June 5, 2005--

Deep Analysis of reports about Deep Throat Mark Felt exposes deep contradictions about perceptions of whistleblowers raising question of whether media have tripped on their biases.

            The current, dominant-media accolades for Mark Felt's recent self-exposure as Deep Throat prompt deep analyses of years-ago media perceptions of the role of a whistleblower.   To state the dominant media's professed view of whistleblowers abstractly, it is to honor, rather than vilify, a government employee who exposes to the press efforts by agents of the employee's superiors to pressure the employee into cooperating with, rather than exposing, efforts by the superior to falsely deny allegations of wrongful conduct-- unless, of course, the "whistleblower" were to be Linda Tripp rather than Mark Felt.

            What's an important difference between Deep Throat Mark Felt and Linda Tripp?  The latter, unlike the former, had the courage to identify herself and expose herself to merciless attack by media sympathizers with Bill Clinton.  In contrast, Mark Felt stayed safely in the shadows for more than three decades before "coming out" to the laudatory accolades of the very same media that heaped calumny on Linda Tripp.  Another important difference?  Deep Throat never claimed that Nixon or his agents directly asked him to obstruct justice or commit perjury, but Linda Tripp steadfastly maintained that the reason she decided to become a whistleblower (and to do so openly rather than as a covert source) was that agents of Bill Clinton had urged her to lie on his behalf rather to tell the truth.  Another important difference?  Mark Felt was a top-level FBI official hardened by decades of service under J. Edgar Hoover, but Linda Tripp was a lowly, single-mother employee of the federal government.  Who had the most to "fear" from whistleblowing in public?  Who had more courage?  The answer is obvious to all but the oh-so-predictable dominant voices in the dominant media.  (Dare I say "once-dominant" media?) 

            Paradoxically, the liberal elite in the media, who worship at the shrine of the judiciary, considered Bill Clinton's attempt to corrupt the judicial process (in the kind of litigation which he and his supporters had ardently supported through legislation empowering judges in civil actions by subordinates alleging sexual harassment by superiors to require superiors to truthfully answer questions about prior instances of alleged sexual harassment by them against other subordinates regardless of how "embarrassing" or "humiliating" such disclosures might be to the superiors' families) to be far less "serious" than Nixon's agents' commission of criminal acts (burglary) to search for evidence of criminal activity (use of call-girls for political blackmail) by Nixon's opponents.  One would think a criminal offense against the system of justice would be at least as serious as a criminal offense against a criminal offense.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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