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Archives-- Installments for  June 1--10, 2006,  starting below in reverse chronological order.


June 8, 2006--  Zarqawi KAPOWied.

The Windows Movie Video is titled, "Zarqawi KAPOWied." The version to the left is for highest-speed connections.  The permanent link for this page is: http://PoliSat.Com/Zarqawi_KAPOWied.htm, where multiple versions  are available for various connection speeds.   Enjoy.




--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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June 4, 2006--

Al Gore unveils "GoreMobile" he invented to end Global Warming by cracking The Da Gorgle Code as depicted in his scientific-documentary movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."

        Al Gore gave new hope to Mother Earth by unveiling his latest, greatest invention, the "GoreMobile," to end Global Warming by making all existing motor vehicles obsolete.  The technical insight for his revolutionary design of the GoreMoble came to him as a result of his deciphering The Da Gorgle Code.  The awe-inspiring story of how did all this is dramatically depicted in his latest scientific-documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth."

        Rumors are swirling in capitals around the world that the Nobel Prize Committee is considering consolidating all categories of prizes into a single prize, "Savior of Mother Earth," to be given to Gore.  All the world's top scientists agreed that no one could have envisioned the revolutionary design of the GoreMobile without first deciphering The Da Gorgle Code.  

        Basking in the adulation of the world's greatest scientists, Gore stoutly denied allegations that his movie is designed to promote a run for the Presidency in 2008.  He stressed his solely altruistic motives in making the movie to speed the world's conversion to the GoreMobile in order to speed the end of Global Warming.  Gore said, "My motives aren't political," and added:  "Perhaps my greatest satisfaction is that my invention will enable us to ban Hummers."   Asked to comment on Gore's statement, Hillary Clinton said, "If it's really true that Al's invention allows us to ban Hummers, no one could be happier than I."  Hillary's response led, of course, to the obligatory efforts of the media to ask Bill Clinton whether he agreed with Hillary's comments.  Clinton said, "That depends on what the meaning of 'hummer' is."     John Kerry said, "I was for up-armored Hummers before I was for up-armored GoreMobiles."  

        One of Gore's spokes-beings at "SpecialOpsMedia" sent PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief a special movie "trailer" promoting Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."  The trailer is titled, "Da Gorgle Code," in the form of a Windows Movie Video, which accompanies this installment.   The permanent link for viewing the "Da Gorgle Code" video is:  http://PoliSat.Com/Da_Gorgle_Code.htm, where multiple versions (including a full-size version in addition to the small-size version displayed above) are available for various connection speeds.  Enjoy.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.




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