  Tsunami Theology as Wrath of God-- Fundamentalist Clerics Ride Tsunami Wave onto Shoals of Medievalism.·

Jan. 07, 2005:  Commentary-- Exit Polls 2000 and 2004--  Col. John H. Wambough, Jr., USAF (Ret.).

Jan. 04, 2005:  Political Pedagogy: Christine Todd Whitman slams George W. Bush; Coalition of the Charitable for Tsunami Aid eclipses U.N.; Political Balance: George Bush 41, Bill Clinton 42 and George Bush 43.·

Dec. 25, 2004:  Merry Christmas and Thanks to American Troops and Coalition Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the world and a Christmas-Card Page to Jeff Phillip Craig.·

Dec. 20, 2004:  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld assigns self to sign condolence letters and re-sign those undersigned by machine; Bush declines design to assign Rumsfeld to resign.·

Dec. 18, 2004:  Firing Rumsfeld-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has become target of demands that he resign or be fired, so it's clearly time for Bush to "fire" Rumsfeld (at his critics).·

Dec. 14, 2004:  George W. Bush awards Medals of Freedom to Tommy Franks, Paul Bremer and George Tenet for service in war on terror, in Afghanistan and in Iraq; He who dunks slams, slam-dunks.·

Dec. 11, 2004:  Ted Kennedy blasts Donald Rumsfeld for delays in replacing or upgrading unarmored HumVees-- Gold-Plated Rhetoric, Gold-Plated Equipment, Gold-Plated Courage, Gold-Plated Leadership.·

Dec. 9, 2004:  Guardsmen in Kuwait challenge Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; Two rights make a wrong to be righted; Hillary Clinton claims to have had answer all along-- Commentary.·

Dec. 8, 2004:  Prisoners-- Torture versus harsh treatment; Thumbs on Scales of Justice; Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Special Forces, Afghanistan, Baathists, Terrorists, ACLU, ICRC, UNHRC, Kofi Annan, Ted Kennedy.·

Dec. 5, 2004:  FDA seeks more tests of Intrinsia, Proctor & Gamble's "arousal patch"; Bill Clinton volunteers for clinical tests on Desperate Housewives; NOW seeks "flaccidity patch" or "Hillary Patch" for men.·

Dec. 1, 2004:  Bill Clinton, now invested in pharmaceuticals, goes long on news of Proctor & Gamble seeking FDA approval for "arousal patch" for Desperate Housewives after clinical trials by Nicollette Sheridan.·

Nov. 29, 2004:  Bill O'Reilly claims Dan Rather is being "smeared" for smearing George W. Bush in "RatherGate" a.k.a. "MemoGate"; The factor O'Reilly ignores when critics of Dan he deplores-- So wryly O'Reilly.·

Nov. 25, 2004:  Thanksgiving Day-- Americans say to our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, at home and throughout the world: Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name-- Special Commentary.·

Nov. 17, 2004:  Bill Clinton Library opens questions to answers in Clinton Liebrary Book; Hillary Clinton's Living History & Bill's My Life-- Dueling Memoirs; Bill's most famous speech-- Audio track at Clinton Liebrary.·

Nov. 16, 2004:  Condoleeza Rice, whom George Bush nominated to succeed Colin Powell as Secretary of State, would be deemed unqualified for such position by a President John Kerry.·

Nov. 15, 2004:  Colin Powell announces intention to resign; George Bush announces intention to appoint Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State; Democrats continue galloping toward the Left Coast.·

Nov. 13, 2004:  John Ashcroft's retirement party features special appearance by the Spirit of Justice experiencing Wardrobe Malfunction Part Deux; Tara Reid experiences "Wardrobe-Malfunction Envy."·

Nov. 11, 2004:  Veterans Day Paradox:  France, Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan honor "legacy" of Yasser Arafat, the terrorist, while Americans say to troops, "Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name."· 

Nov. 11, 2004:  Veterans' Day-- Americans say "Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name" to troops fighting terror while Yasser Arafat's terrorist "legacy" is honored by Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan.·

Nov. 11, 2004:  Yasser Arafat-- France and Jacques Chirac honor Arafat, the terrorist, but disdain Coalition troops battling terrorism in Iraq; Americans say to troops, "Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name."·

Nov. 10, 2004:  Iraq's Prime Minister Iyad Allawi rebukes Kofi Annan for opposing force in Fallujah; France weeps for Yasser Arafat; Christopher Hitchens rebukes Leftists equating Christians with Islamic Fascists.·

Nov. 7, 2004:  Jacques Chirac meets Yasser Arafat but snubs Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Allawi-- Chirac's Traps for the Stance of France against America.·

