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Archives-- Installments for  April 11 through 20, 2006, starting below in reverse chronological order.


To Citizen Soldiers a Song to Explain How Proudly We Thank You for Deeds in Our Name:

Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name:


Editor's Note:

The version that plays by clicking the image to the left is highly compressed for dialup (approx. 1.7 megabytes).  

If you want to play a slightly larger, slightly less-compressed version (approximately 5 mebabytes), use this link:  http://PoliSat.Com/TION4DIONat150k.htm.

If you want to play substantially less-compressed version, use the following  link (the file size is nearly 9 megabytes):  http://PoliSat.Com/TION4DIONatHQS.htm.

None of these compressed versions even come close to doing justice to the singing talent of the vocalist, Brad Bennett, who graciously sang it for recordation in a non-studio setting to allow us to use his vocal rendition as a "demo."



If you want to support this project (TION4DION), contact me by emailI_Want_to_Support_TION4DION.-- Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.


More information-- See below:



Coming soon: 


Revised (and copyrighted) version of "Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name" set to music accompanied by patriotically moving video (with yet to be completed video to provide larger, more sophisticated, high-quality imagery illustrating the theme of the song) higher-quality imagery) on a music-DVD. 


To view the current lyrics (set forth further down on this page) click here.


If you want to display the "Mini-Video" version (shown below) on your website, use the copy/paste code set forth further down on this page (click here to go to that part of this page).



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>From farms in the country, from cities and towns,
from places quite humble, from places renowned,
from fact'tries, from stores and from offices tall,
from service professions, from shops in our malls,
come citizen soldiers our country to serve
as full-time professionals, guard or reserve.

>From mothers and fathers and husbands and wives
from children and lovers and friends in their lives
our citizen soldiers depart despite tears
on missions of danger in spite of their fears
as seflessly, proudly and bravely they serve
that freedom of conscience and Faith be preserved.

To you who defend us, we proudly proclaim,
our pride in the deeds you have done in our name.
To citizen soldiers our humble refrain:
We thank you, we thank you for deeds in our name.

In caves and in tunnels where murderers train
unspeakable terror they face in our name.
With principled discipline, training and skill
in taming the instinct to kill or be killed,
our citizen soldiers have honored our name,
so, proudly we thank them for deeds in our name.

They serve in the skies and at sea and on land,
in mountains and jungles and deserts of sand,
on foot and in foxholes, in trenches and tents,
in tanks and on submarine mission descents,
in planes and on ships and on carrier decks,
in Humvees and hangars and convoys on treks.

To you who defend us, we proudly proclaim,
our pride in the deeds you have done in our name.
To citizen soldiers our humble refrain:
We thank you, we thank you for deeds in our name.

For risks to themselves they increase as they strive
to minimize dangers to innocent lives,
so we and posterity freedom retain,
unspeakable evil they face our name.
Our citizen solders have honored our name,
so thank them we must for their deeds in our name.

[Final Chorus]
To you who defend us, we proudly proclaim,
our pride in the deeds you have done in our name.
To citizen soldiers our humble refrain:
We thank you, we thank you for deeds in our name.


Copyright 2005 Lyrics:  James R. Wrenn, Jr.; Melody:  Lindsey Smith, William D. Brown & James R. Wrenn, Jr.

Vocal (for "demo" version):  Bradley S. Bennett





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