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Political Satire Daily Update © 2001 by Jim Wrenn.
The Daily Updates below are for
June, 2001 in reverse chronological order.  For other time periods, see Archives of Daily Updates.  For our Election 2000 Ballad of the Battle of the Ballots, go here.  For an explanation of our renovation in progress, go here.

June 30, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (Political Satire means PoliSat.Com)
The Pantheopian Apostles attack the reporter, John Stossel. 

    To doubt "global warming" ain't possible
pantheopian* apostles,  
    who place their reliance
faith as their "science"
    to label that "heretic," Stossel.

    They claim there's no doubt in the evidence
    that Earth faces warming and pestilence.
    The most intense source
hot-air, of course,
their intellectual flatulence.

* `pan-thee-oh-`pee-un-- for definition, click here)

(PoliSat.Com Limerick 20010630-01  by Jim Wrenn, Political Satire Editor at PoliSat.Com © 2001.)   Inspired by the efforts of pantheopian activists to label ABC-20/20's John Stossel as a scientific heretic for his June 29, 2001 20/20 program ("Messing with Mother Nature") reporting scientific doubts about "global warming" theories underpinning the Kyoto Protocol and numerous other anti-growth, anti-technology proposals.  (A June 25, 2001 report in the Washington Post describes criticisms of Stossel's interviews of school children to demonstrate that schools present such politically-correct theories to them as articles of faith; a June 27, 2001 Washington Post article describes Stossel's response to such criticisms.)  For a brief explanation of merely a few of the serious, scientific doubts about, and serious flaws in, the "global warming" theories touted with religious fervor by Kyoto proponents,
go here.  For more about Stossel, go to Stossel in the Classroom.

June 29, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (Political Satire means PoliSat.Com)
Browser in Wonderland beats Jackson in Blunderland. 

    The Judge of the Microsoft creature
    said, "Off with its internet feature!"
    But higher-court action
    proclaimed that Judge Jackson
    "performed an illegal procedure."

(PoliSat.Com Limerick 20010629-01  by Jim Wrenn, Political Satire Editor at PoliSat.Com © 2001.)  Inspired by appellate-court reversal of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's order requiring Microsoft to divest its internet division on the basis of the appellate-court finding that Judge Jackson had engaged in "serious judicial misconduct" in handling the case.  See June 29, 2001 report in the Washington Times.  (By the way, although I disagreed with Jackson's ruling from the beginning, I've always preferred Netscape over Internet Explorer-- Jim Wrenn, Editor.)

June 28, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The Times simply hasn't reported the real California shortage.

L.A. Times boldly reported: 
    "Folks doubt there's an energy shortage."
    Their claim "It's a ruse"
    convincingly proves
    for them, common-sense is the shortage.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010628-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by the June 28, 2001 report in the L.A. Times stating that most Californians think there really isn't an "energy shortage" and that the current problems are really caused by corporate manipulations to gouge customers to increase their profits.

June 27, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The ACLU in Hawaii has shown it is not maika`i.*

    The ACLU has pretensions
    as champ of unpopular minions--
    Protector of those
    with closed-minded foes
    and those facing unfair derision.

    However, its Board in Hawaii,
    has fired a political volley
    by breaking a promise
    to ask Clarence Thomas
    to join a debate in Hawaii.

    Concocting a verbal tsunami,
    they likened the man to a Nazi,
    a serial killer,
    and Anti-Christ figure,
    and called him an old Uncle Tommy,

    Though most in Hawaii say "No-no"
    to slashing with verbalized bolos,
    it's ACLU
    by words that it used
    has shown its ideas are

* "Maika`i" (mah-ee-kah-ee) is Hawaiian for "good" or "fine" in the Hawaiian/English Dictionary.
** "Bolo" is a large knife similar to a machete.
*** "Palaho" (pah-lah-hoe) is Hawaiian for "rotten" in the Hawaiian/English Dictionary.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010627-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)   Inspired by a June 26, 2001 Fox News report about the reasons adopted by Hawaii's ACLU Board as grounds for withdrawing its previous expression of interest in inviting Clarence Thomas to participate in a debate on affirmative action.

June 26, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-02.  (a PoliSat Limerick)
Confucius say opera cannot disguise horror. 

