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Democrats Supporting the Troops-- A Fare & Ballast Video.·


January 11, 2007--

Leftist Democrats, "Truthers" and Impeachment Advocates express outrage over new video titled "Democrats Supporting The Troops" featuring Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi. ·

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"Democrats Supporting The Troops "

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            PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief has exclusive obtained a video titled "Democrats Supporting the Troops," which has ignited a firestorm of protest from Leftist Democrats, "Truthers," and Impeachment Advocates.  The Godfather of the American Left, Noam Chomsky, characterized the video as "despicable."  When asked by a reporter to describe the inaccuracies and falsehoods in the video, Chomsky, an expert in linguistics said, "That's what makes it so damnable-- it presents the masses with what's too dangerous for them to handle-- i.e., the naked truth without any intellectual context to enable them to reject it in favor of what we who understand the science of history to reveal as the "greater" truth.  

            Another noted philosopher, Sean Penn, echoed Chomsky's concern by saying, "Look, dude, facts aren't always facts-- especially when you hear 'em on Fox News."  When a reporter told him that the video has not appeared on Fox News because it was obtained exclusively by PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief and is thus available exclusively at www.PoliSat.Com/DemocratsSupportingTheTroops.htm, Penn said, "Hey, man, are you an idiot?  Everyone knows one of Fox News' favorite tricks is to avoid broadcasting some of their propaganda just to trick us into swallowing it when it's broadcast by someone else, but we're "on" to that trick now, so everything's cool.  Dig it?"  

            This firestorm led several Democrats reported to be featured in the video to immediately hold a joint press conference to deny that they had begun "drinking George Bush's Kool Aid."  At a joint news conference, those Democrats (Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi) announced that they had retained a powerful D.C. law firm to initiate litigation for an injunction against further broadcast of the video as being "defamatory" and "libelous."  When asked to describe the inaccuracies and falsehoods attributed to them in the video to make it actionable, their lawyer, Hans Endatill, said, "We haven't seen it yet."  Another reporter asked Endatill, "Then how can you know it's defamatory?"  Endatill replied, "It's the "Pen-Name" game-- just as Sean Penn so insightfully said, the fact that Fox News hasn't broadcast it is clear proof that Fox News is attempting to give it credibility and thus disguise its propagandistic nature by refusing to broadcast it-- who knows, Fox News might even stoop to characterizing the video as "satire," but we're too smart to fall for that."


---Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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