Aug. 31, 2005--

Images of desperation in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina-- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., blames Katrina on George Bush not advocating Kyoto Treaty; Kyoto Kennedy Kites Katrina.


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            Today, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a high-priest in the Church of GreenHouse Beliefs, revealed to a shocked and stunned world that he has scientific proof that George W. Bush and Haley Barbour caused Katrina and thereby caused the catastrophic damages and losses of lives in the Gulf Coast states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama an Florida.  "Needless to say," wrote RFK, Jr., "Katrina would have been a mere pussycat at worst if George W. Bush were to have just advocated that the United States Senate ratify the Kyoto Treaty without any changes unacceptable to the United Nations' experts, otherwise known as the UN-IPPC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)."  

            When asked about the report that meteorological scientists say the intensity or frequency of hurricanes cannot be attributed to "global warming," he said, "What do meteorological scientists know compared to the United Nations' Intergovernmental Experts?"  When questioned about the inconsistencies and contradictions in the "man is causing global warming" theory, RFK, Jr., vehemently denied that the weight of scientific evidence attributes the greatest source of warming in the atmosphere to Scientific Flatulence.  He also expressed warm support for the McCain/Liberman bill to codify the Kyoto Treaty as a part of United States environmental law.

            As a humanitarian gesture to the victims still trapped in flood-waters in the New Orleans area, RFK, Jr., immediately launched "Operation Kyoto Kites Katrina" providing boats to recover victims willing to repent for voting for Bush or to claim they voted for Kerry.  To support this humanitarian project, John Kerry himself donated 18 tractor-trailer loads of Heinz Ketchup to provide nourishment to the victims who repent or claim they voted for him.  These dramatic still-photograph images show the heroic nature of the humanitarian relief being offered by RFK to those desperate victims of flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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Title:  Kyoto Kennedy Kites Katrina. 

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