Barack Obama calls Hillary Clinton in 2008 via time-warp telephone from 2004 to concede "experience" issue as debate escalates with Hillary mocking Obama on NAFTA and health care.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 26, 2008--

            Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue escalating their attacks on each other.  Although they sometimes focus on matters such as NAFTA, health care, the home-mortgage crisis, taxes, child care, Iraq, Afghanistan,  and Ralph Nader's Nadir 2008 campaign, Hillary concentrates mostly on mocking Obama and charactering him as not having enough "experience" while Obama mostly mocks what she claims to have been her "experience" as First Lady under (well, not usually) Bill Clinton.  Now both campaigns are caught in the grips of brand-new technology permitting time-warp communications from Obama 2004 to Hillary 2008 courtesy of the high-tech gurus at PoliSat.Com.  What is it?  It's a video tape of a time-warp telephone call from Obama 2008 to Hillary 2004 on the subject of "experience."   


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            At least one expert thinks Hillary's campaign may be salvageable if she were to intensify her latest tactic of "mocking" the messianic nature of Obama's campaign and speeches (scroll down for "Hillary Mocks Obama" video-- hat-tip to Hot Air), but others think her campaign has become the "Clintanic."  Furthermore, as previously reported in this space, most experts think she can't compete with Obama's powerful message of "Change for America" being delivered with such great enthusiasm by the "BaRack The Vote" campaign capturing the emotions of the under-30 crowd.   Indeed, a political etiology expert (David Brooks) has diagnosed "Obamamania" as the product of a powerful chemical activated in the brain by Obama's speeches.  What's the chemical?  It's medical name is "Hope-Amine," also known as "HopeAmine."  Psychiatrists say it's far more powerful than Dopamine, but there's little doubt the two chemicals have similar effects.  However, Brooks and other neurological experts warn that Hope-Amine leads to far more serious withdrawal symptoms than Dopamine or even crack.   

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            One thing is certain (as was predicted in this space way back in 2006-- see news archives), Hillary and Obama will continue "knocking" each other no matter how often they seem to "make up" in their debates.  Meanwhile, Bubba keeps on keeping on.  

            Rumors are that Hillary's campaign is so strapped for cash that he's already recommended that she begin selling pardons now rather than hoping to do so at the end of her term because it appears that if her campaign can't raise a lot of cash really soon, there will be no term at the end of which she could sell pardons.   Of course, Bill Clinton denies that he actually "sold" any pardons; instead, he only granted pardons to those he found most deserving (as previously revealed in our news archives). 

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            Although many political pundits say it's a virtual certainty that the Democrat candidate will win in November "by a landslide," there are many others predicting that even though large numbers of those who tell pollsters they want to "make history" by voting for either Obama or Hillary, a very large percentage of them will-- in the quiet of the voting booth-- vote for John McCain because of what will be their gut feeling when contemplating the question, "When the [stuff] hits the fan, who do you want in the cockpit?"   To paraphrase the now-deceased Mr. Rogers, "Can you say 'Maverick'?"   



--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.



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