    Confucius say Jiang singing opera
    may show he's a fan of the genre,
    but "O Sole Mio"
    cannot hid the credo
    of man praising Tiananmen's horror.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010626-02. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by June 26, 2001 "report" by SOHU.Com "news" about Jiang Zemin singing "O Sole Mio" with Pavarotti at a luncheon in Hong Cong as part of a singing tour of Hong Cong by Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.  On December 29, 2000, "SOHU.Com" received (and, ostensibly needs to cultivate) Beijing's "approval" to provide internet "news" to the Chinese people.   SOHU.Com also boasts the "best search engine" for Chinese people to find things on the internet.  I wonder whether SOHU.Com's search-engine would accept submission of PoliSat.Com?  Stay tuned and I'll let you know-- Jim Wrenn, Editor.

June 26, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The campaign "reform" would delineate with whom, when and why we associate. 

    Free speech is our right to communicate
    without gov'ment telling us what-to-say,
    but campaign "reform"
    would alter the norm
    on when speech is meant "to coordinate"

    "Reform" would require us to moderate
    with whom, what and when we communicate
    to minimize risks
    the Feds could insist
    we've shown an intent to "coordinate."

    "Reform" to say who can't coordinate
    will limit the freedom to explicate
    political views
    and comments on news
    by groups holding viewpoints that resonate.

    "Reform" would let gov'ment investigate
    with whom, when and why we associate
    to advocate views,
    and gov'ment could choose
    to charge us with plans to "coordinate."

    Such reckless reform would attenuate
    the government's power to modulate
    the tone of debate
    and how we berate
    the views and behavior of candidates.

    Such campaign "reform" would facilitate
    a way for the gov'ment to regulate
    the speech between groups
    as government snoops
    on what, when and why they communicate.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010626-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  See the June 25, 2001, Washington Post report on the opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in Federal Elections Commission v. Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee announced on June 25, 2001.

June 25, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The nature of Ted's bill is feigned by starting its name with McCain. 

    McCain was a hero, no doubt,
    but now he craves law-naming clout
    with laws having names
    that start with McCain
    and gripes when his name is left out.

    The health-bill proposal he claims
    is his 'cause it starts with his name--
    Implying a gesture
    by Kennedy-Edwards
    to throw their support to McCain.

that bill's true nature is feigned   
    by starting its name with McCain.
    The "Straight" Talk Express
    declines to confess
Ted's bill endorsed by McCain.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010625-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)   Inspired by McCain's petty insistence that interviewers refer to the "Patients' Bill of Rights" he supports as the "McCain-Edwards-Kennedy Bill" rather than the "Kennedy-Edwards-McCain Bill" or "Kennedy-McCain Bill" or the "Kennedy Bill supported by McCain."

June 24, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The "Health Bill of Rights" will worsen our plight.

    For patients a new "Bill of Rights"
    proposed by the left and the right
    will give Uncle Sam
    control of exams--
    then send us the bill for the "rights."

(PoliSat Limerick 20010624-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com

June 23, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
Says Clinton, his Library's view like him mixes old with the new. 

    'Twas yesterday Clinton reviewed
    the plans for his Library's view
    to mix styles of old
    with modern and bold
he mixed the old with the new.

    That ways of the old and the new,
    he mixed is undoubtedly true--
    the old "missionary"
    and young "visionary"
    with Hill'ry for "old" and Lewinsky for "new."

library's long been the name
    of sites for ex-presidents' fame
    Slick Willie preferred
    to use a new word
    Click here for his library's name.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010623-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by a 06-23-01 Dallas Morning News story that during Clinton's meeting in Little Rock yesterday with the architects for his presidential library, he expressed satisfaction that the architecture will mix "old" and "new" forms since "A lot of what I tried to do as president is both conservation and modernization, and we have both working here."  

June 22, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
All-hail SoCalADA
's, political dadas..

    The Hollywood group, SoCalADA*  
    composed of the top social strata
    are having a meeting
    beginning this weekend
    to spout their political dada.*    

    Of course we all know their debouch
    will claim Duby's not a Green Bush
    and claim he won't care
    for water or air
    and knocks Mother Earth on her tush.

    They'll also say Bush has no synergy
    for solving their shortage of energy
    because he won't make
    the rest of the states
    send Green-posing dadas their energy.

    But some say they also will pillory
    New York's newest Senator, Hillary,
    and Lieberman's lust
    to say that they must
    apply sex and violence filtering.

    Regardless of what they may say,
    we know "At the end of the day,"
    their fav'rite solution
    is verbal contusion:  
    to say what it feels good to say.

