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Archives-- Installments for  June 21--30, 2006, starting below in reverse chronological order.



June 28, 2006--

Chris Muir Journeys Day by Day to the Future via MSM NewsPrint Media while retaining overwhelming dominance in the Blogosphere. ·

              Commencing on June 29, 2006, Chris Muir's "Day By Day Cartoon," which has achieved overwhelming popularity in the Blogosphere, will make it's debut in news-print media via syndication.  It's about time that the news-print media recognize the popularity of center/center-right cartoon-strip commentary.  Long enough they've lionized the hackneyed cartoon-strip commentary left over from the Sixties.  

            Muir's Day by Day Cartoon strip is reliably conveys common-sense insights in ways beyond the grasp of the typical Leftist Mindset that celebrates Doonesbury and its NPR fellow-traveler, "Prairie Home Companion," both of which continue to celebrate and worship the Sixties theology of the "me generation."  (By the way, I suffer the indignity of having been born in that generation.)

            How long will it be until cartoon-strip fans outside the Blogosphere become addicted to Day by Day Cartoons?  Not long, I predict.  

            Already its content eclipses the predictable, hackneyed content of Doonesbury.  Soon it will eclipse the position of Doonesbury as the dominant political cartoon-strip in the news-print media.

             For decades, the comics tableau for satire on politics' throes was ruled from the left with parody cleft from viewpoints of Garry Trudeau.  But MSM news-print tableaus which featured for decades Trudeau have now seen the light--  That views from the Right should Day By Day grace their tableaus.   So now, Day By Day, it's for sure that One whom The Left would abjure more widely will mock what Leftists concoct.  The name of The One is Chis Muir.  (If you suspect that this paragraph is written in rhythm and rhyme, you're right, and it's presented in that format at the permalink below for this installment.)

            To celebrate Chris Muir's talent in fusing modern political thought with satirical insights in the news-print media as well as the blogosphere, PoliSat.Com created a special video for this installment.

            The title of this Windows Media Video is "Day by Day Journeys to the Future."   It ends with a video-adaptation of one of Muir's many outstanding installments.   The above-left version is for medium-high-speed connections.  The permanent link for this page is:  http://PoliSat.Com/Day_by_Day_Journeys_to_the_Future.htm.  where multiple versions (including a full-size version) are available for various connection speeds.  Enjoy.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.





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