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Aug. 12, 2004:  John Kerry makes scientific breakthrough:   Political Stem-Cell Cloning of Dovish-Hawk/Hawkish-Dove; George W. Bush and Dick Cheney eagerly await Thanksgiving.·

Aug. 6, 2004:  Swift-Boat Veterans Unwittingly Expose Swift-Boat Journalism and Asymmetrical Media Warfare by Dominant Media Regarding Allegations against John Kerry and George W. Bush.·

Aug. 4, 2004:  John Kerry's "secret plan" to "win" Operation Iraqi Freedom is exposed by PoliSat.Com revealing the details of the plan, code-named "Damsel in Distress."·

July 30, 2004:  John Kerry deserves credit and thanks but owes better explanations than in his acceptance speech.·

July 29, 2004:  John Edwards' "two Americas" speech reveals one America's two John Edwards-- "Edwards the Allegator" (one who "alleges" things) and "Edwards the Blind-Deaf-Mute."·

July 28, 2004:  John Kerry's multiple political personality leads to invention of Political Personality Forecast Machine.·

July 27, 2004:  Bill Clinton speech at DNC invokes velvet demagoguery; Hillary Clinton speech imitates John Kerry's speaking style; Peanut King Jimmy Carter shows affinity for nuts by having Michael Moore sit with Rosaline and him.·

July 26, 2004:  Insights about John Kerry, George W. Bush, Jacques Chirac, France, Ronald Reagan, "old" Europe, "new" Europe, the Soviet Union, Iraq, terror, tyranny, freedom, vision, courage and leadership.·

June 13, 2004:  Non-Satirical Retrospective on Ronald Reagan (delayed posting of June 11, 2004, retrospective).·

June 8, 2004:  U.N. Security Council unanimously adopts resolution approving Coalition military presence in Iraq to secure Iraqi sovereignty; Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi expresses "thanks" to Coalition for toppling Saddam Hussein; Jaques Chirac and France grudgingly support resolution; Kennedy continues equating Abu Ghraib abuses with Saddam Hussein's torture and demands prisoner-of-war status under Geneva Convention for terrorists at Guantanamo.·

June 5, 2004:  Ronald Reagan's death today reminds us that his vision lives.·

June 2, 2004:  Dueling Memoirs:  Bill Clinton's memoirs "My Life" compete with Hillary Clinton's "Living History" with the Clinton Horror Picture Show debuting on "60 Minutes" on June 20, 2004-- "My Life, My Wife, My Strife."·

May 26, 2004:  Al-Jazeera loses position as leading source of anti-Bush propaganda to American-based competitors, Al-GorZero and Al-JaTeddya; prisoner-abuse at Abu-Ghraib in Iraq; John Kerry's silence says "thanks for the cover" to Al Gore and Ted Kennedy for eclipsing Al-Jazeera.·

May 25, 2004:  Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino emulate Alexandra Kerry to symbolize New Age See-Through Impressionism sub nom "'Non-Political'Documentarianism" to celebrate winning the coveted Vichy-French 'Triumph of the Will' Award for "Fare In Hype Nein Enleavened" subnom "Farenheit 9-11" at the Cannes Film Festival.·

May 22, 2004:  Update-- Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners at Abu Ghraib:  Al Jazeera-- Same Propaganda, New Management; Al JaTeddya, Ted Kennedy, Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush; CBS News; Photographs; Abusive Mistreatment versus Torture; Humiliation versus Cutting-off tongues and ears; Due Process; Whistle-Blowers; Courts Martial.·

May 21, 2004:  Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners at Abu Ghraib: Al Jazeera-- Same Propaganda, New Management; Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush; Ted Kennedy; CBS News; Photographs; Abusive Mistreatment versus Torture; Humiliation versus Cutting-off tongues and ears; Due Process; Whistle-Blowers; Courts Martial.