* "SoCalADA" means Southern California Americans for Democratic Action.  If you don't remember dadaism, go here.  If you've never seen a debouch, go here.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010622-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  (Inspired by Yahoo's June 21, 2001, oxymoronic "Etnertainment News" report that this weekend Hollywood elites will be attending a SoCalADA. rally called, "Wake Up Democrats-- Take Back the Country."

June 21, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The taxpayer funding of Sojourner babble supports eco-terror by pantheist rabble.

    It's clear NPR's Mary Sojourner
    on what's right and wrong is a slow-learner.
    So what was her error?
    Applaud eco-terror !
    For that, NPR should say "Gojourner."

    Her right for her speech to be free
    can't justify taxes on me
    to fund NPR
    to make her a star
    or give her a bullhorn for " free."

    But Sojourner's merely a symptom
    of problems much larger than this one.
    Ideas that are bad
    don't cease to be bad
    regardless of
how well they're done.

    Our Bill of Rights' first guarantee
    that speech is a right that is free
    does not guarantee
    the funding of speech
    with taxes on you and on me.

    The NPR/PBS shill,  
    "If we do not do it, who will?"
    implies there's a need
    for law to decree
    their funding from taxpayer tills.

    Though some of their work is superb--
    like News Hour, Nova and Burns--
    the market would pay
    enough to defray
    the costs for such things to be heard.

    And then NPR would have rights
    to broadcast that Sojourner tripe,
    and I would defend
    but also condemn
    her stupid misuse of her rights.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010621-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by a June 20, Washington Times report about the indefensibly outrageous use of money coercively taken from taxpayers by government to fund NPR's broadcast of idiocies such as those espoused by Mary Sojourner in expressing sympathy and/or admiration for the tactics of eco-terrorist groups such as the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation front.  I'd prefer to start a Taxpayer Liberation Front to free taxpayers from being coerced into supporting such dangerously stupid tripe.  One can access Sojourner's outrageous comments in the NPR Archives.

20, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The third-rail perhaps is now losing the power to limit our choosing.

    Since Lucas by Forbes has been pummeled,
    there's light at the end of the tunnel
    that voters won't swallow
    a claim that is hollow:  
    That FICA-tax wasn't a funnel.

    There's hope that the biggest fraud ever
    is losing its role as a lever
    for buying the votes
    of elderly folks
    by calling them "FICA investors."

    It's simple and easy to know
    it always was "pay as we go"
    and easy to do
    when geezers were few,
    but now far too many are old.

    To buy votes with words that were pleasant
    proponents call FICA "investments"
    'cause geezer receivers
    are eager believers
    it ain't current-worker divestment.

    However, until expiration
    of those in the Great Generation,
    we Boomers should pay,
    but what should should say?
    "We pay you for saving our nation."

    As Boomers we need to admit
    we know that the numbers won't fit
    for taxing the few
    to pay me and you
    pretending we'd "saved" what we "git."

    Don't call future-worker divestment
    for Boomers "return on investment,"
    'cause rightly they'll say:  
    "It's 'welfare' we pay,
    and not your 'return on investment.' "

    As Boomers we need to admit
    that welfare's the word that would fit.
    The word isn't "nice,"
our sacrifice
be to not burden our kids.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010620-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by the result's of yesterday's congressional race in Virginia in which the voters elected the candidate with the less-demagogic claims about Social Security.

June 19, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
Says Streisand, "To keep the Earth clean, stop using convenience machines." .

    I sing well, and so I know best
    the things to tell ev'ryone else
    on what they should do
    to save B-T-U's,
I need not do them myself.

dry things don't use an appliance;
    Use clotheslines instead for compliance,
    or save even more--
    don't shower no more--
    to join in the
greenest alliance.

    We need air and water that's clean
    to make Earth's condition pristine !
    Don't drive S-U-V's,
    but don't expect me
    to give-up my big limousines.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010619-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by a June 19, 2001 MSNBC report that Barbara Steisand is recommending that Californians contribute to solving the energy crisis by using clotheslines instead of driers.   For better laughs, read Barbara Streisand's website recommendations for solving California's energy crisis.  For serious conservation, she should procure and destroy all film and video copies of A Star is Stillborn, so no one can waste precious energy watching that movie.  Is the global-warming theory a form of scientific flatulence?  Are we really at T-Minus Seven Years and Counting?  For answers to these and other profoundly important questions, go to www.wrenncom.com/focus2001/0619-01.asp#20010619-01.

June 18, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
We know for whom leftists were rootin' because they mooned Dubya not Putin.