Nov. 4, 2004:  Animated history:  Campaign 2004; Election 2004; Bush/Cheney; Kerry/Edwards; George W. Bush; Dick Cheney; John Kerry; John Edwards; Osama bin Laden; Afghanistan; Saddam Hussein; Iraq.·

Nov. 3, 2004:  George Bush decisively beats John Kerry, Michael Moore, Osama bin Laden, George Soros, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Jacques Chirac, Kofi Annan.·

Nov. 2, 2004:  Osama bin Laden, John Kerry and George Bush offer 3 different visions and strategies-- Hate, Haute and Heart; Campaign 2004; Election 2004; Usama bin Laden.·

Nov. 1, 2004:  Osama bin Laden believes he scared voters to do what he cannot do-- Defeat Bush, but voters will prove him wrong like John Kerry's nuanced theory.·

Nov. 1, 2004:  Osama bin Laden hopes to scare voters to do what he can't-- Defeat Bush, but they'll prove him wrong and reject John Kerry's claim that Osama hopes Bush will win.·

Nov. 1, 2004:  Osama bin Laden hopes to scare voters into doing what he can't: Defeat Dubya, but they'll prove him wrong and reject John Kerry's claim that Osama wants Bush to win.·

Nov. 1, 2004:  Osama bin Laden hopes to scare voters to do what he can't: Defeat Bush, but tomorrow they'll prove him wrong and reject John Kerry's claim that Osama "wants" Bush to win.·

Nov. 1, 2004:  Osama bin Laden thinks he's scared us into doing what he can't:  Defeat Bush, but voters will prove him wrong and reject John Kerry's "nuanced" claim that Osama "wants" Bush to win.·

Oct. 31, 2004:  Hoaxes Propped Up CBS's Fraudulent Memos (Part III):  Missing-Explosives Hoax; Sugarcoated Records Hoax.·

Oct. 30, 2004:  New Osama bin Laden video tape parrots Michael Moore's propaganda and vice-versa while we wait to see if John Kerry repudiates, or continues parroting, Moore's propaganda.·

Oct. 28, 2004:  The New York Times and CBS 60 Minutes "investigative" journalists sniff-out explosives in QaQaa from the Johns; John Kerry ignites explosive charges not controlled by George Bush.·

Oct. 26, 2004:  John Kerry lip-synchs New York Times/U.N. "news" report falsely claiming "tons" of explosives "disappeared" from Al Qaqaa in Iraq after, not before, U.S. troops arrived in April, 2003.·

Oct. 24, 2004:  John Kerry morphs from "John Forbes Kerry" into "John Bubba Kerry" proving he craves popularity more than respect by trying to glom onto Bill Clinton's alleged popularity.·

Oct. 23, 2004:  Hoaxes Propped Up CBS's Fraudulent Memos (Part II: Coward/Draft-Dodger Hoax) for Dan Rather's CBS's 60 Minutes Hit Piece on President Bush's ANG Record·

Oct. 22, 2004:  Commentary-- John Kerry is "KerryyrreK" regarding Iraq, terrorism, George W. Bush 43, George H. W. Bush 41, the CIA, and our troops fighting to implement national policy.·

Oct. 21, 2004:  Red Sox bust Babe's Ghost-- Will BoSox give BoTox a boost for BoTox to win 'stead of lose or will voters tilt to Dubya to wilt the Ghost of Dukakis on Stilts in Bush-Kerry Series.·

Oct. 21, 2004:  Ruth's Ghost busted by Red Sox-- Will BoSox give BoTox a boost for BoTox to win 'stead of lose or will voters tilt to Dubya to wilt the Ghost of Dukakis on Stilts in Bush-Kerry Series.·

Oct. 21, 2004:  Red Sox bust Ghost of Ruth-- Will BoSox give BoTox a boost for BoTox to win 'stead of lose or will voters tilt to Dubya to wilt the Ghost of Dukakis on Stilts (in Bush-Kerry Series)?·

Oct. 21, 2004:  Red Sox Ghost Busters bust Ruth's Ghost-- Will BoSox give BoTox a boost for BoTox to win 'stead of lose or will voters tilt to Dubya to wilt the Ghost of Dukakis on Stilts (in Bush-Kerry Series)?·

Oct. 20, 2004: Dominant-Media Pots call Sinclair Broadcasting Kettle "black-- Sinclair's single documentary on POW's views of John Kerry pales alongside Dominant Media hatchet-jobs on George Bush. 

