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While Pelosi Cracks Whip for Reconciliation, President Obama Emulates Al Gore by Unveiling Indisputable Scientific Proof of Superiority of ObamaCare.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
March 15, 2010--

            Following the lead of Al Gore, President Obama has unveiled "Indisputable Scientific Proof of Superiority of ObamaCare over the current system or, for that matter, any other system that could be devised by Man (or Woman).  Meanwhile, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is cracking the whip for reconciliation.  Supporters of ObamaCare said, "It's about time-- Now we have the ammunition to force the Health-Crisis-Deniers to shut-up."

            The "lead" of this report is revealed quite simply in the image below-right, which encapsulates the scientific findings from a massive study of 300 mice making health-care choices within a cage emulating the governmental framework for ObamaCare.  The electrified floor simulated the power of the IRS.  The electrified cage-walls simulated use of the FDA, EPA, FCC and the Department of Energy to prevent the test subjects from deviating too far left, right, forward or backward.  

            The findings support what Obama has known all along-- those prevented from straying into zones in which they might be exposed to unscientific criticisms of ObamaCare are finally able to recognize it's indisputably scientific validity.  Seeking to reinforce the pivotal nature of the findings of this study, President Obama's Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, said, "An additional thing this study proves is that 300 mice are much smarter than the opponents of ObamaCare."   Confidently predicting enactment of ObamaCare through reconciliation, Gibbs guaranteed that "next week, we'll all be rejoicing over enactment of ObamaCare."

            But Gibbs added that one more thing that needs to be done is to discredit the discrediters, such as that video (see video at left) about the expectant mother learning during a visit to her gynecologist that the expected addition to her family will constitute one of the "changes of conditions" defined in ObamaCare legislation as disqualifying her and her husband's existing insurance and thereby removing their coverage from the "grandfather" clause and requiring them to select a plan approved by the bureaucracy of wise people establish by the ObamaCare regulatory scheme.

            Said Obama, this video is almost as pernicious as the comments of Sarah Palin about "death panels," in which she mischaracterized the role of "life panels."  He added, "Everyone knows that the governmental panels of wise men and women will be making decisions as "life panels," not death panels.  They'll be establishing guidelines for determining how to best apply medical technology to save "lives" in a manner most consistent with the common good.  And who can be against the common good?  To call them "death panels" is simply defamatory."

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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