    In Europe, the protests are different--
    They mooned Bush to show their belligerence,
    But did they festoon
    their faces or moons?
    By looking, you can't tell the difference.

    And Clinton, who'd faced many throngs,
    agreed that such tactics were wrong.
    When asked what he meant
    he said with a grin,
    "Its best to show moons in a thong."

(PoliSat Limerick 20010618-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com) (Inspired by media comments about the sometimes rude reception of Bush by Western Europeans mocking Bush, who good-naturedly tolerates criticism in contrast to Putin, who seems determined to crush criticism.  Yet Bush received a warm reception by Eastern Europeans.  Could it be that today the Eastern Europeans know the value of Western Civilization better than do the Western Europeans?

June 17,  2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
Happy Father's Day, Dad!   .

    On Father's Day I am so glad 
    to have time to be with my Dad.
    His goal in life: 
    take care of his wife, 
    his daughter and knucklehead lad.

    I'm proud to have sons of my own, 
    and both into good men have grown.
    And my selfless Dad 
    has helped my two lads 
    when I came up short on my own.

    And so there are no words to say 
    enough to my Dad on this day
    to fully express 
    my love and respect 
    and honor his unselfish ways. 

(PoliSat Limerick 20010617-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com) (Reprise of Father's Day limerick on 06-18-00)

June 16, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
It's Putin and Dubya  or Mutin' and Flubya.

    Though experts say Putin is fiendish,
    and claim that George Dubya is squeamish,
    we all can agree
    that both would concede
    they simply can not speak in English.

    Both Putin and Dubya have critics,
    who try hard to put them in thickets.
    Eschewing false pride,
    Bush takes 'em in stride,
    but Putin tries mutin' his critics.

    The experts said Putin would say
    to Dubya there's simply no way
    that ABM Treaty
    amendments are needed,
    but Bush made him see there's a way.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010616-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  Inspired by Putin having said, after his first meeting with Bush, that there probably is a way for Russia and the U.S. to envision a new structure for ABM Treaty modifications to accommodate missile-defense mechanisms.

June 15, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
The E-P-A now has a handle on whether the light's worth the candle.

    The E-P-A spends all it gets
    and wastes not a penny as yet.
    It's study found candles-lit
    give off particulates--
    Perhaps they'll find water is wet.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010615-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com) (Inspired by McCaslin's June 15, 2001 Inside the Beltway column reporting that the EPA conducted a study to determine whether candles contribute to indoor pollution, which revealed the shocking findings that candle flames generate "particulates" (especially when they smoke immediately after being snuffed-out).

June 14, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
There once was a state, South Australia, that offered Bill Clinton a favor. 

    The head of the state, South Australia
    has offered Bill Clinton a favor:  
    To pay half-a-million
    to lure Bubba Clinton
    down-under to serve as regaler.
    But critics, who call this a blunder,
    would tear such agreement asunder,
    'cause that many bucks
    are simply to much
    for lip-service rendered "down under."

**Poetic license for one who regales.
(PoliSat Limerick 20010614-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com) (Inspired by a June 14, 2001, Washington Times report that the state government of South Australia will pay Bill Clinton $500,000 to deliver a speech.)

June 13, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
Reform rope-a-dope; free speech on the ropes

    Proponents of campaign "reform" 
    must think we were yesterday born.
    We hear them insist 
    the laws that exist 
    have loopholes that must be reformed.

    Whenever they pass more reform, 
    more business for lawyers is born.
    Already complex, 
    more laws just beget 
    more lawyers in charge of our horns !

    Since campaign "reform" was divined, 
    involvement by voters declined !
    The legalese text 
    became too complex 
    on when, where and how to opine !

    So what do "reformers" now preach?  
    That more laws will give us more speech !
    But if that is done, 
    the lawyers become 
    the priests of political speech !

    So what's their proposal this time 
    to stop the corruption and crime?
    Delimit debate 
    and just regulate 
    our property, money and time.  

(PoliSat Limerick 20010613-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com(Reprise of PoliSat Limerick 20000611-01 in light of yesterday's hearings on McCain/Feingold proposals for campaign-finance "reform.")

June 12, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Rhyme)
Give me liberties, then give me wealth. 

    The plaintiff said "Give unto me
    a billion 'cause I didn't see
    the cigarette warnings for me,
    so don't blame me,
    and don't blame thee
    blame that guy behind the tree.

