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Firing Rumsfeld-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has become target of demands that he resign or be fired, so it's clearly time for Bush to "fire" Rumsfeld (at his critics).

            The long-knives are out for Donald Rumsfeld.  He's angered too many former and would-be generals for not fighting the "last" war, in which the fabled Powell Doctrine, Overwhelming Force, made sense for many reasons:  First, the goal was to evict Saddam Hussein's half-million-man force from heavily fortified positions in Kuwait.  Second, our use of "overwhelming force" was unlikely to make the Kuwaitis or other allies in the region suspect we had plans to perpetually occupy Kuwait or Iraq.  (There are many other reasons, but most of them are irrelevant to this issues on which this commentary focuses.)

            In planning military operations against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, if Rumsfeld were to have applied the Powell Doctrine, it would have required far longer to assemble an overwhelming force and arrange the logistics, over-flight rights, land-transportation rights, etc.  The local warlords would have suspected our motives were really no different than those of the Russians in the 1970's.  It would have been far harder to persuade Pakistan and other neighboring countries to cooperate.  The strategy Tommy Franks designed and Rumsfeld approved in Afghanistan was nothing less than brilliant.  With under-whelming force, their plan dislodged the Taliban and disabled al Qaeda from freely using Afghanistan as a bastion.  I remember hearing-- as we began Operation Enduring Freedom-- "expert" after "expert" after "expert" predicting disaster and failure.  Many of them arrogantly asked rhetorically, "The Russians failed with a half-million-man army-- how can we succeed with only a tiny fraction of the forces who necessarily must become dependent on "warlords"?  Yet I also remember that a mere three weeks into Operation Enduring Freedom, the media and Rumsfeld's critics were still predicting disaster and wondering why we hadn't made more progress.   I remember that press conference-- Rumsfeld had to remind the press that the rubble at our 9-11 Ground Zero was "still smoking."  

            I mean no disrespect to former Secretary William Cohen, but if 9-11 were to have happened on his watch, Operation Enduring Freedom would not have occurred.  Not because he cares less for his country than does Rumsfeld-- he's an honorable man who cares just as much as does Rumsfeld-- but because he would have lacked the audacity to approve such a bold plan, and knowing he lacked such audacity would have dissuaded his best generals from formulating such a plan because they had come to understand that none of the political leaders then in power would have approved a bold and right but risky plan.

            For Operation Iraqi Freedom, Franks proposed, and Rumsfeld approved, a similar concept but on a much larger scale, yet everyone knew there to be significant risks in again applying "Overwhelming Force" for at least two reasons:  First, our military was approximately half the size of the military with which we applied "overwhelming force" in the 1991 Persian Gulf War; Second, unlike that war, a half-million troops force (rather than the quarter-million size force Franks assembled to stage, support and project the force into Iraq) would have made Iraqis and neighboring countries suspicious that our real goal was long-term occupation rather than toppling Saddam Hussein and helping a non-barbaric regime replace him.

            What is surprising is not that we encountered surprises but that critics of Operation Iraqi Freedom are surprised that we encountered surprises.  Once warfare commences, surprise almost becomes the rule rather than the exception because adversaries bend their entire strategy, tactics and resources to the narrow purpose of surprising their opponents.  Nevertheless, Rumsfeld's and Franks' strategies out-surprised their adversaries at every turn.  Their plans prevented destruction of the oil fields, the oil-shipping terminals, missiles being launched into Israel, massive refugee problems, massive casualties, and the "thousand Mogadishu's" so confidently predicted by critics as our troops neared Baghdad.  Peter Arnett (here and here) had then only just recently finished explaining to the world how stupid the American military had been and that the invasion was on the verge of collapse.  

            No sensible person wants to minimize the heroism and sacrifice of the more than a thousand combat-related deaths, the thousands of seriously disabling injuries sustained, the pain of the families of those killed or injured, or the raw courage regularly displayed by our troops.  Yet, before Baghdad fell, most of us were expecting the number of deaths to quickly rise into the thousands.  We had not yet seen what we recently saw-- the Fallujah example of brilliant application of all lessons learned the hard way in Somalia.  

            When the war began, no one seriously expected the HumVee to be needed to be a lightly armored vehicle rather than what it had originally been designed to be-- a far more sturdy and versatile version of the World War II Jeep.  More than a year ago, when it became apparent we were beginning to face hit-ant-run urban warfare, the military arranged for the design and production of lightly-armored HumVees and for kits to provide light armor to as many HumVees as possible during the interim.  Given the scale of the problem, the response has been dramatic.  That it has been less than perfect is no grounds for demanding resignation of one of the best Secretaries of Defense we've ever had.

--JimWrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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