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PoliSat.Com video shows how Taliban "fauxtography" of suicide bombers "graduation" ceremony duped ABC News and omitted scenes of "Buurka Streeper" recruiting; Also ABC Spy-Cam exposes top-secret Cheney/Rumsfeld operation. 


July 25, 2007--

For full-size YouTube Version click http://www.youtube.com/v/EeDj0Joi8B0.

            PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief released an exclusive video-exposť revealing how Taliban "fauxtography" of a suicide-bombers "graduation" ceremony duped ABC News into believing recruitment of suicide-bomber trainees to be highly successful and also omitted shocking video of the lengths to which the Taliban has been forced to go in attempting to recruit suicide-bomber "trainees."  The PoliSat.Com video-exposť also focuses on ABC News' "Spy Cam" penetration of a top-secret meeting between Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in Cheney's limousine.

            Regarding Cheney and Rumsfeld, rumors have long persisted that when Rumsfeld "resigned" following the November, 2006, election, he merely went deep undercover in a covert operation being run out of Vice President Cheney's office.  Alleged "reliable sources" claim the covert operation is designed to feign compliance with ACLU demands for expanded "rights" for detainees at Guantanamo while in fact distorting the interpretations of such rights in ways to reinforce the Cheney/Rumsfeld strategy for dealing with Jihadists.  Some sources have claimed that this operation is being kept secret from President Bush.  Other alleged "reliable sources" claim George Bush is the mastermind behind the operation.  

            Still other alleged "reliable sources" say that "if such covert operation were to really exist, it would have already been published in the New York Times, which everyone knows to be the "paper of record" for exposing covert operations.  Yet PoliSat.Com has managed to penetrate all the confusion to expose the so-called "exposers."  To paraphrase Dan Rather, those rumors are "false but true."    

For full-size YouTube Version of "WorkPlace Fatwa"

click http://youtube.com/watch?v=H5Ct_pveMzw.

            On the issue of the ease or difficulty encountered by Jihadists in recruiting volunteers to serve as suicide bombers, ABC News apparently swallowed hook, line and sinker the Taliban's production of a "graduation" ceremony for suicide-bomber trainees as proof that it's getting easier, rather than harder, for Jihadists to recruit them.With respect to Jihadists' latest efforts to recruit suicide bombers, the video-exposť (above) traces the efforts of the Jihadists in seeking and obtaining from Ayman al-Zawahri, Usama bin Laden's "No. 2," a "fatwa" granting permission for use of "Burka Strippers" to offer a "preview of heaven" as an enticement to young Muslim males to volunteer to become suicide bombers.    This is but the latest in a series of bizarre "fatwas" purporting to "clarify" permissible roles for Muslim women.  

            Another recent "fatwa" purporting to "clarify" the roles of Muslim women in the modern world is the "WorkPlace Fatwa," about which PoliSat.Com also recently issued a video-exposť. The "WorkPlace Fatwa," intended to enable Muslim women in the workplace to work "alone" with a non-spouse/non-relative man, proposed that a Muslim woman could create a "familial" relationship with such male co-worker by "breast-feeding" him.  According to the Muslim cleric who issued the "WorkPlace Fatwa," such method for creating a "familial" relationship would prevent such relationship from becoming "sexual" rather than "spiritual."  PoliSat.Com's video-exposť of the "WorkPlace Fatwa"(see video to the right) examines this phenomenom. 

            Although both these fatwas appear to come from different ends of the theological spectrum, they show how some Muslims are attempting to adapt "modern" ways to the goal of advancing their theology.  Who will save Islam and the Western World from Islamic fanatics?  Will it be women in burkas shedding the medieval theology in which they've been imprisoned?  How can the western world support their efforts?  When will their Burka secrets be exposed?  How will they be exposed?  These are questions yet to be answered. 

            In the meantime, how can the western world best support the desires of non-fanatical Muslims to be freed from the shackles of the medieval mentality in which the fanatics seek to imprison them (and the rest of the world)?  What is the nature of the struggle?  Is it an event-driven struggle or a time-constrained battle?  An earlier generation of Americans knew the difference.  Do we know the difference today?  How clear is our hindsight on these issues?  These are also questions that yet remain to be answered.  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief, PoliSat.Com.

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