(PoliSat Rhyme 20010612-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  (Inspired by a June 12, 2001, Washington Times report about the case in which a jury awarded a billion-dollar verdict against a tobacco company in favor of a 56-year-old smoker who actually claimed under oath that it was not until the "mid-1990's" that he "became aware" of "warnings about the dangers of smoking."  Shouldn't the jury have known that its verdict might offend members of the

June 11, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
To seek zero-risk puts freedom at risk.

    Too much of political parlance
    demands we enforce "zero tolerance"
    Restraining the whole
    so none flee the fold
    saves cattle from nature's improvidence.

    But seeking such perfect protection
    against ev'ry moral defection
    restrains me and you
    to hinder a few
    and leans in Big Brother's direction.

    We need common-sense expectations,
    which don't include risk-free relations.
    We need to decide
    the price is too high
    for safety from all deviations.

    If safety is all that we tout,
    it's clear there is only one route--
    The plan that can't fail?
    We all go to jail,
    then only let good people out.
(PoliSat Limerick 20010611-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com)  (Inspired by the inexcusably stupid decision by a school suspending a student for placing a knife in his locker after retrieving it from a friend threatening suicide.  Why don't we put everyone in a straight jacket so no insane person could hurt anyone.  The problem in schools is not access to weapons; it's lack of access to parental authority, discipline and supervision.  Decades ago when many schools allowed high-school ROTC students to bring rifles to school there were not enough incidents of criminal use of such weapons to register even a blip on the national agenda.  In those days, parental discipline was the rule not the exception, and students unambiguously viewed the teacher as boss rather than as a potential target in the sights of daddy's lawyer.  That was when surveys of principals identified their most serious problems as students being tardy, talking during classes and chewing gum.) 

June 10, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 (a PoliSat Limerick)
Detecting an aura from sphincters is needed for auras as thinkers.  .

    The new PeTA billboards about
    its hope to stamp sport-fishing out
    criticize fishing
    with billboards depicting
    a dog with a hook in its mouth.

    Supporters crave auras as thinkers
    but can't discern auras from sphincters,
    so billboards should show
    ev'ry line PeTA throws
    they'll swallow it hook, line and sinker.

(PoliSat Limerick 20010610-01. by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com) (Inspired by a June 10, 2001, Washington Times article about PeTA's latest ploy of depicting a dog with a hook in its mouth as part of PeTA's anti-fishing campaign.)

June 9, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 (PoliSat Limerick by Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.)
The Drafts at Kyoto are Greens' Yamamoto..

    The media/gov'ment alliance
    says Bush is proposing defiance
    of recommendations
    on weather equations
    by National Academies of Science.

    But bureaucrat/media types
    give "recommendations" their hype
    by falsely implying
    from "science" they're "findings,"
    instead of political tripe.

    But scientists said their equations
    reflect incomplete information
    and subtly denied
    that they should prescribe
    solutions or recommendations.

    But bureaucrat/media types
    are sure to continue to hype
    equivocal findings
    as clearly prescribing
    the steps pantheopians
** like.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010609-01.  To access the June 6, 2001 Report and Press Release issued by the National Research Council's "Committe on the Science of Climate Change" in response to the May 11, 2001 request from the White House to the National Academy of Sciences for an analysis of the areas of greatest "certainty" and "uncertainty" regarding climate-change theories, click here.   To analyze data developed in March, 2001, apparently increasing the areas of uncertainty, which data apparently were not considered in the formulation of the June 6, 2001 Report, go here.

June 8, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 (PoliSat Limerick by Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.)
A slippery slope or just pain-killing dope?.

    We know who said, "I feel your pain,"
    who treated our laws with disdain
    but slipped through the loop,
    so why prosecute
    a Doc who said, "I heal your pain"?

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010608-01.  When do homicide prosecutions of doctors for patients' deaths from painkiller overdoses pose a threat to our rights to employ physicians committed to compassionate medical care?   On which side of this issue is the slope more slippery?  For one view, go to http://www.AAPSOnline.org/aaps/judicial/amicusrw.htm.

June 7, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 (PoliSat Limerick by Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.)
Though "Love means you never ... say ... 'sorry' " ... a cop must be nice to his quarry. .

    'Though "Love means you never ... say ... "sorry,"
    a cop became become Scotland Yard's quarry,
    'cause during drug-raiding
    he kept flatulating
    and left without saying, "I'm sorry."