May 18, 2004:  Prisoners:  Humiliation, Mistreatment, Abuse, Torture; Geneva Conventions; Morality, Iraqi Prisoners, American prisoners, Hostages, Arabs, Muslims, Terrorism, Interrogation, Beheading, Nick Berg, Daniel Pearle, Abu-Ghraib; Lebanon, Somalia, Iran, PLO, Hammas, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, Ansar al Islam, Baathists, Ends Justifying Means; Means Justifying Ends.·

May 16, 2004:  Conceding Mistakes About War-- It's time to admit that President Bush should have delayed war against Saddam Hussein until after obtaining approval by, and participation of, the United Nations, NATO, France, Canada, and "moderate" Arab countries in addition to Britain and Australia.·

May 7, 2004:  As a viewer of news, I impeach the motives of CBS:  Criminally premature leaker conspired with CBS to short-circuit due process in order to sensationally and prematurely release images in a manner CBS and the leaker KNEW would jeopardize the lives of American military personnel far more than awaiting their release by the Pentagon at a time not violative of due process imposed by law upon Pentagon officials.·

May 6, 2004:  Political abuse emulates prisoner abuse as Senators summon Don Rumsfeld for inquisition; John Kerry says "Unlike George Bush, I will not be the last to know what's going-on in my command";  Kerry says he would overhaul the militarychain of command.·

May 5, 2004:  No Satire today-- Iraqi Prisoner-abuse issues; President Bush; Arab leaders; Muslim leaders; John Kerry; Donald Rumsfeld; Congress; Lady Liberty Weeps.·

May 4, 2004:  MSNBC's pulling Rall-- Too little, too short to "stand tall"; MSNBC tries to perfume intellectual stench of Ted Rall's cartoon mocking Pat Tillman and troops who served with him in Iraq and Afghanistan.·

May 3, 2004:  MSNBC's Slate of Hate touts the intellectual stench of Ted Rall mocking Pat Tillman and other Americans serving their country in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.·

May 1, 2004:  The One year anniversary of George Bush's landing on the carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln-- John Kerry's flawed metaphor.·

April 30, 2004:  No satire re betrayal of American troops by abuse of Iraqi prisoners by a few bad men among American troops-- A mission for JAG.·

April 30, 2004:  Report says Hillary Clinton's office denies having spoken to "the London-based newspaper Asharq al-Awsat" attributing anti-Bush statements to Her that inspired PoliSat.Com's caustically satirical "Hillary Workout Tape" commentary, so PoliSat.Com hereby issues a "correction" as tepid as Hillary's denial.·

April 28, 2004:  National Security Announcement from Hillary Clinton: The Hillary Workout Edition departs from established tradition-- A Tour de Force Lesson by Rodham on Methods for Scraping the Bottom--i.e., How to use an interview with mid-eastern, America-hating media to malign George Bush's motives in Iraq and further undermine abilities of American troops in peril to earn the trust of Iraqis.·

April 27, 2004:  Bill Clinton's Memoirs, "My Life," feature chapter titled "Living With Hystery" answering questions and questioning answers in Hillary Clinton's "Living History";  Publicity renews interest in "Billary/Hillary Dueling Memoirs" chapter of ";Clinton Liebrary Book"; John Kerry says Clinton memoirs shift media spotlight from his campaign.·

April 26, 2004:  John Kerry's Full Medal Jacket-- Lies of Ribbons or Ribbons of Lies? Fault of Memory or Memory of Fault? Medals for Metal or Metal to Meddle? Yes, no, maybe.·

April 23, 2004:  No Satire Today-- To Honor Pat Tillman, an American Hero and the Other Heroes He Represents; Condolences and Honor to Kevin Tillman and the Tillman family, to the Rest of America's Heroes and Their Families; How to Help.

