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Dominant-Media Pots call Sinclair Broadcasting Kettle "black-- Sinclair's single documentary on POW's views of John Kerry pales alongside Dominant Media hatchet-jobs on George Bush.

            The Dominant Media are suffering vapors about Sinclair Broadcasting's plans to broadcast all or parts of a documentary explaining the views of many, if not most, Vietnam War POW's, that John Kerry is too prone to embrace the political position du jour on issues of national security for short-term, self-serving political purposes to be qualified to serve as Commander in Chief.  Since the Saturday before the Iowa Caucus, John Kerry made his service in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign and simultaneously attempted to place his service (and his anti-war activities thereafter) beyond challenge by labeling anyone challenging such service or activities as a right-wing extremist attacking Kerry's "patriotism" as a stooge for the Bush Campaign.   

Dominant Media Pot Calls the  Kettle "Black"·

The plan of Sinclair would display
what Swifties and Pris'ners would say
as testament to
what first-had they knew
to challenge what Kerry would say.

Sinclair to be fair had opined
to John they'd afford equal time
but Kerry declined
in order to whine
his "bias" and "prejudiced" lines.

invoking their "newsworthy" test,
decried Sinclair's plans
as "partisan" plans
defiling the "newsworthy" test.

Hypocrisy's easy to track
as Dominant Media flaks
pretend they are not
the darkest of pots
in calling the gray-kettle "black."


Swift-Boat "Journalism."

As dominant media tracking
the claims of the spokespeople flacking
against or in favor
of viewpoints we savor,
we're balanced reporting such flacking.

We're equally quick to disfavor
attackers of viewpoints we favor
as when we condemn
the ones who defend
attacks from the viewpoints we favor.

So therefore, we cannot perceive
the reason so many believe
we're biased not fair
in print or on air
on viewpoints in which we believe.

We're sure 'twas our duty to push
the claims charging "AWOL" by Bush
and equally sure
critiques from the tours
of Swift Boats we needn't have pushed.

In choosing the news to be pandered,
we're Media "Swift Boat" Commanders
obliged to suppress
the views we detest
and pacify those of our camber.

            Most of the Dominant Media have been eager to accept at face value Kerry's impugning the motives of critics who served with him in different boats on the same missions and those who were POW's in Vietnam by characterizing them as right-wing, extremist stooges for the Bush Campaign.  With rare exceptions, the Dominant Media dutifully accepted Kerry's tacit argument--i.e., his opinion--  that his having served our country in combat placed his invocation of such service as his prime qualification for Commander in Chief beyond dispute by "fair-minded" people.  Yet with respect to critics who courageously served with him on different boats on the same missions and those who endured torture as POW's in Vietnam rather than to falsely "admit" the same kind of propagandistic allegations spouted by Kerry in sworn testimony before the Senate that committing "atrocities" was U.S. military policy "throughout the chain of command," the Dominant Media stubbornly refused to view the heroic service of such critics as qualifying them for having their view heard.  In the view of the Dominant Media, only a "Republican operative" could have been interested in the testimony of such critics.

            Contrast the Dominant Media's treatment of views expressed by the SwiftBoat and POW critics of Kerry with the Dominant Media's treatment of the Democratic National Committee's (DNC), DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe's, and the Kerry Campaign's allegations that George Bush got into the Air National Guard by being moved to the front of a long line of applicants, that he was "AWOL" during the last 12-18 months of his six-year obligaton (which had begun with 18 months of active duty in the Air Force), that he had "disobeyed orders" to take a "flight physical,"  and that he had failed to report for duty to a local Air National Guard when he moved to Boston to earn his M.B.A.  Given the fact that the groundless nature of such allegations would have become readily apparent to any "investigative" journalist seriously interested in learning the facts and the rules and regulations applicable to service by Air National Guard pilots upon being granted employment-related transfers (a lawful, routine practice) to units not equipped with planes such pilots were qualified to fly without first re-entering another 12-18-month period of active duty, the Dominant Media's stubborn refusal to subject such allegations to the rigors of "investigative journalism" speaks volumes about their bias for Kerry and prejudice against Bush.

            In a special commentary, Hoaxes Propped Up CBS's Fraudulent Memos, being published today (here) by PoliSat.Com, Col. John H. Wambough, Jr., a fighter pilot, methodically and meticulously demonstrates how any journalist seriously interested in an "investigative" analysis of such allegations against Bush could have readily discerned them to be spurious.  It ought to be required reading for anyone doubting that the Dominant Media Pot is spuriously calling the  Broadcasting Kettle "black" even though  Broadcasting's plans are pale gray compared to the darkness of the Dominant Media's behavior.

            To view but a tip of the iceberg of such Dominant Media bias and prejudice, see Against Full Hindsight (and commentary) on March 29, 2004; Mike Wallace & Bob Woodward on 60 Minutes on April 19, 2004; CBS News Contempt for the Troops on May 7, 2004; Dan Rather's Secret Identity on Sept. 10, 2004; Back to the Future in 60 Minutes on Sept. 12, 2004; Hi, I'm Dan Rather and I Approved this Ad on Sept. 17, 2004;  I Am Not a Partisan Hack, Says Rather on Sept. 20, 2004; I'm Dan Rather Sorry on Sept. 22, 2004; SeeBS Spin on Sept. 30, 2004.  Of course, CBS is not alone-- see, e.g., SwiftBoat Journalism on Aug. 6, 2004; Dan Ratherism at ABC News on Oct. 9, 2004;  Chris Matthews & Brian Williams Defame Dick Cheney on Oct. 9, 2004; and O'Neill's Words, Ted's Ears & Dan's Eyes on Oct. 15, 2004.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.



Oct. 20, 2004 #00a:  

Special Commentary:  Media Hoaxes re Bush's Air National Guard Service--

Analysis & Commentary by Col. John H. Wambough, Jr. USAF (Ret.)·


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