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Political Satire Daily Update.
Archives for November, 2001 (updates are in reverse chronological order).

November 30, 2001--PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20011130-01 ™© 2001.
Will safety-first czars ban cell-phones in cars?.

    The cell-phone Gestapo was striving
    to ban use of cell-phones while driving
    by claiming such use
    set dangers a-loose
    that caused so much mayhem and dying.

    At first all the experts agreed
    on what the solution should be:  
    imposing a ban
    on phones held in hands
    but not those for talking hands-free.

    So cell-talkers spent lots of dough
    for talking hands-free on the go,
    and talking increased
    by drivers on streets,
    but accident rates did not slow.

now will those cell-phone complainers
    admit what we knew as no-brainers,
    since new studies show
    what common-sense knows:  
    To talk while one drives is the danger.

now we tell those who persist
    in clamor for life without risk:  
    "Whenever you drive,
    keep others alive
    by driving with tape on your lips."

Inspired by November 29, 2001, Washington Times editorial explaining recent studies showing that conversing while driving, rather than merely conversing by cell phone, is the distracting factor previously associated by "experts" with cell-phone-talking while driving.  Direct URL for this Daily Update:  .http://polisat.com/du2001/du011130.htm#20011130-01.

November 29, 2001--PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20011129-01 ™© 2001.
The alien war-crime apothecaries do not deserve civil constabularies.

    George Dubya's for trials by our military
    in lieu of our civil constabularies
    for aliens found
    afoot on our ground
    to operate war-crime apothecaries.

    Pat Leahy proclaims he is wary
    of such trials for crim'nal war-faring.
    Perhaps he'd prefer
    to grant saboteurs
    the Fifth to not sing like canaries.

Inspired by objections to Dubya's plan for military tribunals to try aliens involved in criminal forms of warfare disqualifying them from even the full range of rights accorded prisons of war in lawful warfare under the Geneva Conventions.   Direct URL for this Daily Update:  .http://polisat.com/du2001/du011130.htm#20011129-01.

November 28, 2001--PoliSat.Com's Political Satire Daily Update 20011128-01
™© 2001.
(To rhyme, talk like old British fossils
:  Say "castle" as we would say "jostle.")
In Maryland, smokers are jostled for smoking alone in their castles.

    'Though smokers thought homes were their castles,
    in Maryland soon they'll be jostled,
    when neighbors opine
    their noses can find
    some traces of smoke in their nostrils.

    Of course, you might laud this meiosis
    "Give smoking this legal necrosis!"
    But watch what you eat,
    'cause odor police
    will next tackle bad halitosis.

This daily-update 20011128-01 was inspired by 11-27-01 news reports about an ordinance proposed in Montgomery County, Maryland, to allow the fining of smokers for smoking in their own homes upon complaints by a neighbor claiming the ability to smell such smoke.  Direct URL for this Daily Update:  .http://polisat.com/du2001/du011130.htm#20011128-01.
See "meiosis" at http://www.dictionary.com/cgi-bin/dict.pl?term=meiosis; see "necrosis" at http://www.dictionary.com/cgi-bin/dict.pl?term=necrosis.


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