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Weiner to Get Treatment to Avoid Exposing Weiner to Expulsion Says Wife, Huma Abadin, and Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Concur.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
June 12, 2011--

            In a sudden about-face, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz support Weiner treatment to avoid exposing Weiner to expulsion, and Weiner's wife, Huma Abadin will play a hand in the Weiner treatment.  As shown below, Weiner poses with his admiring wife just before they begin a second honeymoon at the Lorena Bobbit Treatment Center. 


             In a hastily-called press conference just before Weiner was scheduled to go in for treatment, Huma said, "Before you know it, the old Weiner will be out."   Her husband added, "I'm less concerned about the old Weiner coming out than whether the treatment may have a debilitating effect on my speech-making voice."    Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz also held a press conference.  Asked by a reporter whether their support for the  plan for Weiner's treatment was inconsistent with their prior positions, Wasserman-Schultz said she envisioned the plan as simply an extension of her wanting to offer Weiner support by supporting Weiner treatment.

            "Indeed," said, Nancy Pelosi, "the real goal of going in for treatment is to eliminate the need for support, and we are confident that when the old Weiner is out, the need for support will have been eliminated, and he will be able to bring a higher tone to speaking and tweeting in Washington."   Weiner's wife agreed that rather than being long, the treatment would be a quick in and out.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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