April 7, 2005--

Hanoi Jane promotes her new autobiographical book as presenting a portrait of a "remorseful" Jane Fonda.

           Hanoi Jane has now published a new, autobiographical book, My Life So Far, which she promotes as presenting a portrait of a Jane Fonder feeling "remorse" for having posed with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners while our pilots being held as prisoners of war were being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton.  What a crock.  This seems to be her only remorse and a very thin degree of it at that especially in light of her apparently continuing refusal to acknowledge that she willingly spouted enemy propaganda by endorsing their false claims that the POW's were being treated well and making broadcasts for the enemy characterizing American pilots and troops as "war criminals." 

            She still tries to wrap her treachery in the flag of "free speech."  So what if the Nixon administration declined to prosecute her?  Such unwillingness by Nixon did not make her conduct any less reprehensible.  A better source than My Life So Far?  Try Aid and Comfort:  Jane Fonda in North Vietnam.

Hanoi Jane "Confesses."

'Til now, "Hanoi Jane" was the name
of Fonda's dumb daughter, whose "fame"
arose from her stunt
in posing with guns
for downing our pilots in flames.

But now, she's attempting to change
the stain of such infamous name
by writing a book.
Her marketing hook?
Her roles as "Ménage à Trois Jane."

Though peddling a claim of "remorse,"
the thrust of her book is, of course,
to show how she picks
ménage à trois tricks
in stroking political oars.

            She still claims she prevented many deaths by "ending the war," but-- unlike Joan Baez-- she steadfastly refuses to concede that the ultimate American withdrawal facilitated the Vietnamese Communists' slaughter of 750,000 anti-Communist Vietnamese and Pol Pot's slaughter of more than two million non-Communist Cambodians.  And, of course, she now equates Iraq with Vietnam and spouts the Michael Moore claim that George W. Bush launched Operation Iraqi Freedom on the basis of "lies" rather than genuine belief (along with virtually the rest of the Western world-- including French intelligence) that Saddam Hussein had retained chemical and biological stockpiles for WMD's and was seeking ways to reconstitute his nuclear-weapons program.

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Title:  Hanoi Jane Confesses (to Ménage à Trois.)

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