August 10, 2006--

REUTERS' doctored photos about Israeli attacks on Hezbollah strongholds in Qana, Lebanon, enable Little Green Footballs to expose REUTERS' true identity as "al-REUTERS-zeera."·

              The Little Green Footballs blog-site exposes REUTERS' true identify as "al-REUTERS-zeera" functioning as a news-photo doctoring service for Islamo-Fascist propagandists' goals regarding the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah strongholds in Qana and elsewhere in Lebanon.  This is not the first evidence of REUTERS having become infiltrated with anti-American, anti-western, pro-Islamic-Fascism propagandists.  Back in May, 2006, strong circumstantial evidence emerged apparently revealing that a REUTERS employee sent an implied death-threat to Little Green Footballs (LGF) for criticism of Islamic Fascists and REUTERS.

            The video-box at the left plays a medium-size/medium-connection-speed version of a video about LGF's exposure of the tip of the iceberg of REUTERS' publication of editorially-doctored "news" photos about the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah as well as between the West and Islamo-Fascism.  (Regarding larger/smaller versions for faster/slower connections, see permanent link identified below.*)

            This ideological bent is not new with REUTERS.  As long ago as shortly after 9-11, REUTERS refused to describe the perpetrators of those acts as "terrorists."  

            In addition to LGF's exposure of the doctored photos published by REUTERS, LGF has also exposed instances of demonstrably-staged photographs as well as photographs designed to convey false information published by the Associated Press.   No doubt additional examples will continue to surface while many in the traditionally dominant media continue to bury their heads in sand.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

*Note:  The permanent link to this installment is http://PoliSat.Com/REUTERS.htm, where there also are other versions of the above-left video for other sizes/connection-speeds.



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