Ad about hot-line call to Hillary on red phone at White House and reply from Barack Obama remind voters of John McCain's superior "experience" while YouTube bans political-satire video on Hillary.·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
March 3, 2008--

            Hillary Clinton's "red phone" video/television ad is yielding an avalanche of news and commentary exemplified in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Sun Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times, as well as in prestigious political-commentary publications.  Critics of the ad say it uses "fear mongering."   It's format and theme are quite simple in portraying children asleep while asking the viewer "When the phone in the White House rings at 3:00 o'clock in the morning, who do you want answering it?"   PoliSat.Com's Washington  Bureau Drawer Chief has learned that despite the relative simplicity of the task of producing such video, completion of the production, which began many months ago, proved to be quite challenging.


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            Controversy had raged within the Clinton Campaign over whether the ad should allude to Hillary's "experience" generally or present a more specific, reality based example of experience she can tout that Obama can't challenge.  Those favoring alluding to her experience in the generic sense won.   However, our Washington Bureau Drawer Chief has obtained a copy of one of the reality-based version focusing specifically on her real-world experience.  The title for that version was "Hot Line Call to Hillary on the Red Phone," which is available for viewing in several video-boxes on this page.  (The video box at the left plays the video in Windows Movie Video format.)

            If PoliSat.Com's YouTube site hasn't yet been closed-down  by YouTube at the requests of political hacks (or upon the internal decision of YouTube's own political hacks), the same video can be viewed on this page in a video box (below-right) displaying it in YouTube format.    (Why might it be closed down?  Scroll down to the next paragraph.)  If it no longer appears in the video box (below-right) for the YouTube version, that means YouTube must have decided to continue making "in kind" political contributions in the form of banning satire/parody videos at the requests of political hacks who don't like them or upon the whims of political hacks within YouTube.  Of course, anyone not living under a rock already knows that both Google and YouTube strongly and overtly favor the politics exemplified by the Hollywood Left.  

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            Just today (March 3, 2008), YouTube banned a PoliSat.Com satire/parody video featuring Sharon Stone in a "HEICO" ad as an "actor" spokesperson for Hillary to show her political sex appeal to both the Left and the Right.  That same video now "banned" by YouTube may still be available for viewing on Google Video (here), but if not, it's still available for viewing in Windows Movie Video format at PoliSat.Com (here and in the news archives here).  

            That YouTube's banning of that video exemplifies the side of partisanship to which YouTube genuflects is self-evident from viewing the content of the video.  It's a free country, and YouTube is a privately owned company.  It has the right to be partisan but just not the credibility to deny being so.

            As was self-evident to pundits on Meet The Press today, rather than Hillary's "red phone" ad "reminding" potential voters of the superiority of her "experience" (over Obama's) as a qualification for dealing with terrifying crises in the middle of the night, her ad really serves to remind voters that the only candidate in the race who has dealt with terrifying crises and risen above them is John McCain.  For any ad to imply that either Hillary or Obama have superior "experience" for dealing with terrifying crises is simply laughable.  The ad will really serve to remind voters how to answer the question (in the quietude of the voting booth):  "When the [stuff] hits the fan, who do you want to be the person in charge?"

--Jim Wrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.

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