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Condoleeza Rice, whom George Bush nominated to succeed Colin Powell as Secretary of State, would be deemed unqualified for such position by a President John Kerry.

            Condoleeza Rice lacks the qualifications that a President John Kerry would desire for a Secretary of State:  An ability to simultaneously occupy opposite sides of all issues until hindsight reveals which position was least subject to criticism.  She has the vision to see long-term benefits through the lens of short-term challenges.  It's often said that fear of failure is the greatest enemy of success, but fear of blame for failure is an even greater enemy.  This latter fear is one of Kerry's greatest flaws.  His fear of criticism in hindsight constricts his vision of the future.  In his mind, the theoretically perfect solution is almost always the enemy of the sensibly good solution.

            Today, Kerry said he plans to return to the Senate and "continue fighting" for the "same issues" for which he has spent a career fighting.  What are those issues?  One senses that if Kerry were forced to make an instantaneous decision on most vital issues, he would more often than not make the right decision, but if he were afforded time to contemplate all the pros and cons, he would more often than not make the wrong decision or suffer the intellectual paralysis of being unable to make any decision at all, the latter of which is often the most disastrous type of "decision."  When circumstances denied him the opportunity for nuanced contemplation, he braved enemy fire to save a comrade, but when circumstances afforded him the luxury of opportunistic reflection, he made statements supporting enemy propaganda by his broad-scale defamation of his comrades.

            Rice, unlike Kerry, was no stranger to adversity during her formative years.  She was able to envision a future of liberty despite being forced to view it through a lens of harsh oppression.  She understands what Kerry, Kofi Annan and Jacques Chirac do not:  That liberty is the foundation of stability rather than vice-versa.  


Rice: A Stable Staple.

Says Dubya, "I'll bring to the table
a leader both willing and able
the wold to entice--
That leader is Rice,
whose staple is vision that's stable."

Her life is a powerful sign
that liberty can't be consigned
to privileged few--
A value she knew
when freedom to her was denied.

            Today, much is being said about the need for "stability" in Iraq in order for liberty to take hold.  The opposite is true.  Terrorist intimidation can produce stability but not liberty.  Just as a neighborhood infected with a mob "protection" racket must be willing to endure and support application of force (i.e., law enforcement) to eradicate it in order to become free of it, a country infected with tyrannical forces must be willing to endure and support application of force to eradicate them in order to achieve stabilization of liberty rather than tyranny.

            Application of a long-term, hindsight evaluation of Rice's philosophy in contrast to Kerry's is revealing.  Rice favored Reagan's theory that an aggressive buildup of our military strength was the key to ultimately producing a mutual build-down of nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union and the United States; Kerry adopted the opposite view.  Rice understood that removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait was essential to preventing Hussein from acquiring virtual control of all Mid-East oil revenue in order to build a gold-plated, nuclear-armed totalitarian state that would have decidedly tilted the balance of history against the forces of liberty; Kerry adopted the opposite view.  Rice understood (as did Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush) that 9-11 made it obvious we no longer enjoyed the luxury of gambling that we would know enough about Saddam Hussein's capabilities and intentions far enough in advance to prevent them and that, therefore, we'd better act "sooner" than "later."   Despite initially appearing to embrace such view, in hindsight Kerry adopted the opposite view.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com

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