Aug. 24, 2005--

Smearers Hall of Fame inducts Cindy Sheehan to join Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Dan Rather, et al to complete the Whole Schmeer of Smearers.

            Today, the Smearers' Hall of Fame inducts Cindy Sheehan for smearing skills that made the Induction Committee (the Editorial Board of Al Jazeera) turn green with envy.  The Induction Committee also gave her the prestigious WAHABOA award, which stands for "We Always Heap All Blame On America.  

            Although some critics though the award should have gone (again) to Ted Kennedy , the Induction Committee defended its decision in a press-release emphasizing her "moral authority" as the mother of one who died after voluntarily re-enlisting in what she characterized as an "American Occupation of Iraq for Oil and Profits" and listing the vital statistics supporting their decision: 


A.  A propaganda quinti-fecta in describing George W. Bush as the world's "biggest terrorist,"A-1 as a "war criminal,"A-2 as a warmonger sending "our children" to "die for Israel"A-3 to generate "profits"A-4 for his friends, and as a President disrespectfully and callously exhibiting a "jovial" and "party-like" attitude in meeting with parents of troops killed in action.A-5  

B.  A propaganda quadri-fecta in saying “America has been killing people on this continent since it was started,"B-1 saying America is "waging nuclear war in Iraq [contaminating] the entire country,"B-2 equating Lynne Stewart with the heroic lawyer, Atticus Finch, in To Kill A Mockingbird,B-3 and attending a rally for Lynne Stewart at which flyers were distributed urging support for the insurgency in Iraq.B-4  

            Previously inducted members of the Smearer's Hall of Fame (Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Dan Rather, and many intellectual heavyweights in the Entertainment Industry) applauded her induction, but some of them seemed to also resent the possibility that Sheehan's "moral authority" so astutely recognized by Maureen Dowd might enable her to eclipse them as accomplished practitioners of The Smear.  Sensing their anxiety, Joe Trippi, an advisor to Sheehan, told them "not to worry" because in the field of smearing as in most other areas of human endeavor, "competition is good."

            The Entertainment Industry is so excited about the honor bestowed upon Sheehan in receiving the WAHABOA award that Ted Turner is already planning a new "reality" show to be hosted by Jane Fonda and Howard Dean with Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins as judges in contests for the next WAHABOA award.


A-1· See the transcript of Cindy Sheehan's remarks at a rally for Lynne Stewart, the lawyer convicted for aiding her client, the "Blind Sheik" convicted as a conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, in communicating with other terrorists.


A-2· See A-1 above.


A-3· See the "SideBar" explanation by Slate Magazine's Blake Wilson, exposing the falsehood of Sheehan's claim that someone other that she had included in her email to Nightline the assertion that Bush had, in effect, required her son to "die for Israel" and that Bush had launched the war in Iraq to further the interests of Israel at the expense of the United States.


A-4· See A-1 above.


A-5· See the part of the transcript of CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on August 7, 2005, comprising Blitzer's interview of Cindy Sheehan.


B-1· See A-1 above.


B-2· See A-1 above.


B-3· See A-1 above.


B-4· See May 2, 2005, report of the April 27, 2005 rally for Lynne Stewart at which Cindy Sheehan spoke (for transcript, see A-1 above), which includes a picture of a flyer distributed to those attending the speeches-- including Sheehan's speech-- (inside at San Francisco State University), which flyer urged attendees to also attend a rally by "Students Against War" scheduled for May 4, 2005, at the "Caesar Chavez Student Center" to "join the contentious debate" on the question, "Should We Support the Iraqi Resistance?"

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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