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August 17, 2006--

Hollywood hopes public will flock to "Back To The Future III" sequel entitled "Ahead To The Past" scheduled to premiere on November 7, 2006, starring new-left heart-throb Ned Lamont.·


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           Hollywood hopes its latest sequel to "Back To The Future," entitled "Ahead To The Past," will become a blockbuster in its premiere now scheduled for November 7, 2006.  Hollywood moguls backing "Ahead To The Past" have gambled huge sums of money on their bet that the heretofore unknown star, "Ned Lamont," will capture the hearts of the public.  Lamont, a heart-throb of the Left had walk-on roles in previous small-budget, "independent" productions that won prestigious awards at the "Sundance," "Cannes," and "Munich Redux" film festivals.  (To view a medium-size video trailer for "Ahead To the Past" for medium-speed connections, use the video-box at the left.  For smaller/larger versions, use other video-boxes below.  To view the video alone-- i.e, outside this page-- use any of the perma-links above the video-box at the left.)   

            Lamont had earned critical acclaim at the Gay Film Festival for his screenplay for an "mocumentary" entitled, "The Evil of Kissing Bush."   Capitalizing on that success, he wrote the script for "Ahead To The Past" to be a feature-length version of that mocumentary, which quickly attracted high-dollar investors such as George Soros to bankroll the film.  Although Lamont is un-tested on the national stage, Soros and numerous Hollywood luminaries are confident that he understands the profound advantages to kissing the right left Hollywood butts.

            Betting that "Ahead To The Past" will be a blockbuster, Lamont's backers have already begun production work on a sequel, which they've tentatively titled, "Impeaching Bush," which they expect to be a worldwide blockbuster, which they plan to have ready for release early in 2007.  That film will feature Nancy Pelosi as "The Speaker," Harry Reid as "Majority Leader," John Conyers as "House Judiciary Committee Chairman," Jay Rockefeller as "Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman," Dick Durbin as "Chairman of the Troop-Condemnation Committee," Ted Kennedy as "Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman," John Kerry in alternating roles as "Armed Services Committee Chairman" and "Strategic Disarmament Committee Chairman," Barbara Boxer as the political alter-ego of Barbara Streisand, Robert Byrd as "Chairman of Hyperbolic Speech," and Howard Dean as the mascot, "The Deaniac Donkey."   A spokes-being for Al Gore denied he's engaged in behind-the-scenes efforts to star in the third part of the trilogy-- a law-enforcement thriller to be titled, "Finingşı bin Laden," scheduled for release in 2008.  However, sources close to Gore said his outstanding anti-global-warming performance in the 2006 blockbuster, "Da Gorgle Code," makes him better suited than Hillary Clinton to star in the 2008 thriller-- especially since Sharon Stone's insightful revelation that Hillary is "too sexy" to become President in 2008.  Still struggling for at least cameo appearances in at least one of these films are Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame, who starred in the long-running flop titled, "Wilson-Plame--CIA-APM."

            Meanwhile, opponents of Lamont are banking on an already-released rival documentary, "2006 Election Fulcrum," as well as a word-of-mouth to make sure "Ahead To The Past" is a flop rather than a blockbuster.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

 Note:  The permanent link to this installment is http://PoliSat.Com/AheadToThePast.htm.

şı·"Fining" is not a typographical error-- It's a law-enforcement function performed by courts when they "fine" offenders.


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