April 22, 2004:  Earth Day is Dearth Day-- Dearth of Common Sense; Pantheopians Worship Earth, disdain humans; Priests of Greenhouse Beliefs pose as scientists; Political Science (i.e., Politicized Science) Eclipses Real Science; Science Versus Religion-- Evolution, Creavolution, Creationism, Darwinism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Theism, and Deism; Unified Field Theory Versus Unified Feel Theories; What's Needed is a Homo-Sapiens Day.·

April 21, 2004:  Political Earthquakes-- Can John Kerry walk straight during a Left-Quake?  War in Iraq; National Security; Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Ralph Nader, Al Gore, Jacques Chirac, MoveOn, Hillary Clinton, forget political geological history of Left-Quakes producing Landslides.·

April 20, 2004:  John Kerry says Bush should "pressure" Saudi Arabia to increase oil supplies unless doing so would actually lower prices before the election.·

April 20, 2004:  John Kerry favors "pressuring" Saudi Arabia to increase oil supplies to lower gasoline prices but not if such pressure were to actually work between now and the election.·

April 19, 2004:  Spain's Jose Zapatero cowers to terrorism and closes eyes to light at the end of European tunnel-vision; Bob Woodward and Mike Wallace unwittingly commit self-parody in 60 Minutes interview mocking faith; Edward R. Murrow rolls over in grave; John Kerry straddles growing ideological divide; Re Saudi oil, Kerry's nuances are slicker than oil.·

April 16, 2004:  Bin Laden's "truce" proposal unwittingly stiffens spines of Europe; Vive la France, Dankeshane, Muchas Gracias, Grazie Mille; Domo Arigato Gozaimashita; Iraq-- Mistakes, Apologies, and Remedies.·

April 15, 2004:  Usama bin Laden's video-tape offering "peace" to European countries abstaining from war on terror implies expected European obliviousness to fact that 9-11 was retaliation for America's European-approved use of Arabian land for war to free Kuwait and thereafter maintain token forces to deter aggression; Osama bin Laden's blackmail.·

April 14, 2004:  Reliable sources predict new Pharmaceutical Warfare weapon in the war against terror.·

April 13, 2004:  John Ashcroft, who concealed the breast of the Spirit of Justice, reverses course today by exposing the naked partisanship of Jamie GoreLick on the 9-11 Commission.·

April 12, 2004:  John Kerry reinvents the "Misery Index" to alert the country to the danger of thinking good news is good rather than bad.·

April 12, 2004:  Ben-Veniste, Smoking Gun, 9-11 Commission Inquisition, Condoleeza Rice, Declassification of August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB); Ben-Veniste hoisted on own petard.·

April 11, 2004:  Richard Ben-Veniste finds a smoking gun (but not the one he expected) as a result of his 9-11 Inquisition of Condoleeza Rice-- i.e., Richard "Torquemada" Ben-Veniste hoists himself self by his own petard he lit in the 9-11 Commission Hearing.·

April 8, 2004:  Condoleeza Rice testimony before 9-11 Commission provides full-hindsight rebuttal of half-hindsight partisan criticisms and explains Pre-Patriot-Act legal barriers against CIA-FBI intelligence-sharing to "connect the dots."·

April 7, 2004:  John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, history's first twins conjoined after birth, receive advice from French Surgeons Without Bordeaux that not even modern science can separate them, thus leaving them as Ted Kerry's Hind's Kennedy.·

April 7, 2004:  John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, history's first twins conjoined after birth, learn from French Surgeons Without Bordeaux that even modern science can't separate them, thus leaving them permanently joined as Ted Kerry's Hind's Kennedy.·

April 7, 2004:  Political Surgeons' inability to separate conjoined twins, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy,leaves them permanently joined as Ted Kerry's Hind's Kennedy.·

April 7, 2004:  Baathists and Amuqtada al-Sadr's fanatics' "Tet Offensive" meets The Ted Offensive a.k.a. The Offensive Ted; Tactical combat operations resume in Iraq in Falujah;  Ted Kennedy impersonates Peter Arnett.·

April 6, 2004:  Baathists & Islamic fanatics' "Tet Offensive" meet The Ted Offensive a.k.a. The Offensive Ted; Ted Kennedy impersonates Peter Arnett; Tactical combat operations resume in Iraq against Amuqtada al-Sadr.·

April 5, 2004:  Tactical military operations resume in Iraq; Tactical political cannibalism continues on home front; 9-11 Commission invokes flashback to Pearl Harbor hearings; Terrorists await "reality-TV" spectacle of Bush's partisan opponents grilling Condoleeza Rice during, and after, testimony before 9-11 Commission.·

