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Bill Clinton Library opens questions to answers in Clinton Liebrary Book; Hillary Clinton's Living History & Bill's My Life-- Dueling Memoirs; Bill's most famous speech-- Audio track at Clinton Liebrary.

            The formal opening of the Clinton Library, which Bill Clinton named "The Clinton Presidential Center" to avoid confusion with the Clinton Liebrary, revives fond memories of the Clinton Era Error.  Security will be strict.  Secret-service agents will use highly controversial "profiling" techniques requiring special treatment of visitors identified by such "profiling" criteria, which involve age discriminationgender discrimination and political-protégé discrimination.  The gala opening will feature a special-preview screening of the latest cult-movie hit, "The Clinton Horror Picture Show."

            The gift-shop in the Clinton Library will offer visitors discounted prices on Bill Clinton's memoirs, My Life, and Hillary Clinton's Living History, but no discount will be offered on joint excerpts in the Billary/Hillary Dueling Memoirs chapter of the unauthorized Clinton Liebrary Book (here or here), which is becoming popularly known as "My Life With Living Hystery" after being published by the official Librarian at the Clinton Liebrary.  

            Although Hillary's memoirs, popularly known as Living Hystery, don't contain as much bawdy material as do Bill's, her memoirs do include a section in which she pillories Dick Morris about an episode at a fundraising party, but after reading her book, Morris expressed strenuous disagreement with her version.  

            During Campaign 2004, anonymous sources in John Kerry's campaign complained about Bill Clinton having delayed until June, 2004, the previously-scheduled deadline for publishing his memoirs, but PoliSat.Com's highly reliable sources have learned what really caused the delay:  Bill Clinton had suffered from a common malady among writers known as "writer's block" (here).  Through confidential, surreptitious means, PoliSat.Com has obtained an audio recording of Clinton's own voice explaining his writer's block (here) as well as a video version of the same explanation (here).  In an attempt to discredit PoliSat.Com's confidential sources, Clinton issued a formal explanation about his memoirs:

Says Bill "My Life" Hist'ry is Living With Hyst'ry.

I'm Bubba, whose book ends the mystery
of how I've entitled my history:
My book that's entitled
My Life is sub-titled
My Life I Spent Living with Hystery.

My book on my terms and elections
assures my complete resurrection
as history buff
on hystery buffs
whose monument merits erection.

            Most important for the Clinton legacy is the audio recording of Clinton's most famous speech (mp3-here or wav-here).  PoliSat.Com has also obtained a video version of the same speech (here).

            Coincidentally, publicity surrounding Bob Woodward's recent claim (in promoting his book, Plan of Attack) that George W. Bush had a close relationship with Saudi Prince Bandar has refocused attention on a May 15, 2002, report (here) indicating that Clinton was far more simpatico with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah than is Bush with any of the Saudi leaders.  That report (which was also featured in the final-minute segment of Brit Hume's Special Report on May 15, 2002) arose from the fact that during Crown Prince Abdullah's May, 2002, visit with Bush in Texas, he actually spent more time in an "all-night bull session" with Bill Clinton, who happened to be staying in the same hotel in Texas at the same time to give a fund-raising speech, than he spent with George Bush.

            Reports indicate that former presidents Jimmy Carter (with Michael Moore as his honored guest), George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush are expected to participate in the opening of the Clinton Library.  Reliable sources indicate Monica Lewinsky will not be seen at the event.  Rumors are that she's working near the beltway.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com and shameless promoter of his definitive book on the Clinton Era Error.


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