Oct. 20, 2004:  Hoaxes Propped Up CBS's Fraudulent Memos-- Commentary:  Dan Rather's CBS' 60 Minutes Hit Piece on President Bush's ANG Record based on Left-Wing Media Hoaxes.·

Oct. 19, 2004:  Vladimir Putin says defeat of George Bush in Election 2004 would be "victory for terrorists"; Bush admits mistake in doubting John Kerry's ability to "bring allies to the table."·

Oct. 19, 2004:  Commentary-- John Kerry's deafness to Voices of Iraq will give voters deja vu all over again just as Intellectuals' contempt for George W. Bush reprises their contempt for Ronald Reagan.·

Oct. 18, 2004:  John Kerry-- Old Stolen Honor in New Stolen Bottle; Old Kerry Wine in New Kerry Bottle; Swift Boat Veterans and POW's; Free Speech; 60 Minutes RatherGate-- George W. Bush.·

Oct. 15, 2004:  Ted Koppel lays egg on Nightline in attacking John O'Neill's words about John Kerry in Unfit for Command-- O'Neill's words, Ted's ears and Dan's eyes.·

Oct. 13, 2004:  Final Bush-Kerry Debate: It's not "the economy, stupid," it's "the vision, stupid"-- No "Goldilocks" luxury of being "just right" re Saddam left choice between "too soon" or "too late."·

Oct. 13, 2004:  Third Bush-Kerry Debate: It's not "the economy, stupid"; It's "the vision, stupid"-- The non-existence of a "Goldilocks" luxury of being "just right" re Saddam left choice between "too soon" or "too late."·

Oct. 12, 2004:  Christopher Reeve, the real Superman; Embryonic stem-cells, political stem-cells, religious stem-cells, terrorist stem-cells; George W. Bush; John Kerry.·

Oct. 10, 2004:  Australians re-elect John Howard-- Aussies rebuke John Kerry and embrace George Bush--Thanks from the Yanks playing Waltzing Matilda-- Commentary.

Oct. 9, 2004:  After Town Hall Debate George Bush belatedly admits "three mistakes" as requested by questioner in second Bush-Kerry Debate-- John Kerry lauds media's objective response.·

Oct. 9, 2004:  Town-Hall Debate-- In second Bush-Kerry debate, John Kerry makes Clintonesque denial:  "I did not have different positions with that war, Iraq"; George Bush smirks again.·

Oct. 8, 2004:  Bush-Kerry debate--Town Hall Debate-- Voters wonder if John Kerry repeat enemy propaganda he spouted in first debate with George W. Bush; Old Kerry Wine in New Kerry Bottle.·

Oct. 8, 2004:  Bush-Kerry debate-- Old Kerry Wine in New Kerry Bottle-- Will John Kerry repeat in Town Hall Debate the enemy propaganda he endorsed in the first debate with George W. Bush?·

Oct. 8, 2004:  John Kerry Distorts the Charles Duelfer Report to rewind, rewrite and replay history regarding inspections, WMD's, sanctions and Oil for Food.·

Oct. 7, 2004:  John Kerry Rewinds, Rewrites and Replays History by Distorting the Charles Duelfer Report; Oil for Food:  Political Nutrition for Saddam Hussein, France, U.N., et al; Inspections, WMD's, and Sanctions.·

Oct. 6. 2004:  Commentary: Cheney-Edwards debate-- John Edwards thanks wife for reminding him of pre-debate meetings with Dick Cheney and then calls Cheney's memory lapse a "failure to be straight."·

Oct. 5, 2004:  Cheney-Edwards debate-- Dick Cheney ready to sauté John Kerry's "Cheekins" coming home to roost from Poland's President Kwasniewski castigating Kerry for disrespecting Poland in Bush-Kerry debate.·

Oct. 4, 2004:  Cheney-Edwards debate looms large after Bush-Kerry debate:  John Edwards' slogan to be "Two Johns for Every American"; Dick Cheney's slogan to be "Two Johns are Two Johns."·

Oct. 3, 2004:  Polls after first Bush-Kerry Debate show preferences for John Kerry as Debate-Team Captain and George W. Bush as Commander-in-Chief with vision through National Security Threat Scope.·

Oct. 1, 2004:  Bush's Common Sense trumps Kerry's NuanSense (a.k.a. "nuance-sense") in First Presidential Debate.·

Sept. 30, 2004:  First Presidential Debate-- Awaiting Round One of Bush-Kerry Debate; Pundits ask:  "Whose spin will win?"  Dan Rather announces pre-debate discovery of post-debate findings that ";undecided" voters "felt" that Bush "stumbled."   Rather calls source "even more unimpeachable" than for the CBS 60 Minutes MemoGate; Rather Dodges Draft Questions.·

