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The New York Times and CBS 60 Minutes "investigative" journalists sniff-out explosives in QaQaa from the Johns; John Kerry ignites explosive charges not controlled by George Bush.

            In the waning days of Campaign 2004, the investigative "journalists" in the New York Times and CBS 60 Minutes divisions of the John Kerry Campaign sniffed-out explosive charges beyond the control of George Bush.  Parroting the bogus "news" report falsely asserting that hundreds of tons of "high explosives" had "disappeared" from the Al QaQaa munitions bunkers in Iraq after, rather than before, American troops defeated Saddam Hussein's troops defending it, John Kerry recklessly and irresponsibly made unfounded allegations impugning our efforts against Hussein's barbaric followers just as in 1971 when he recklessly and irresponsibly made false allegations that our troops in Vietnam committed atrocities on a widespread basis as a matter of military policy "throughout the chain of command," and just as in the second Presidential Debate when he spouted propaganda being propagated by the terrorists by claiming "the only building" our forces "protected" after the "fall of Baghdad" was the "oil ministry."  

            Kerry has repeatedly proven he will recklessly and irresponsibly say anything to get elected.  See "Old Kerry Wine in New Kerry Bottle."  See also "Old Stolen Honor in New Stolen Bottle."   (For viewing the animated illustration of this latest, most-explosive example of such behavior by Kerry, use this animated-version link.

            Those examples don't stand alone.  During the time preceding the October 8, 2004, election in Australia, John Kerry's campaign in Australia for absentee voting by Americans abroad was supporting Australian Prime Minister John Howard's opponent, Mark Latham, who campaigned on a pledge to "withdraw" Australian troops from Iraq "by Christmas," while John Kerry was continuing to spout his disingenuous claim that if he were elected he would "bring more allies to the table."  See the September 28, 2004, installment at PoliSat.Com.  (However, fortunately for us and for our troops, Howard decisively defeated the Mark-Latham/John-Kerry Alliance in Australia against John Howard's staunch support of America in Iraq-- See the October 10, 2004, installment at PoliSat.Com.)

            Kerry has been alternating between a Goldilocks strategy on the one hand and revised Goldilocks strategy on the other. Now, in the waning days of the campaign with the overt assistance of the New York Times and the now-overtly exposed covert plans of CBS 60 Minutes, Kerry seeks to ignite his campaign for an explosive, come-from-behind victory, but instead, what he has ignited is the highly-explosive, self-destructive methane from two Johns.

            In light of Kerry's stubborn insistence in continuing to parrot an obviously bogus "news" report, PoliSat.Com's commentary on October 26, 2004, bears repeating here:

I'm Kerry, a singer of songs
alleging how Dubya was wrong
on what Saddam hid
and failed to keep lids
on weapons concealed by Saddam.

ElBaradei authored a song,
the gray New York Times went along,
and I then agreed
to serve as the lead
to lip-synch the words of the song.

I'm using my lips and my throat
to lip-synch a bogus "news" hoax
the gray New York Times
and U.N. designed
to claim Bush lost stuff that explodes.

But unlike the dumb Ashley Simpson,
who quit when her lip-synch pretention
so clearly revealed
her song wasn't real,
I'll stick to my lip-synched pretentions.

You ask why I haven't revised
the song that the facts have belied?
I'm tired of those awful
complaints that I waffle,
so therefore, I'll stick to the lies.

What we're witnessing is the most overt of all recent attempts by the Dominant Media to function as an adjunct division of the Kerry-Edwards Campaign while simultaneously attempting to trash the freedom of speech of ardent critics of Kerry who served their country in Vietnam just as honorably, if not demonstrably more so, than Kerry and never stooped to the behavior of Kerry in 1971 and afterward in recklessly and irresponsibly defaming our troops in Vietnam.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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