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White House Awards Super-Maher-Obama-PAC-ObamaFluke Limbaugh Awards and ObamaCare Awards to Rush Limbaugh and Susan Fluke.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
March 4, 2012--

            Today, the White House Awards Series afforded the opportunity for President Obama to issue special "Super-Maher-Obama-PAC/Obama-Fluke Awards and ObamaCare awards to Rush Limbaugh and Susan Fluke, with honorable mention of the Same-Stream Media (SSM) which has done such a wonderful job in furthering President Obama's agenda.  Here's the press-release/transcript of the Official Awards ceremony:

President Barack Obama's White-House Awards Series:  

SuperMaherObamaPAC/ObamaFluke Limbaugh Awards and ObamaCare Awards to Rush Limbaugh & Susan Fluke:  

          It's my distinct pleasure to express my deepest thanks to Rush Limbaugh for his apology and to Susan Fluke for her vital role in Operations ObamaFluke Limbaugh and SuperMaherObamaPAC.

          Susan, I thank you for having ObamaFluked Limbaugh into taking the bait on my SuperMaherObamaPAC Test-Line for our Catch-Release program to save the poor Womyn Swimming in the Condomless Sea men have too long dominated.

          Rush, I thank you for vital role in educating the public that so few young & restless Womyn understand the difference between a government-mandated benefit and the Libertarian/Constitutional concept of a "right" that the way virtually all them perceive your (and the Republicans') focus on contraception enables us to convince them that you (and Rethuglicans) oppose it and really want to keep them from having access to contraception at all.

          Susan, I also thank you for so effectively proving our premise about young and restless womyn by so courageously (and unembarrassedly) offering yourself as an example to show that not even higher education (and not even post-graduate education such as law school) in today's very best colleges, universities and graduate schools can enable a young womyn to understand the distinction between a libertarian/constitutional "right" and a government-mandated benefit as a "freebie" for some to be funded by others.

          Rush, I also thank you (and Santorum) for contributing so mightily to our blurring of that distinction by your generous focus on our tactic of mandating free contraception rather than your offering effective analogies to enable even young and restless womyn to grasp the government-mandate issue (and to thereby enable them to see through our contraceptive deception) such as the following: Should the government mandate that all dental coverage include "free" dental implants in lieu of dental crowns?

Should the government mandate that all automobile insurance include "free" windshield-wiper blades, "free" radiator coolant, "free" oil changes, "free" windshield-washer fluid, etc.? Should the government mandate that all homeowners' insurance include "free" attic-cleaning, "free" sidewalk-salt for melting snow and ice, "free" window-washing, etc.?

          Finally, I would be remiss to not also thank my loyal Same-Stream Media (SSM) not only for doing all they could to generate demands for Republican leaders to repudiate Rush (for his initial statements about Susan) but also for giving me the confidence to know they will never ask me to repudiate my dear friend and supporter, Bill Maher, as a Million-Dollar Contributor to my SuperMaherObamaPAC, for his serial attacks on conservative women in general and Sarah Palin in particular with terms like the "c--t" word.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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