Sept. 28, 2004:  Exposé of Kerry Campaign's activities to undermine Australian military support of our troops in Iraq forces John Kerry to practice disguising Simultaneous Flip-Flop as "intellectually nuanced" position using "naked assertion" technique Dan Rather pioneered for CBS News' 60 Minutes as MemoGate (a.k.a. RatherGate).·

Sept. 23, 2004:  Commentary-- Quagmire Kerry castigates Bulge-Battling Bush; MemoGate and RatherGate scandals about 60 Minutes' broadcast of forged documents about George W. Bush's Air National Guard service force CBS to investigate whether Dan apes Mapes or Mapes fans Dan or both.·

Sept. 22, 2004:  New polls show respondents would Rather buy the Brooklyn Bridge than Dan Rather's explanation for MemoGate on CBS 60 Minutes despite the new slogan I'm Dan Rather Sorry for Memo-Gate that some call RatherGate or WorderGate.·

Sept. 22, 2004:  Media battleground polling about MemoGate, Memo-Gate, RatherGate and Rather-Gate on CBS 60 Minutes shows respondents would Rather buy the Brooklyn Bridge than Dan Rather's explanation or the new slogan, I'm Dan Rather Sorry.·

Sept. 22, 2004:  I'm Dan Rather Sorry that scientific polls about CBS 60 Minutes show respondents would Rather buy the Brooklyn Bridge than my explanation of MemoGate a.k.a. Memo-Gate regarding George Bush's Air National Guard records and prefer the term Rather-Kerry-Gate or RatherKerryGate over RatherGate or Rather-Gate.·

Sept. 22, 2004:  Scientific poll about CBS 60 Minutes shows respondents would Rather buy the Brooklyn Bridge than Dan Rather's explanation and prefer the term Rather-Kerry-Gate or RatherKerryGate over MemoGate, Memo-Gate, RatherGate, Rather-Gate, DocuDrama, Docu-Drama, See BS, RatherBlather, Rather-Blather, MapesGate, Mapes-Gate, Mapes' Ape, WorderGate, Worder-Gate, DeadAnchorWalking, Dead-Anchor-Walking, DonkeyGate, or Donkey-Gate-- New CBS slogan to be I'm Dan Rather Sorry.·

Sept. 21, 2004:  John Kerry, George W. Bush; the Rattlesnake and the Scorpion; Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden; and Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.·

Sept. 21, 2004:  Update on Memo-Gate a.k.a. Memo-Gate a.k.a. RatherGate-- Dan Rather apologizes for being "unable to prove" authenticity of documents broadcast on CBS News 60 Minutes fraudulently charging George W. Bush with shirking his duties in the Air National Guard-- Rather dismisses Memo-Gate as "third-rate journalistic error" and proclaims "I am not a partisan hack."·

Sept. 21, 2004:  Dan Rather proclaims "I am not a partisan hack"  in apologizing for being "unable to prove" charges that George W. Bush shirked Air National Guard Duties and dismisses the CBS 60 Minutes "Memo-Gate" a.k.a. "MemoGate" as a "third-rate journalistic error."·

Sept. 20, 2004:  Dan Rather apologizes for being "unable to prove" defamatory charges against George W. Bush, denies having a partisan bias, dismisses the CBS 60 Minutes "Memo-Gate" a.k.a. "MemoGate" as a "third-rate journalistic error," and proclaims "I am not a partisan hack."·

Sept. 18, 2004:  John Kerry's Quagmire and Dan Rather's Quagmire in the 60-Minutes Memo-Gate and Rather's campaign commercials for Kerry and MoveOn.Org.

Sept. 17, 2004:  60 Minutes Memo-Gate spawns new ad by Dan Rather-- Hi, I'm Dan Rather and I approved this message against George W. Bush.·

Sept. 12, 2004:  Dan Rather and CBS re-postulate E-MC² in responding to charges that letters they broadcast on Back to the Future in 60 Minutes purporting to be National Guard documents by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian impugning George W. Bush's military service are fraudulent-- Einstein rolls over in grave at Rather's re-postulation of E=MC².·

Sept. 10, 2004:  The Secret Identity of Dan Rather is Exposed by PoliSat.Com while Hollywood Moguls Plan Fete for Rather and Nominate CBS 60 Minutes for Best Fraudulent Exposé of Air National Guard Service of George W. Bush.·

Sept. 10, 2004:  PoliSat.Com Exposes the Secret Identity of Dan Rather; CBS 60 Minutes Seeks Academy Award Nomination for Best Fraudulent Exposé of Air National Guard Service of George W. Bush; Hollywood Moguls Plan Fete for Rather.·


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