June 6, 2005--

June 6 then and now-- June 6, 1944, and June 6, 2005; D-Day and T-Day; Loose Lips Sink Ships; ACLU-- American Careless Lips Union.

            Common-sense self-restraint exercised by the media, other organizations and the American people in general during our World War II struggle against totalitarian fascism didn't prevent us from becoming a freer, better country following the defeat of such enemies of freedom and human rights.  Today, too many in the dominant media and too many organizations professing to serve the public interests exhibit a serious lack of such common sense.  (Some, but too few, in the media are willing to condemn such abuse of common sense.)  Why else in the midst of a world-wide, no-front-line war against the totalitarian, fascist and fanatical perversion of Islam would so many in the dominant media and in organizations (such as the ACLU) professing to serve the public interests think it sensible to find as many ways as possible to disseminate as widely as possible as many flaws, errors and mistakes as possible with respect to American conduct of warfare against such global threat?  

            Would the ACLU, for example, be willing to adopt a policy requiring all its members traveling abroad in Islamic countries to wear signs on their backs identifying themselves as members of an organization in which at least a significant percentage of  its members (if not many or most) consider all religious believers to be "morons"?  Of course not-- their common sense would motivate them to attempt to minimize rather than maximize the dangers to themselves that such form of self-identification would create.

            Why, then, are they so patently callous with respect to the fact that their efforts to overemphasize mistakes (such as instances of mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib) is the equivalent of putting targets on the backs of our troops in this war without a front line?  It's because their ivory tower existence made less insecure by the risks being undertaken by our troops (whose faith they smugly disdain) affords them the luxury of engaging in intellectual preening in an effort to distinguish themselves from the rest of us.  What do they deserve for their conduct so utterly contemptuous of the lives of our troops and sacrifices being made in our behalf?  At they very least, they deserve our utter, unqualified contempt.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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