April 4, 2004:  Sibel Edmonds, Richard Clarke, John Dean-- a Turk, a Smirk and a Jerk; John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Ralph Nader-- Flip, Flop & Flak; George Bush, Dick Cheney, George Tenet, Condoleeza Rice-- Di-Cast, Bypass, Spyglass & High-Class.·

April 3, 2004:  Sibel Edmonds' claims that Bush ignored pre-9-11 "warnings" that al Qaeda would "hijack airlines" to "attack" cities with "skyscrapers" exemplify half-hindsight.·

April 2, 2004:  Sibel Edmonds' claims that Bush administration failed to heed "warnings" that al Qaeda would "hijack airlines" to "attack" unspecified cities with "skyscrapers" are manifestations of half-hindsight.·

April 1, 2004:  Terrorism expert reveals who's to blame for the 9-11 attack--Clinton, Bush, Albright, Berger, Cohen, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, Clarke or who.·

March 30, 2004:  Condoleeza Rice testifying under oath before 9-11 Commission in public is necessary antidote to pandemic political cannibalism spread by the CC-DNA of Richard Clarke, et. al.

March 29, 2004:  Richard Clarke exhibits half-hindsight vision of what his counter-terrorism plans could have or would have accomplished.·

March 27, 2004:  ICANN is resisting U.N. attempts for control to begin for freedom to ebb on Earth's World Wide Web.·

March 25, 2004:  What if Bush were to have done everything Dick Clarke now claims he had urged, or would have urged, Bush to do?·

March 23, 2004:  Anti-terrorism, remote- sensing techniques for DNA analysis reveal Dick Clarke and Wesley Clark suffer the same congenital malady-- the DNA-CC-MMQ Syndrome.·

March 22, 2004:  John Kerry reiterates condemnation of "Benedict Arnold" companies "outsourcing" American jobs to third-world countries.·

March 20, 2004:  Protestors against war in Iraq emulate nuclear-freeze protestors in 1980's claiming Reagan's hard-line stance would increase, rather than reduce, nuclear arms.·

March 20, 2004:  To American and Coalition Troops on One-Year Anniversary of Commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom:  Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name.·

March 19, 2004:  Thanks in Our Name for Deeds in Our Name.·

March 18, 2004:  Today, Earth gets a cosmic shave from an asteroid bigger than twelve Greyhound Buses.·

March 18, 2004:  Says Howard, whose famed as Doctor of Blame, Evoker of Logic Untamed: "For slaughter in Spain, on Dubya there's blame."·

March 18, 2004:  Howard Dean blames Bush for March 11 bombing in Spain using reasoning that would blame U.N. authorization of 1991 Gulf War for 9-11.·

March 18, 2004:  Howard Dean blames Bush for terrorists' March 11 attack on Spain using reasoning that would blame 9-11 on U.N. for supporting 1991 Gulf War.·

March 18, 2004:  Howard Dean blames Bush for terrorists' March 11 attack on Spain, but Doctor of Blame's reasoning would blame 9-11 on U.N. for supporting 1991 Gulf War.·

March 17, 2004:  Dean's logic in blaming Bush for terrorists' March 11 attack on Spain would blame the U.N. and all countries supporting 1991 Gulf War for the 9-11 attack on America.·

March 16, 2004:  John Kerry claims support of world leaders favoring European anti-terror tactics aka Franco-European Law-Enforcement Tic-Tac-Toe Engagement of Tic-Tac-Terror.·

March 14, 2004:  John Kerry apologizes for himself and for George Bush by saying "President Bush and I can do better" in debating differences in policies and visions.·

March 12, 2004:  Today, we are all Spaniards with heartfelt grief for Spain for March 11, 2004.·

March 11, 2004:  Toyota's introduction of humanoid robot able to walk and play trumpet prompts inquiry by famous politician.·

March 10, 2004:  Campaign Finance Reform is wrong vehicle for countering political ads by MoveOn.Org and similar organizations.·