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Feb. 4, 2007--

Another Steamy Sharon Stone Super Bowl Ad for Hillary -- "1 Good, 2 Better" for "The View"; Coup for Hillary-- Obama Not Seen in Any Super Bowl Commercial.·

           Score this one for Hillary in the ongoing "I Knock You Babe" media battle between Barak Obama as he jockeys, and she panties, for position in the race for the 2008 Democritic Nomination for President.  What's "this one"?  It's the battle for attention in the from of a Super Bowl Ad. 

            This commercial-- another steamy Sharon Stone Super Bowl ad for Hillary, produced by HEICOº¹ (now famous for its commercials featuring an "actor" helping an "ordinary" person explain his/her experience)-- features a softer display than what Stone and Hillary featured in the the "Basic Instinct Super Bowl Ad."  

            Bill Clinton is reported to be relieved that he was not asked to be in this one given the disrespect according him in the first one.  In the Basic Instinct commercian, he was kept off the set until the very end, but in this one, he was able to watch all 40 "takes" of the commercial.  Said Bubba, "It was tough having to repeatedly watch Sharon show her softer side, but 'somebody's got to do it.'"  

            Incredibly, the nut-roots group, "Code Pink" joined the Munchkin, Dennis Kucinich, in condemning the commercial as an example of Hillary "pandering" to the right wing.  In a joint statement, they said, "The transparency of this appeal to the right-wing in the guise of transparently appealing to the those of us in the "mainstream" was a transparent failure, not to mention an obvious one.  Not so said Joe Lieberman, who said it "clearly panders to the Hollywood Left's lust [for power]. ... Indeed, this is an example of the very kind of emotional, hormonal appeal that is the stock in trade for groups like 'Code Pink.'"  

            Crass Matthews, who first broadcast the commercial on his program, "FardBall," was unable to compose himself to return to the air after it's broadcast for "review" by Lieberman and Kucinich.  Said Matthews, "What a gal!"  When a colleague asked him, "Don't you think Sharon Stone is getting a little old for this sort of thing," he said, "No, I meant 'Hillary' --  She's Maggie Thatcher in drag.  I'll bet she leaves a much nicer 'bathtub ring' than did Bill Clinton, and I bet Al Gore regrets making a 'global warming' movie [Da Gorge Code] instead of a 'hot' commercial with Sharon Stone."

            Barak Obama could not be reached for comment because he's receiving medical treatment for injuries he received in being trampled by other Democritic candidates and by both old and new-born Rhinos panicked into stampeding in an effort to try to "surge out in front of him" on Iraq.  What's going on?

            While some politicians vainly preen for power as they ride astride panicked electoral beasts thundering in a direction they mistakenly think is away from danger, and while the rest of us calmly enjoy the Super Bowl, elsewhere in the word serious people are doing serious work at great risk to themselves for the ungrateful as well as the grateful.  Too many of us don't deserve their efforts, and they deserve better than what they get from most of us.   It's a good time to ask, "Are We Worthy?"  It's a good time to hold accountable to history those who are attempting to re-write it to serve political goals, political hatred, a lust for power, or rationalizations cloaked in narcissistic self-rectitude.  It's a good time to say "Thanks" to the right people.  It's also a good time to again begin ignoring those who still harbor the 1960's self-delusion that the world is already a "civic" place rather than a place that's extremely dangerous to liberty and populated by large numbers of fanatical adherents to a medieval philosophy of theocratic totalitarianism currently in an alliance of convenience with emerging Stalinist-wannabes.  It's a good time to call the Rhinos and tell them to pull-out of the stampede before their panicked behavior makes it too late.

---Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

 Note:  The permanent link to this installment is http://PoliSat.Com/Sharon_Stone_Super_Bowl_Ad_for_Hillary-1Good2Better.htm.  Also, for in-page viewing of the largest-size version of this new commercial for the highest-speed connections, click the 640x480 image below.


º¹·HEICO stands for Hollywood Entertainers In Clinton's Orbit.

Editor's Note:  If demand-volume is preventing you from viewing the video now (or causing it to load too slowly), please try again later.  We're working to increase bandwidth.-- Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com.

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