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"SOLYNDRA GREEN is People's Money," Shrieks Tea-Partier About Obama's Shovel-Ready Prequel to Soylent Green.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
September 16, 2011--

            "SOLYNDRA GREEN is People's Money," shrieks a Tea-Partier about President Obama's Think-Big, Go Big, Shovel-Ready Prequel to Soylent Green.  In the climactic scene, a Rabid Tea-Partier tries to escape from Michelle's Re-Education Class on "How to Dig One's Way Out of a Hole."   It's rated PG (Progressively Green).

            See Al Gore finally taking a break from his greatest invention, the Weather-Control Machine (shown below) in order to help Obama's Shovel-Ready Green-Shoveler quicky make up for all those Carbon-Credits lost due to the Great Bush Depression and the sudden drop in sales of Gore's GAIA Hats.  


            Reliable sources indicate that if the Tea-Partiers decide to get shovel-ready, they will be able to dig up many other Green-Job success stories such as Solyndra.  We already know the tremendous success encountered by the Green-Car Revolution at Government Motors.


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            And, of course we know that not all Republicans are Global-Warming Deniers.  Indeed, at least two of them (Mitt "I Believe" Romney and Jon "Call Me Crazy" Huntsman) are fervent followers of Al Gore.  However, even though that Redneck Texan, Rick Perry fervently supported Al Gore many years ago, he has now become an apostate.  A spokesman for Perry, when questioned about his formerly fervent support for Al Gore's Global Warming theory, distributed Perry's formal response to such question:  "I've Evolved.".

            There are rumors that Jon "Call Me Crazy" Huntsman is on the verge of releasing a new, hit single,  "Crazy," to compete with Romney's impassioned rendition of "I Believe."  The music world is on the edge of its seat.  Both are certain to garner MTV awards.  

            Finally, we're all waiting for Romney to schedule a press conference to denounce Jimmy Carter's recent endorsement of him as an "acceptable" Republican nominee for President in 2012.  Said Romney, "I hope he doesn't do for me what he did for Obama."  






--Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com / PoliticalXray.Com.

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