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AVATAR Stands for What in Cameron's Blockbuster Movie?·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
December 24, 2009--

            AVATAR stands for what in Cameron's blockbuster movie?  Just a 2001 was a ground-breaking science fiction move in special effects, AVATAR is, of course, ground-breaking in the field of special effects.  That seems to be a clear consensus among virtually all who've seen it.  It's long.  Too long for most people.  

            But does it have a message?  (Isn't the obvious answer to that "yes"?)  If so, what is its message?  Many who have seen it think the message is patently obvious.  Others (perhaps most) don't really care about the message-- they just love to be dazzled by extraordinary special effects.  They don't care that the plot line is utterly predictable from beginning to end.  

            Many critics, reviewers, etc. have expressed their opinions on the movie.  This is not a "review" of the movie.  This is about a video that provides insights into the message of the movie.  Are these insights valid?  Are the theme and message in fact much more complicated that what appears on the surface?  Does it have  elements of parody and satire?  Who is the real "brain" behind the project?  There are so many questions to which the answer may not be as obvious as most critics believe.  

            Will there be an AVATAR II (or some other variation of sequel-titling)?  The answer to that also seems patently obvious.  Some think it's about politics.  Some think it's about sex.  Some think it's about blue on red or red on blue.  

            PoliticalXray.Com claims to know what it's about.  Is such interpretation correct?  It's impossible to know without viewing PoliticalXray.Com's video about "AVATAR."  How long is this video?  It's a little longer than a minute.  Is it shocking?  Not likely.  Is it profound?  Not likely.  Is it risqué?.  Probably.  Is it too risqué?  You know what they say about art being in the eye of the beholder.  Is it safe for work?  Of course, unless you work in monastery.  Here it is:

            Now what do you think?  Isn't it obvious?  Doesn't everyone already know how obvious it is?

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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