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Osama T-Shirts Removal by CafePress.Com from PoliSat.Com's Osama Shop Comforts Usama's Spirit in Hades.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
May 14, 2011--

            CafePress.Com's removal of Osama T-Shirts from the Osama Shop at PoliSat.Com (also known as PoliticalXray.Com) comforts the spirit in of Osama bin Laden a.k.a. Usama bin Laden in Hades.  Said a Spokes-Demon speaking for Osama in Hades, "This action by CafePress.Com rightly prevents tarnishing my image as the great leader of medieval fanaticism who, with Khalid Sheik Mohammad, masterminded the wonderful sights of Americans skydiving from the upper floors of the World Trade Center."    Numerous recent news reports indicate that the killing of bin Laden has boosted the t-shirt industry:  For examples, see Canada Free Press; and Salon.Com.   Osama's Spokes-Demon added:  "Unfortunately, Images that merely tout Obama for "killing" Osama or merely tout the SEALS for doing so are deemed politically correct, but thanks to other aspects of political correctness, those which display Osama's image disrespectfully are quickly suspended or removed by the t-shirt industry.  It's a tribute to the extent to which the concept of Sharia has become embedded in Western Culture.  Befoe we known it, the Great Satan will become the Great Sharia.".   

            Since the most prominent world-wide spokesperson for peace and harmony, George Soros, has repeatedly said that "The United States is the greatest obstacle to an 'Open Society' of Global Governance," it's no wonder that CafePress.Com has astutely recognized that any artwork disrespecting my image for my actions in attacking such obstacle, which is known among my colleagues and among Soros' Palestinian allies in the Middle East (such as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Gaza Flotilla movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.) as the Great Satan.  This courageous action by CafePress.Com brings it into the company of Google and other bulwarks against the arrogance of the United States in seeking to promote liberty over tyranny.

            Finally, I must include this non-satirical editorial commentary:  Incredibly, the Walt Disney Company is yet again causing the spirit of Walt Disney to roll over in his grave by moronically seeking to "register" the name "SEALS" as a "trademark."  Maybe they'll next seek to trademark the name "U.S. Military."  What idiots.  The must have hired zero-intellect lawyers as their intellectual-property lawyers.  Check back at the Osama Shop to learn what happens and to find out when arrangements have been made for production/sale of these t-shirts to resume.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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