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Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi surprise George Bush by showing support for Second Amendment in going hunting in lame duck habitat with guns and firearms but find Dubya Duck instead.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
January 17, 2008--

            Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi surprised George Bush and shocked the political world by showing support for the Second Amendment in going duck hunting with guns in the world's premiere lame-duck habitat.  Armed with D-K 47s, the initials of which, like the famed "A-K 47" (with the "K" standing for the name of its inventor "Kalashnikov") stand for the inventor of the political assault rifle known as the Daily Kos and with the "47" standing for the IQ caliber, they trekked trepidatiously through swampland filled with creatures bearing striking resemblances to their Jurassic ancestors.   PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief accompanied them as an "embed" with the world-famous PoliSat.Com CamCorder.   Noticing that they used "speed-walking" as an unorthodox method of "stalking," he asked them why.  Reid said, "When you're stalking a 'lame duck,' you know it can't get away, so there's no reason to even try to be stealthy.  It's like sneaking-up on fish in a barrel."   When asked, "But aren't you afraid you'll trip and shoot yourself in the foot?" Reid replied confidently, "We've been practicing speed-walking continually since November, 2006."   NoteFor full-size 640x480 version of video (for highest-speed connections) shown above-right, go here

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            During a brief rest period when they stopped to catch their breath, Reid confided:  "Our greatest fear is an unexpected encounter with another hunter.  Indeed, we're afraid 'Dead-Eye' Dick Cheney may be hunting in the area."  Coincidentally, during this break they breathed a sigh of relief when they heard a report on their I-Phones that Cheney had gone hunting "where the ducks are" in a special reserve maintained by Politicians Unlimited.   Reid and Pelosi being technology gurus of the first order, used their I-Phones to watch the news-report about Cheney's hunting trip:

            Reporters waiting outside the Politicians Unlimited Hunting Reserve spotted Dick Cheney returning from his duck-hunting trip, so they asked him about his trip.  Cheney said he bagged "eight ducks and one hunter-- Patrick Leahy."  Reid and Pelosi watched the report live on their I-Phones.  He held up the ducks for the cameras but said "Leahy is too heavy for me to hold-up with one hand-- you know, my heart condition."   After snapping a photo, a Reuters photographer quickly left after telling a fellow reporter he needed to "get to the lab" quickly to get this exclusive photo on-line before any other news service could do so.  (See Reuters photo above-right-- Also, scroll-down or click here for the "faux-photo update" appended to the end of this report.)

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            When the report on Cheney ended, Reid and Pelosi resumed their "speed-walk" stalking.   Suddenly, they found themselves face-to-face with what their hunting expertise told them was a lame duck.  To their shock and surprise, their D-K 47's, which were guaranteed to "take down" a lame duck  proved to be no match for the creature.  As the creature advanced towards them, they out-ran it by speed-walking back to the Hill hoping to avoid other reporters.  Wiping gunpowder from their clothing as they saw other reporters approaching them, they vehemently denied that their D-K 47s had "blown up in their faces."   One of their normally supportive colleagues, John Dingel, who touts himself as a strong supporter of "gun rights" and an "expert" on lame-duck hunting said, "Anyone who's ever read Field & Scream knows that the only effective weapon for lame-duck hunting is an 'elephant gun' rather than a D-K 47."  





   Faux-Photo Update: (below)

Faux Photo

Pre-PhotoShopped Image

Slide-show illustration

Soon after Reuters published the photo, PoliSat.Com noticed something suspicious about it and then pronounced it to be yet another example of Reuters' well-known tendency to use "faux" photography to embed political viewpoints into news reports (as first exposed some time ago by Little Green Footballs).  After obtaining a copy of the pre-Photo-Shop original photo from an anonymous source at Reuters, PoliSat.Com prepared this slide-show analysis showing how it was done

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.

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