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2010 Academy Award for Best Original Theme Song by a Navi Goes to "Neytiri Sings AVATAR"; Best Singer to Neytiri.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
March 8, 2010--

            The 2010 Academy Award for Best Original Theme Song by a Navi goes to "Neytiri Sings AVATAR," and the award for Best Singer goes to Neytiri.  Best Foreign Actress goes to Neytiri.     

            Best Actor playing a female goes to Na'viG'o're.  Best supporting cast goes to Na'vi-Wan'na'bes.  Best Supporting Antagonist goes to Sen. James Inhoffe.   Best Documentary goes to "We Can't Control Nature," produced by Big Fur Hat.   Best Na'vi Martial-Arts Kick goes to Neytiri.

            Best Movie Made to Save the Planet from Evil Humans goes to "Neytiri Speaks for GAIA."   Best Loin-Cloth goes to Na'vi'Sho'werP'e'eper.  Best Breasts Award goes to Neytiri Stand-In from Pandora named Ne'ytiri'm'or'phto'ag.   

            Best Costume Designer goes to Na'vi'Nu'd'esR'Us.  Best Extra-Terrestrial Body/Tail-Design goes to  Na'vi'Ta'ils'R'Us.  Best Tail goes went to Ashley Dupre.  Best TailGater goes to Eliot Spitzer

            Best  Obama Anthem goes to Beck.  Second Best Obama Anthem Award goes to PoliSat.Com for "Obama Can Thou See?"   Best Limerick About the Coffee Party, USA, goes to GAIA Minister Neytiri.   Award for Best Explanation of ACORN's Lobbying Tactics tactics to persuade Senators and Representatives to enact legislation favoring ACORN.  This sentence is here solely to increase the vertical space between this paragraph and the following paragraph in order to prevent the position-right image above from conflicting with the position-left YouTube video below.  Of course, this type of "filler" is not radically different from filler routinely included various media organs.

            Best Poster Design goes to "Got Kool-Aid?"  Best "Got Coffee-Colored Kool-Aid" poster design goes to GAIA Minister Neytiri.  Best Scientific-Design Award goes to Al Gore.  Best Update-on-Green-Motoring Documentary also goes to Al Gore.  Best Health-Care Documentary on ObamaCare goes to PoliticalXray.Com.  Best Weather Documentary goes to "2010 Blizzards Presage Coming of Maximum Hotness," but of course, maximum hotness is in the eye of the beholder.  "   Best Boob-Czar Amateur Video on 9-12 Rally in DeeCee goes to PoliticalXray.Com.    

            Well, it looks like there's a need for a couple more sentences of filler so the text below can format-left rather than wrapping around the video image above.  What's below was written in response to solicitation of suggestions for more effective lobbying strategies to be employed by ACORN:


You asked for some agit-prop signs
to help get our Congress in line
to give us more cash
to picket and bash
the banks that won't lend us a dime.

However, the problem, my dear,
is leaders we've bought are in fear
that they will be bashed
for voting more cash
before the election this year.

'Til then we must not display signs
in ways that might serve to remind
the tea-bagging mob
we're doing our job.
'Til then we'll be biding our time.

Rembember, in darkest of hours
with earnest persuasion we shower
the leaders we own,
but then if they don't
play ball, use persuasion of power.

To lobby our leaders ain't scratched--
We still can play ball with a batch
by paying a call
to give 'em some balls
with ACORN-brand autographed bats.

And what from such acts will ensue?
The message such acts will imbue
in those we give balls
and bats above all?
"Remember,  We're thinking of you."

To strengthen the message they'll see
inscribed on the bats there will be
for extra precision
a second inscription
below it:  "You know what we mean?"

So here is the prop you requested
for ACORN's resources invested
in ways most efficient
to make the condition
for leaders to vote as requested.


--GAIA Minister Neytiri   [go here]

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com (PoliticalXray.Com).

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