Mar. 1, 2005--

In wake of car-bomb in Hillah, Iraq, thousands of Iraqis condemn "Wahhabism" rather than the West; NeoCons at the Gates welcome what Neo-Arabians Speak in Neo-Arabian Streets.

            In the wake of the car-bomb murder of 125 Iraqis waiting in line in Hillah outside a clinic to undergo physicals as new recruits for the Iraqi National Guard and Iraqi Police, a crowd of 2,000 spontaneously assembled to protest the car-bombing.  Did they chant against George Bush or Tony Blair or the Coalition forces?  No-- They chanted "No to terrorism" and "No to Baathism and Wahhabism." (Emphasis added.)   It's hard to know whether their protests are more stressful to the Saudi royalty or Michael Moore and other Hollywood Leftists of his ilk.  Probably equally stressful to them all.  

Neo-Arabians Speak in Neo-Arabian Streets.

What's new in Arabian streets?
The words of the "man in the street"
spread Neo-Arabian
freedom contagions
in Neo-Arabian Streets.

When freedom first toppled Saddamists,
the "man in the street" as a novice
at Baathists first booed,
then terrorists too,
but now he is booing Wahhabists.

That Arabs would boo the Wahhabists
said critics were mere hyperbolic
predictions Bush spoke
while breathing the smoke
from "pipe-dreams" of "NeoCon sophists."

But now that the "man in the street"
in "Neo-Arabian" speaks,
like bricks what he speaks
is re-paving streets
as "Neo-Arabian Streets."

            Perhaps this would be a good time for Americans (and especially those of Arab ancestry) to commence similar protests outside the Saudi-run "high school" in Northern Virginia from which the American-born Saudi now accused of offering to organize an al Qaeda attempt to assassinate George W. Bush graduated as a "valedictorian" in Wahhabism.  Where is Prince Bandar?  When will he find it in his interests and the interests of the rest of the Saudi Royal family to end support for the medieval, terroristic philosophy exemplified by Wahhabism?  

            Who in Saudi Arabia will stand against the fanatics?  Probably few other than women courageous enough to challenge such medieval form of patriarchy.  Is there a female "underground" in Saudi Arabia?  Can women who courageously and surreptitiously organized against the Taliban in Afghanistan become covert operatives in Saudi Arabia?  Are these foolish questions to ask?  Was it foolish in 1989 to ask whether the Berlin Wall might fall?  Who would have predicted a year ago that a massive movement "in the streets" of Lebanon would peacefully coerce the puppet government of Lebanon controlled by Syria into dissolving?  Who would have predicted that rival Lebanese factions would so quickly surrender their symbols of division in favor of waving the red, white and green flag of Lebanon?  Surely they have in part been inspired by the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, but recent comments by the Lebanese leader, Walid Jumblat, a previously virulent opponent of Bush's policy in Iraq, indicated that the Iraqi election played the vital inspirational role, which Jumblat equated with seeing the "Berlin Wall coming down."

            Who would have predicted the Rose Revolution in Georgia?  Who would have predicted the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine?  Who skillfully and deftly supported both those revolutions in ways reminiscent of the skillful and deft way the Reagan Administration smoothed the way for transition from dictatorial rule to a fledgling democracy in the Philippines?  Who?  Those "NeoCons" in Dubya's administration, that's who.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.


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