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Polls after first Bush-Kerry Debate show preferences for John Kerry as Debate-Team Captain and George W. Bush as Commander-in-Chief with vision through National Security Threat Scope.

            Predictably, all the dominant media concluded that John Kerry "won" the first Bush-Kerry debate.  Surprisingly, a significant number of pro-Bush pundits seem to agree.  Both groups are wrong, but for different reasons.  "Winning" the debate means gaining or losing support among likely voters for Commander-in-Chief rather than for Captain of the Debate Team.  Quick polls among "registered" voters (in contrast to polls including the more time-consuming and more realistic process of identifying "likely" voters) tend to overemphasize the opinions of the least informed, least motivated voters.  

            The quick polls of "registered" voters are showing not that support has shifted from Bush to Kerry for the job of Commander-in-Chief but rather that watching the debate made more people think Kerry would be best as Debate Team Captain.  Unfortunately for Kerry and fortunately for the country (and for Bush), we'll be voting on November 2 to decide which of them should be Commander-in-Chief.

            Another reason the dominant media (and even some pro-Bush pundits) have drawn the wrong conclusions about the short-term polling after the debate is that they fail to understand what it is about Bush that makes him persuasive to likely voters (i.e., the most informed, most-highly-motivated among the "registered" voters):  common sense, sincerity, conviction and his lack of glibness, slickness and "sophistication."   People wrongly think it was Al Gore's "sighing" that "turned off" voters-- instead, it was his lack of sincerity and conviction and his effusion of glibness, slickness and "sophistication."  Bush's obvious impatience with Kerry did not turn off serious voters, most of whom were feeling far more disgust with Kerry's contradictions than displayed by Bush.

            I believe most voters who best understand the issues felt angry as did I when Kerry criticized Bush for our forces' inability to protect more than the "oil ministry" in the immediate wake of the unexpectedly sudden collapse of Iraqi resistance in Baghdad.  Why?  Because Kerry because expressed such criticism in such a way as to lend support to false propaganda by our enemies that the "real" reason we "invaded" Iraq was "for its oil."  Whoever aspires to be our President ought to be unwilling to seek political advantage by stooping to the tactic of tacitly supporting  our enemies' false propaganda.  In 1971, he had no compunction against defaming our military personnel in Vietnam to serve what he perceived to be his own political advantage-- just ask Paul Galanti, et al.  His statement during the debate shows he still has no such compunction. 

            Kerry has thus created his own intellectual "quagmire"-- a form of intellectual "nuance" that is tantamount to a mental skill for which I coined the term "NuanSense" a.k.a. NonSense.  For more about "NuanSense," see my October 1, 2004, installment of Political Satire/Commentary (here).  For more about the Kerry Quagmire, see the September 18, 2004, installment of Political Satire/Commentary (here and/or here).  See also the September 28, 2004, installment (here) describing the "Simultaneous Flip-Flop." 

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.


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