Youth Vote 08 video shows how YouTube generation can refute claims by anti-Obama forces that young voters lack sufficient attention span to focus on issues.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
October 5, 2008--

            A new video titled "Youth Vote 08" shows how members of the YouTube generation supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 election can refute claims by anti-Obama forces that they "lack sufficient attention span" to focus on the issues rather than merely on Obama's charisma.  This election campaign has focused extensively on speculation by observers across the political spectrum on whether, and, if so, how, the "YouTube Generation" will affect the outcome of the election.

            Many young voters favoring Obama (especially those in college) strongly resent the anti-Obama claims that such young voters "lack sufficient attention span" and "knowledge of history" to look past Obama's charisma in deciding how to vote.  The "YouTube Generation" is a description which many of such young voters proudly apply to themselves (to distinguish themselves from their not-tech-savvy elders) as well as a description applied to them by anti-Obama forces to characterize them as voters lacking sufficient attention span and knowledge of history to make "responsible" decisions as voters.  Of course, so many older voters are completely unfamiliar with modern media innovations such as "YouTube" in particular and high-tech modes of communication in general, so it's not that surprising that many so-called "geezers" think that factors and information sources upon which "young" voters base their decisions are "superficial" simply because they're not "traditional."


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            Many older voters tend to view such young voters disparagingly as being grossly uninformed as the "people on the street" often featured (with great humor) by Jay Leno in his famous "JayWalking" segments.   A person intimately involved in creating the "YOUTH VOTE 08" video said:   "A major factor behind creation of this video is to provide a mechanism for young voters to counter what a self-described 'geezer' said about 'young voters.'"  The self-described "geezer" (who, for obvious reasons, refused to identify himself) condescendingly said:  "Typical 'young voters' today simply doesn't have the intellectual discipline to view an informative video lasting more than 30 seconds and don't possess a historical knowledge-base extending backwards in time more than a few months at most--- in essence, they will be simply 'Jaywalking' to the voting booth."  

            In contrast, most young voters don't see themselves as being "uninformed" as are those featured in the "JayWalking" segments.  Many such young voters resenting efforts to characterize their generation as being "uninformed" are determined to refute such characterization.  Some of them simply attack their critics as being merely being tools of the "anti-Obama" forces, but others are seeking ways to refute such criticisms.  It's for this latter group that this new video, "YOUTH VOTE 08" was created.  It shows them how to refute claims by anti-Obama forces that they "lack sufficient attention span" and knowledge of history to understand the issues rather than merely focusing on superficial aspects of a candidacy.

            The "Youth Vote 08" video and the steps for refuting the anti-Obama forces' characterization of young voters as lacking sufficient attention span as as lacking an understanding of the historical context for evaluating the issues and qualifications of candidates are at http://PoliSat.Com/YouthVote08.htm.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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