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WickedPedia Leaks US SEAL's Pictures from After-Life of Osama bin Laden a.k.a. Usama bin Laden.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
May 11, 2011--

            WickedPedia has leaked pictures of the After-Life of Osama bin Laden a.k.a. Usama bin Laden taken by US SEALS shortly after the burial at sea.  Upon seeing the pictures, PeTA, which had sent "vegan chocolates" to the SEALS, reversed course and launched a world-wide protest against the SEALS for placing protected species of ocean predators at risk of becoming afflicted with lead poisoning. 

            Already, a large number of countries relying heavily on seafood diets are banning consumption of shark steaks for the next five years.  Why five years?  Experts say that's the half-life of the bin laden after-life, which then transitions into the eternal life serving as the Sausage Chef in the Underworld.  

            Meanwhile, PeTA is being flooded with celebrity volunteers offering to gain publicity for themselves by protesting this environmental crime of contaminating a food source for undersea predators.  Learning of these concerns, the leader of the SEAL team that killed bin Laden made a conciliatory offer to Michael Moore, under which the SEALs would assist him in distracting the sharks from bin Laden's remains by allowing Moore to serve as chum.  But PeTA rejected that offer because (according to the PeTA spokesbeing):  "That would pose an even greater risk to the sharks:  Obesity from over-eating."   The SEALS then countered with a more nutritionally responsible offer if PeTA could persuade the scrawny star of the Beta Male Video to protect the sharks by serving a chum.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.


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