April 10, 2005--

PoliSat.Com uncovers video-tape of George W. Bush consulting former President Bill Clinton on Air Force One on private market devices for retirement while en route home from Pope's funeral.

            News reports say that during the return flight from the Pope's funeral on Air Force One, George W. Bush consulted Bill Clinton about the privatization market-device for Social Security.  Through high-tech, remote sensing equipment, PoliSat.Com captured images of the conversation recorded on Air Force One video cameras:

Dubya Consults Bubba.

Say, Bubba, I need some advice
to find a free-market device
so folks growing older
have means to be bolder
for living like men 'stead of mice.

Well, Dubya, I'm glad that you've asked
my thoughts on such challenging task:  
Promote it as "the"
device they will need
to make their retirement a blast.

So, tell me, what is you advice
on ways to promote the device
so A-A-R-P
from members receives
demands to permit such device?

To show them the market bazaar
can make their lives bolder by far
in ways I foretold,
we must lift the old
embargo on Cuban cigars.

Below is an the video-with-sound which PoliSat.Com de-coded from the Air Force One video-camera revealing the details of Dubya's consultation in which he sought advice from Bubba on the best market-device for retirement and how to promote it to AARP (Aging Americans Ravaging Posterity) members.  

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Title:  Dubya Consults Bubba.

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