New "Essence of Hillary" video adapts Reagan's "Morning in America" to "Morning After in America" following a "one term stand" with Hillary Clinton reprising the two-term stand with Bill Clinton.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
February 1, 2008-- (updated with minor revisions/corrections February 2, 3, 2008)

            While a Charlotte Observer columnist swoons over what he calls "the essence of Hillary," a new video (see video on right) bearing that phrase as its title adapts Reagan's "Morning in America" theme into "Morning After in America" following a "one term stand" with Hillary Clinton reprising America's two-term stand with Bill Clinton.  It conveys the "essence of Hillary" as effectively as another video conveys the "essence of Al Gore" (below right) suggesting that perhaps she should select Al Gore as her running mate instead of Obama, which most experts expect her to do notwithstanding the currently apparent animosity between the Barack and Hillary campaigns.    

                As excerpts from her (and Bill's) "Dueling Memoirs" (best/largest here or smaller & YouTube versions here) written in 2001 reveal, she really expected to run in 2004 and expected to handily defeat Al Gore in order to do so.  But the Iraq war intervened and she seemed to prefer to let John Kerry be the sacrificial lamb in 2004 so she could be best positioned to run in 2008, but now, this new video of Hillary coupled with the "essence of Gore" video shows Hillary and Al would be ideal running mates in 2008.   In fact, the two of them together would also be ideal for the climate-change issue.  As the "Glacier," she could would be more effective than "carbon offsets" in countering the warming of the atmosphere likely to be caused by Gore continuing to give speeches, even though George Bush recently exhibited a determined effort to help Gore stop Global Warming.   Other scientists fear that the effects of "The Glacier" would drive the Earth into another Ice Age long before hot air emitted by Gore could drive Earth into Global Warming.


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            Other experts doubt that Gore would be amenable to being Hillary's running mate for several reasons:  First of all, he's having too much fun being the leader of the New Age Religion known as "Anthropomorphic Global Warming"; Second, he's enjoying the spotlight of being featured in the "Super Bowl Gore Mobile Ad" showcasing his latest invention (best/largest here; smaller & YouTube versions here), the "Gore Mobile ("GoreMobile"); Third, he would not want what everyone recognizes to be the "essence of Gore" (see video to the right) overshadowed by the "essence of Hillary."  Yet another video about Hillary (for the 2008 Super Bowl Half-Time-- best/largest here; smaller & YouTube versions here)  ends with a revelation making it clear that the true "essence of Hillary" is virtually identical to what has long been thought to be the "essence of Gore."   This has led scientists to speculate that rather than this startling similarity being indicative of Hillary and Al having been "separated at birth" they were "separated at creation," but then that leads to the raging debate over "creation science" versus "evolution."

            In a related story, many Republicans expressed dismay when Rudy Giuliani joined John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Deacons in the New Age Religion of "Anthropomorphic Global Warming" and eagerly endorsed the moral and scientific certitude revealed by the "Da Gorgle Code," which was the prequel to Al Gore's movie, "Inconvenient Truth."   In an effort to distract attention from these issues, McCain stressed his new plan for combating illegal immigration, which, he said, would be modeled on the plan first described by Chris Muir.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com.


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