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Neytiri singing the AVATAR theme makes Pandora the new "Camelot" for environmentalists battling global warming and climate change.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 26, 2010--

            Neytiri singing the AVATAR theme makes Pandora the new "Camelot" for environmentalists battling global warming and climate change.  Rumors abound that Neytiri will be the next recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore several years ago for his role in battling global warming and climate change.  

            The Nobel Prize Committee is already researching whether the Rules require that recipients be human beings.  Some Committee members are reported to be regretting their having rejected years ago a proposal for "the 'talking' gorilla" to be named recipient of the Peace Prize for "building bridges between other species and humans."  (That decision, which construed the Rules as requiring that recipients be "sentient beings," controversially ruled nascent sentience to be insufficient and thus refused to award the prize to "the 'talking' gorilla.")   

            But the nominate-Neytiri advocated pointed out that the Committee abandoned that interpretation several years ago in awarding the Peace Prize to Al Gore.  Furthermore, advocates of awarding the Peace Prize to Neytiri say that doing so would strengthen, not weaken, the "sentience" requirement for two reasons:  First, surveys of people who've seen the blockbuster movie "AVATAR" show that 80% of them (and 120% of young males) believe Neytiri to be a "real" being rather than merely a computer-generated character, and Second, 98% of all who've seen AVATAR believe Neytiri (and the Na'vis of Pandora) to be "more sentient" than humans.  Indeed, Neytiri appears to have become a far greater object of celebrity-worship among young males than human-celebrity "icons" such as Kim Kardashian or even the voluptuous Helen Thomas.

            Thus, advocates of awarding the Peace Prize to Neytiri say such surveys establish a third principle long embraced by the Nobel Prize Committee as well as the entertainment industry and elite members of the political class world-wide:  "The reality of perception is that perception is reality."   Accordingly, the nominate-Neytiri contingent within the Committee stresses that awarding the Peace Prize to her would be the best way to revitalize the "Copenhagen Process," which recently suffered setbacks in the wake of ClimateGate and the Blizzards of 2010.   Advocates of this strategy stress that Neytiri is "a hell-of-a-lot better looking than Lord Monckton" and thus far more likely to induce young environmental enthusiasts (especially young, male enthusiasts) to continue drinking the Global Warming Kool Aid.  Indeed, internet search-patterns strongly indicate that a large percentage of young males have become obsessed with viewing images of Neytiri and imagining living in an Eden-like paradise like AVATAR's planet Pandora filled with nubile, nearly naked nymphs nourishing needy nerds.

            Such advocates contend the soundness of such approach in reaching the minds of the youth in the popular culture is demonstrated by posing the following question, to which the answer is obvious:  "What young male would not enjoy fantasizing about living in a world full of scantily clad, attractive females?"   Surely there are no young males (at least not very many) eager to fantasize living in a world populated by scantily clad Lord Moncktons.   As is the case with PeTA's strategists, advocates of reinforcing Neytiri as the embodiment of GAIA and chief planetary spokes-being for the battle against Global Warming and Climate Change think "there's no such thing as bad publicity" and therefore laud the "Got Kool-Aid?" marketing campaign illustrated by the image at the top of this article cropped from a Neytiri poster, so they welcome poster versions of such image becoming as ubiquitous as other posters commonly found inside young males' lockers.

            In a further effort to boost her status as a "spokes-being" for "Mother Earth" (whose official name is "GAIA"), Neytiri accepted the prestigious position as "GAIA Minister Neytiri" at ThePeoplesCube.Com, a site which tirelessly promotes the Progressive nature of Collectivism in which political elites carry the "Elite Man's Burden" of seeking to enlighten the sweating masses and especially those attending 9-12 Rallies and Tea Parties as well as the Tea-Baggers amongst them.  Neytiri enthusiasts also expect her popularity to counter the individualistic, anti-collectivist philosophy exemplified by another famous female alien known as Seven of Nine-Twelve.

            Despite being eager to use popular culture to inculcate the uneducated classes (currently known as the "Tea Party" people and/or "Tea-Baggers") with obeisance to GAIA, leaders of the battle against Global Warming and Climate Change are critical of the theme-song "AVATAR" (as sung by Neytiri) for giving too much credence to critics of the crusade to save Mother Earth from the ravages of human activity.   Yet others say that merely associating the theme of the movie "AVATAR' with the theme of "Camelot" can only help advance efforts to use the popular culture to induce in the minds of the youth an expectation that human society must evolve into a utopian society living in harmony with GAIA.  

            Despite the widespread "critical acclaim" lavished on AVATAR, some critics suggest that AVATAR's depiction of Pandora as an "Eden-like" paradise was merely a rip-off of an internet movie titled "GAIA Genesis," which focuses on intuitive temptations to pick Apples as creating the potential pathway of choices leading to the Fall of Paleo-Cro-Magnon (PC Man).   But AVATAR enthusiasts dismiss such criticisms as mere manifestations of outmoded thinking of Neolithic Contrarians (Neo-Cons).

            Further reinforcing the arguments advanced by the give-the-Peace-Prize-to-Neytiri advocates are unmistakable signs that the desire among 21st Century humans to be "Na'vis" is perhaps even stronger among older environmentalists (both men and women) than among young males as evidenced by the actions of many hundreds of Navi Wannabes who stripped naked on a glacier in Switzerland to "demonstrate" the danger humans pose to The Climate and the Natural Order Ordained by GAIA.   Although many such Navi Wannabes are young adults, most appear to be older.

            Indeed, most of these "older" environmentalists are baby-boomers for whom environmental activism is merely a logical extension of the cultural epiphany they experienced in actually, or vicariously, participating in Woodstock.   Such cultural epiphany led to Earth Day as an annual "Woodstock" for "Mother Earth."  By the early 21st Century, they added "Earth-Hour Lights-Out" as an additional ritual, in which environmentalists seek to spare Nature of the ravaging effects of human activity by completely abstaining from consumption of energy.

              The obvious implications of all these factors is that all responsible thinkers should studiously watch the video "Neytiri Sings AVATAR" in order to decide for themselves whether it supports, or undermines, the great struggle against Global Warming and Climate Change.  In that struggle, Neytiri Speaks for GAIA.   A question arises regarding whether Neytiri has now replaced Al Gore as the Planetary Spokes-Being for the Crusade Against Global Warming and Climate Change.  Both the "Neytiri Sings AVATAR" and the "Neytiri Speaks for GAIA" videos provide insightful answers to that question.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com (PoliticalXray.Com).

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