Jan. 27, 2005.

In first speech as Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice vows to add whole-grain Rice and Texas meat-and-potatoes to Foggy Bottom Bistro's menu; Sen. Barbara Boxer vows hunger strike.

            Today, Condoleeza Rice spoke extemporaneously with great eloquence in articulating the principle underlying the long-term vision the George W. Bush described in his speech at his second inauguration on January 20, 2004.  Her brief comments harkening back to the post-World-War-II vision embraced by Harry Truman and George Marshall conveyed the gist of that principle-- i.e., that just as one's reach must exceed one's grasp, America's (and liberty's) reach must exceed its grasp.  It's a concept that's obviously alien to California Senator Barbara Boxer, whose conduct in the hearings on Bush's nomination of Rice as Secretary of State made it clear that she's seeking to assume the leadership role in Left Coast Intellectual Pigmyism.  Ostensibly, she wants to become Captain in the cockpit of the Michael Moore wing/fuselage of the Democratic Party.  What was surprising, if not shocking, however, was that Evan Bayh joined her (and eleven other Democrats) in voting against Rice despite forthright support for Rice by Sen. Diane Feinstein (and even Sen. Hillary Clinton) and, of course, the ever-sensible Joe Lieberman.

Whole-Grain Rice for Foggy Bottom Bistro.

By extemporaneous speech
today Condi Rice did beseech
the Fog to recall--
like Marshall, et al--
that grasp is dependent on reach.

Succinctly she stated so well
what Dubya's attempting to tell
the world of his mission
defined by the vision
that freedom will tyranny quell.

Despite frantic tactics of Boxer
erecting political oxer
equestrian grace
that Condi displayed
not only out-jumped but out-foxed her.

Since Bottom's succumbed to the vice
of menus less healthy than nice,
said Dubya "We need
its menu to be
improved with the whole-grain of Rice."
            The function of a Secretary of State is to serve as spokesman (I don't like "spokesperson" or "spokes-being") for the President's foreign policy rather than a counter-weight against it.  It's time to improve the diet in the Foggy Bottom Bistro by adding whole-grain Rice to the menu.  To complement Rice, the Foggy Bottom Bistro needs to also restore meat and potatoes to the fashionably vegan menu to which the inhabitants have become accustomed.  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com


şı·An "oxer" is  "A fence with two or more vertical jumps several feet apart."  [Source]

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