    New Zealand would think it's too lax
    if "sorry" atones for such acts,
    'cause there they proposed
    such harm to the nose
    should warrant a flatulence tax.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010607-01.  Inspired by a June 6, 2001 Reuters/Yahoo report that Scotland Yard is investigating the failure of a policeman to apologize for his flatulence during a drug raid. 

June 6, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
D-Day. (Reprise of PoliSat Limerick)

    The Sixth Day of June is a Day 
    to paraphrase Churchill and say:
    If freedom is here 
    a thousand more years, 
    that still would be its finest day.

    Like no day since freedom's beginning 
    was so much at risk for so many.
    But they overcame 
    such terror and pain 
    to give freedom one more beginning. 

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 200106-6-01.  Reprise of PoliSat Limerick 20000606-01.

June 5, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
 The Good [and] the Bad and ... Ridiculous ... made Fox's O'Reilly ubiquitous. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Who wrote The Good ... Bad and ... Ridiculous ... ?
    Who's Factor is always punctilious?
    Who's on World Net Daily?
    Who's NewsMax unveiling?
    Who's called by the Left "supercilious"?

    Who always attacks the perfidious?
    Who sometimes is quite supercilious?
    Who beats Larry King?
    Who's everywhere seen?
    O'Reilly, who now is ubiquitous.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010605-01.  Inspired by the June 4, 2001, press release by NewsMax stating that Bill O'Reilly will become a regular contributor to it's monthly magazine and by the recent tidal-wave of publicity about O'Reilly and the rise of Fox News relative to other cable/broadcast news networks.  See also, "The Wisdom of Dan Rather-Blather ... Displayed on O'Reilly's 'The Factor' " on May 18, 2001.  Editor's Note:"The Good ... Bad and ... Ridiculous" is poetic license for Bill O'Reilly's best-selling book, The Good, the Bad and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life.

June 4, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
Economic Power and Tyranny's Hour.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    The folks who opposed trade with China 
    until it gets gentler and kinder ... .
    Do not seem to know 
    what makes freedom grow 
    because they see hist'ry with blinders.

Forget such political fodder; 
    then study the ole Magna Carter.
    And what was the thing 
    that made England's King 
    think yielding some power was smarter?

    It wasn't his longing to nurse 
    new freedoms for better or worse.
    He chose to agree 
    because he could see 
    how strong was the pow'r of the purse.

    But those against trade still have fear, 
    'cause freedom was long getting here.
    Of course, we all know, 
    back then things were slow, 
    so progress took hundreds of years.

    But now there are phones and computers 
    to help them resist the storm troopers
    In this modern time, 
    it won't take much time 
    for tyranny's rule to be neutered. 

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010604-01. (Reprise of PoliSat Limerick 20000524-01 in wake of criticism of Bush's June 1, 2001, decision to renew NTR for China.

June 3, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
The Tee-Ball ovations beat campaign donations.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    We're glad Dubya's hosting Tee-Ball
    instead of the end-all and be-all
    of fund-raising hosting
    when Clinton was toasting
    his best Chinese donors at Tea Balls.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010603-01.  Inspired by a June 3, 2001, AP story about T-Ball on the White House Lawn.

June 2, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
Our kids misbehaving just prove an old saying.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    When Jenna goes drinking with friends
    repeating her Dad's youthful sins,
    it makes Dubya mad,
    but his Mom and Dad
    know grandkids are parents' revenge.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010602-01.   Inspired by a May 31, 2001, news report of another alleged underage-drinking incident involving Jenna Bush.

June 1, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
Did Roosevelt know in advance that Pearl would be bombed by Japan?  (PoliSat Limerick)

    Did Roosevelt know in advance
    that Pearl would be bombed by Japan?
    De-classified hist'ry
    has shown it's no mystery
    that he was aware of their plans.

    But those who call Roosevelt bless-ed
    get angry when this is suggested,
    and don't want to know
    that decades ago
    't'was told by
The Man Called Intrepid.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010601-01.  Inspired by Inside the Beltway column by John McCaslin on June 1, 2001, about the reluctance of some to contemplate whether Roosevelt knew in advance that the Japanese planned to bomb Pearl Harbor.

**Pan'-thee-oh-pee'-uns (or pan'-thee-oh'-pee-uns-- I use whichever best fits the rhyme) is a term I coined to describe the activist philosophy of those exhibiting a worship of nature (pantheism) with the zealotry of utopians.  For more about Pantheopians, go here.   Jim Wrenn, Political Satire Editor at PoliSat.Com.  (Use your browser's "Back" or "Previous" function to return to the place where the link sent you to this explanation.)

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