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Sept. 13, 2005--

Katrina-Blame Tennis Game-- It's Dubya's turn to serve in blame-game begun by high-profile political opponents of George W. Bush in immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina passing New Orleans.

Katrina-Blame Tennis Game

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        Many high-profile "liberals" and leftists claim that George W. Bush and his administration failed to respond immediately to the plight of residents of New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina "because" they were "black" and/or "poor."  Notwithstanding such allegations, the now-undeniable facts show: 

(a) that the scope and severity of the post-Katrina plight in New Orleans was due primarily to:  

(a-1) Mayor Ray Nagin's failure to use the city's huge fleet of school buses to provide timely pre-hurricane evacuation of residents desiring to leave but lacking the resources to do so, 

(a-2) Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco's refusal to immediately order her National Guard into the city and 

(a-3) Blanco's (or her state-government subordinates') refusal to allow the Red Cross and Salvation Army on-the-scene volunteers to deliver at-the-scene relief to those stranded at the Superdome and 

(b) that the levees initially appeared to have survived Katrina without any major breach, as a result of which throughout most of the remainder of the day following Katrina's early-morning pass by New Orleans virtually everyone-- including the national media-- had reasonably concluded:

(b-1) that New Orleans had "dodged a bullet," and 

(b-2) the greatest damage, which was massive in scope, and, therefore, the greatest need for assistance, lay in areas of Mississippi and Alabama nearly as large as England.

Given such undeniable facts, it is just as irresponsible and demagogic, if not more so, for "liberals" and leftists to attribute the non-immediate responses to the plight of those stranded in New Orleans to bigotry on the part of Bush and/or his federal subordinates as for Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell to suggest that natural disasters or 9-11 could be attributed to "wrath of God" anger at "moral decadence" in America.   Like Secular Fundamentalists, the Left/Liberal Fundamentalists, are too blinded by their hatred of Bush to perceive the extremist nature of their tactics.

            Fortunately, not even the Traditionally-Dominant-Media/Formerly-Dominant-Media (TDM/FDM) will able to suppress the truth as it emerges.  In the Katrina-Blame Tennis Game, it's now Bush's turn to serve.

  --Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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P.S. from Editor:  

            By the way, use the logo and link for "Take Back the Memorial" (right) for information about how you can support the effort to "Take Back" the 9-11 Memorial from the politically-correct crowd now planning to overshadow the Memorial with a "museum" chronicling the sins of America as though they were relevant to the current war against the medieval, totalitarian, perverted version of Islam being peddled by al Qaeda et al.  

            Those who desire to exhibit and encourage the notions that America's current and historical flaws -- minor in comparison to those of any other comparably dominant power in all of human history -- somehow lessen the moral culpability of the 9-11 terrorists as though their actions were compelled by America's flaws should do so at a location far away from 9-11's Ground Zero.  Our constitutional protections for free speech-- including the offensive speech of the WAHABOAists-- do not oblige us to grant them a place of honor at which to spew their hateful rhetoric.



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