Valentine Call from Bill Clinton consoles Hillary Clinton in wake of Potomac Primaries or Chesapeake Primaries in which Barack Obama's BaRack the Vote Boat Iceberg in Chesapeake sank the Clintanic.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 14, 2008--

            A Valentine call from Bill Clinton consoles Hillary Clinton in wake of the Potomac Primaries (also known as the "Chesapeake Primaries") in which Barack Obama's BaRack the Vote Iceberg in the Chesapeake Bay sank the Clintanic.  Our Washington Bureau Drawer Chief says that highly reliable, who are usually reliably high, inside the Clinton campaign concede that Hillary is extremely upset in the wake of what many experts are calling a "disaster.".  A "BaRack The Vote" YOUTH Vote spokesperson said, "Everyone knowledgeable about American history knows that even though Hillary claims she's 'not finished,' Obama's victory in the Chesapeake was like George Washington's triumph over the Bunker Hill Brigade at Waterloo and was even more final the defeat of George Custer and his trusty sidekick Sam Houston at the Alamo at the hands of Pancho Villa and Davy Crocket in the Spanish American Revolutionary Mexican War" when federal troops sent by Abraham Lincoln under the command of Robert E. Lee failed to arrive in time as reinforcements for Custer." 


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             People unfamiliar with the "YOUTH" Vote's "BaRack the Vote" campaign for Obama may fondly remember many of them as top contestants in "knowledge" quizzes on politics and history conducted regularly at NBC and regularly broadcast as "JayWalking" interviews or contests.  After launching an education campaign, those top veterans from "JayWalking" persuaded millions of less-informed youths to join their campaign under the "YOUTH" Vote acronym, which stands for "Young Offspring Unexposed To History."  

            Most experts think the BaRack The Vote "YOUTH Vote" will easily "out-surge" Hillary's strongest support group, the "GOTBOH Gals," whose acronym name stands for the "Government Ought To Be Our Husbands" Gals (successors to the "Soccer Moms" who so loyally supported Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.).  Unfortunately for Hillary's campaign, many of her "GOTBOH Gals" are deserting in droves to join the "YOUTH" to "BaRack The Vote."   Many of them were persuaded to do so because they identified themselves more as "Oprabama Gals."   Will the migration of young women from the ranks of the GOTBOH Gals to the Oprabama Gals accelerate at the same rate at which the Obama surge against Hillary seems to be accelerating?  This is the question to be answered in the upcoming primaries in Texas and Ohio.

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            Meanwhile, today's endorsement of Top Gun Maverick John McCain by Mitt Romney enabled McCain to elevate his surge over Mike Huckabee.  In other news, some pollsters seem surprised at the strong surge of support for McCain among young males who tend to focus more on national security issues than "kitchen table" issues of greatest interests to the GOTBOH Gals or the celebrity-lifestyle issues of greatest interest to so many of the YOUTH Vote for Obama.    Young voters for McCain have organized under the acronym "YOUNG VOTE," which stands for "Young Offspring Understanding Necessary Goal:  Victory Over Terrorist Enemies."

            Those in the "YOUNG VOTE"  for McCain are young voters who think the most important question is, "When the [stuff] hits the fan, who do you want in the cockpit?"   Although many experts concede that most young voters in this category are males, many of their female friends will soon begin understanding what's at stake in the same way.  Already many of them are beginning to identify themselves as "Maverick's Gals."  Indeed, there are unconfirmed reports that several new videos are soon to be released with titles such as "Maverick Girl," "Top Gun Girl," "McCain Girl," "McCain's Angels," and "SkyHawk Sirens."

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.

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