ACORN denies intentionally revealing "no child sex-slave left behind" motto for helping sex-traders get federal aid for business loans and mortgages.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
September 15, 2009--


            ACORN indignantly denies having intentionally revealed its "no child-sex-slave left behind" motto for helping sex-traders get federal aid for business loans and mortgages.  Low-level ACORN spokes-being stressed that if the ACORN staff members in their Baltimore, Washington, New York and San Bernadino offices were to have known James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles were using undercover video equipment and "posing" as a pimp and his hooker seeking assistance from ACORN in seeking federal aid in securing business loans and mortgages to fund operation of a sex-trade business utilizing minors to be brought illegally from other countries to the United States, the highly conscientious ACORN staff members would have run them out of the ACORN offices.  

            Another ACORN spokes-being unequivocally condemned the "conspiracy" among O'Keefe, Giles, BigGovernment, Glenn Beck and Fox News to "smear" ACORN by publishing videos showing how ACORN employees behave when they believe they're helping people with real criminal intent rather than people deceiving them with faux criminal intent.    Said the spokesman, "We don't tolerate faux criminality, and we think faux criminals such as O'Keefe and Giles should be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by law."  Asked whether ACORN's position is that the ostensibly criminally conspiratorial actions of their employees were simply the product of a clever "entrapment" scheme designed by O'Keefe and Giles, the spokes-being said, "Of course-- that's our whole defense-- i.e., O'Keefe and Giles "made us do it-- their faux criminality duped our employees into attempt to offer genuinely criminal assistance to what our dedicated ACORN employees honestly believed to have been genuinely criminal intent on the parts of O'Keefe and Giles."

            The spokes-being elaborated, "Why, I remember back in Chicago, a person's word meant something, and if a person expressed criminal intent, you could 'bank' on it being genuine criminality, not faux criminality.  In Chicago, we don't like pretenders or poseurs.   We think it's dishonorable to feign criminal intent with the goal of luring honest, hard-working people with genuine criminal intent into situations leading to public embarrassment."


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(Click image above to view video about Obama and ACORN/SEIU)

            When asked whether the fact that O'Keefe and Giles have stated the purpose of their "undercover" operation was to expose what they believed to be criminal misuse of ACORN services and assets supported by federal tax dollars shouldn't be a defense for them in any criminal prosecution of them (as has been threatened by a criminal prosecutor in Maryland serving at the beck and call of ACORN), the spokes-being said, "What's involved here is equal rights.  Rich people couldn't have gotten rich without criminality, and to deny such opportunities to the people ACORN serves is simply a denial of equal protection-- it's a matter of 'civil rights' and 'economic justice.'  So, people shouldn't 'disrespect' the genuineness of our criminality."

            Asked about the future of ACORN in light of what may become a situation that has finally become far too embarrassing for even liberals to decline to support termination of ACORN's eligibility to receive taxpayer funding, the spokes-being said, "We already have a backup plan.  It will require us to fundamentally change our name, or, rather, to change the words for which our acronym stands.  In other words, to regain our eligibility, we'll change the meaning of 'ACORN' to 'All Child Orgies Revoked Now' and we would hereafter make a solemn commitment that any criminality we facilitate in the future will be limited to situations in which all participants are over age eighteen." 

            Finally, when asked whether these latest examples in the long list of criminal scandals involving ACORN employees might create enough political pressure to force President Barack Obama to "throw ACORN under the bus" and then explain to the public that during all the years in which he collaborated with ACORN and organizations 'affiliated' with it, he had "no idea" that they would stoop to any form of "criminality," the spokes-being said, "I think he may do that, but I'm confident that when we reorganize the 257 organizations based within our and SEIU's headquarters, he'll feel comfortable enough to give us 'bootstraps' so we can 'pull ourselves up from under the bus.'  We call that approach, 'No ACORN left behind ... except, of course, those who, unlike the ACORN/SEIU leadership, are expendable."

--Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com aka PoliticalXray.Com.

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