Nominee by Barack Obama for replacing retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter will redistribute the judicial philosophy of Obama.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
May 4, 2009--

            Supreme Court Justice David Souter's decision to retire infected the  body politic with a political virus more virulent than the "swine" virus (which should be re-named the "pussycat" virus since -- so far, knock on wood-- it's apparently far less deadly than a run-of-the-mill flu virus).  And as is the case with the H1N1 virus, from which experts expect a far more virulent version to emerge before September, political experts likewise expect the political virus to mutate into an even more virulent form before September and spread easily in open spaces as well as closed spaces (thus leaving no place of refuge for Vice President Biden).

            Raising political naiveté to high art, the Bloomberg news writers Greg Stohr and Tina Seeley speculate that Obama's nominee to replace Souter will be a "centrist."   Amused by such speculation, Al Gore issued a statement debunking such speculation by saying, "It will be a cold day on Earth before Obama would try to please 'moderate' Republicans  by nominating someone who would serve as a a 'centrist.' on the Supreme Court."  Gore issued the statement while in Washington providing proprietary engineering data for General Motors' new CEO (also known as General POTUS) to incorporate into instructions for GM to immediately commence production of the most green vehicle designed thus far:  a prototype designed by Al Gore himself, which he aptly named the "GoreMobile."  In fact, to mock the former GM executives who traveled to Washington on corporate jets, Gore drove his "GoreMobile" prototype to a "Global Warming" concert in the District of Columbia.

            In contrast to the Bloomberg news service, the Wall Street Journal realistically predicted Obama's nominee will prove to be a liberal visionary in harmony with Obama's "judicial philosophy."   Not so, predicts ABC News, which seems convinced that Obama's nominee will instead prove to be a dependable manifestation of "diversity."  

            However, among the more insightful predictions are those in the internet "new media" who predict Obama's nominee voting record as a Supreme Court Justice will almost perfectly match Obama's well-known judicial philosophy.  Although many pundits in the dominant media (often mis-described as the "mainstream" media) feign uncertainty about the fundamental nature of Obama's judicial philosophy, Obama himself has been quite explicit in describing such philosophy.  To hear Obama's own words describing his judicial philosophy and how he thinks Supreme Court Justices should interpret the Constitution, watch the video obtained exclusively by PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief.

            Among the more fundamental aspects of Obama's judicial philosophy is his embrace of the principle that Supreme Court Justices ought to "break free" from "restraints" imposed in the Constitution by the "Founding Fathers."  In particular, his view in that one of the most significant failures of the Supreme Court thus far has been it's tendency to view the Constitution as a framework designed to prohibit things the government otherwise might do "to you" instead of progressively viewing it as a prescription for what the government ougt to do "on your behalf."  Obama made this philosophical view clear as far back as 2001 in explaining how his frustration with the legal system lead him to enter the political arena in the legislative branch as an extension of "community organizing."  However, having now become President, there can be no doubt that the Supreme Court voting record of Obama's nominee will reflect not only Obama's world view but also his view of "economic justice" by shaping Supreme Court decisions to do what Obama's philosophy says the Court should have done long ago:  redistribute wealth.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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