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Hopes Rise that 7 of 9-12 Actions as Seven of Nine-Twelve Expose More than OBORG Trojan Horse in ObamaCare.

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
September 9, 2009-- 

          Hopes rise that 7 of 9-12 actions as Seven of Nine-Twelve expose more than just the OBORG Trojan Horse in Barack Obama's health care plan previously known as ObamaCare.  Pundits are debating whether Barack Obama's address to a Joint Session of Congress tonight (September 9, 2009) will have the effect of reversing the steady diminishment of prospects for enactment of "ObamaCare" that transpired over the last sixty days as a result of "town hall" and "tea party" protests staged mostly by independents.

            In an effort to boost the recently diminishing prospects for enactment ObamaCare before critics as well as supporters could have time to actually read it, many supporters of ObamaCare now want it to be re-branded as "KennedyCare" to honor the late Ted Kennedy's lifetime devotion to making emergency medical care universally available.  Critics of such idea said "ChappaquiddiCare" would be a more suitable name for "re-branding" ObamaCare.  Such suggestions yielded angry and indignant outcries from the normally docile subjects in the realm of Camelot condemning such criticism as "callous" political hyperbole.  

            In response, the "coiner" of the term "ChappaquiddiCare" pointed out (a) that it's irony, not hyperbole, and (b) that since it was recently revealed to the public (by the close friend and biographer of Kennedy, Ed Klein) what many close friends and associates of Kennedy had known for years -- i.e., that "Ted Kennedy loved 'jokes' about 'Chappaquiddick'" -- it's sensible to assume that Kennedy, currently residing in Purgatory, must be looking up* and slapping his knees in laughter at the term.  (*Conventional wisdom suggests that one can look "down" from Heaven but must look "up" from Purgatory.)

            Quickly in the wake of Obama's "health care speech" to Congress tonight will come events in towns and cities throughout the country (including  Washington, D.C.) in the form of "9-12" or "Nine-Twelve" events.  Many who plan to attend one of such events hope that Seven of Nine-Twelve will make an appearance and that she might also use such occasion to unmask herself.  Seven of Nine-Twelve is the leading protagonist in a forthcoming movie series by the same name inspired by the "Seven of Nine" character in the Star Trek Voyager series.  Thus far, partially-doctored images of her wearing a mask (to protect her identity for now) in posters and in a just-released trailer about the forthcoming series are the only publicly-seen images of her.  

            According to a spokesman for the production team for the soon-to-be-released movie series, titled "Seven of Nine-Twelve," it's "unlikely" that she will be able to make an appearance at a 9-12 event.  Nevertheless, it's expected that at least a few who attend such events may display Seven of Nine-Twelve posters.  "Indeed," said the spokesman, it's unlikely she will remove her mask until the premiere of the first episode.  That's because political operatives are working overtime trying to discover the identity of the actress who will play the role of Seven of Nine-Twelve.  "Seven of Nine-Twelve" will constitute a new film genre:  "Poli-Sci-Fi," which stands for "Political Science-Fiction" or perhaps "Political-Science Fiction."

            There has been widespread speculation about her identity given the fact that it seems that the entertainment industry is so overwhelmingly in favor of anything and everything Obama wants to do.  Will she have the sex-appeal exuded by the actress Jeri Ryan, who played the Seven of Nine character in Star Trek Voyager?  A spokesman for the production team said, "absolutely 'yes' and added that Seven of Nine-Twelve's body-suit uniform will be just as form-fitting, if not more so, than the one worn by the Seven of Nine character.

            People eagerly anticipating release of the movie series are also hoping she will soon unmask herself and expose far more than just the OBORG Trojan Horse in the ObamaCare plan a.k.a., KennedyCare plan a.k.a. ChappaquiddiCare.  The production spokesman cautioned, however, that no one should expect her to exceeds the bounds of propriety under sensible 21st Century artistic standards, but added that in bygone eras, many people would have be offended by the "body-suit" uniform worn by the Seven of Nine character in Star Trek Voyager, so there's no doubt that the perceived boundaries of propriety have substantially expanded since then-- especially among audiences age 40 and under.

 Support-Troops T-Shirt for 9-12-2009  

            Finally, the source said, "But there's one more thing I should have explained.  People desiring to support this production project and also desiring to express support (on 9-12 and afterward) for the ultimate triumph of the individual over the collective, should acquire, and display at 9-12-like events, a poster about Seven of Nine-Twelve.  Additionally, women who support individualistic feminism in contrast to leftist feminism should consider purchasing and wearing to such events a T-shirt emphatically displaying the troops-supporting message that "REAL Feminists Fete Freedom's Forces Fighting Fanaticism."  

Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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