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The Occupy-Wall-Street Poseurs Versus The REAL 1%, 99%, 53% and 47%.-- Tea-Party and 9-12 Sleeping Giants Reawaken.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
October 17, 2011--

            The Occupy Wall Street protestors characterizing themselves as representative of "the 99%" who are not "rich" are defaming the 53%, who, unlike the 47%, know the 1% (and the rest of the 53%) are supporting the 47%. Of course some of the 1% "rich" are wealthy crony-capitOlists openly supporting the anti-capitalist, Marxists and the ignorant dupes joining with them. The rest of the self-proclaimed 99%-ers are mostly 47%-ers seeking more from the 53%:


            But Black Five hits the nail on the head about the real "99%" and the real "1%" while also recognizing that the real 53% (many, if not most, of whom are tea-partiers and 9-12-ers and real 1%-ers) support the real 1% and that virtually all the so-called spokespersons for "the 99%" are leftists who trash the real 1% at every opportunity and who caricature the 53% supporters of the real 1% as jingoistic, militaristic "fascists," view Bush 43 as "Bushitler" and view Herman Cain as an "Uncle Tom."

            Who are the real 53%? They are the real 1% plus the 52% that support the real 1%, virtually all of whom support liberty (which intrinsically includes capitAlism) and virtually all of whom oppose collectivism, tyranny and capitOlism.

            I think it's time for the 53% who support the real 1% and oppose the Occupy-Wall-Street capitOlists/leftists to start planning the most massive reprise of 9-12/tea-party rallies ever seen to take place first on April 15, 2012 and then again on September 12, 2012.  In the interim, here's a tribute to the real 1%:


Tribute to the REAL 1% by PoliticalXray on Vimeo.

        Hopefully, all Tea-Parties and 9-12-ers acting together can organize such two events.  That seems to be the only way the uninformed among the 47% supporting the faux "99%" can learn that it's not the 53% (or the real 1% included among them) that are the slackards-- instead, it's the ignorant 47% who go-along with the collectivistic capitOlists:


Occupy-Wall-Street Long March to CapitOlism by PoliticalXray on Vimeo.




De-Occupy America by PoliticalXray on Vimeo.


Fed-up with the "99%" poseurs in Occupy Wall Street, the real, grassroots 53% (which supports and includes the REAL 1%) will soon reassert the awesome power they displayed at Tea-Party and 9-12 rallies across the country in numbers that dwarf the current "Occupy Wall Street" agit-prop poseurs who support the collectivists' "Long March to CapitOlism":.

The REAL 53% by PoliticalXray on Vimeo.

So, let's get started..

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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