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Political Satire Daily Update © 2001
This page contains Daily Updates for
March, 2001 in reverse chronological order.  Updates for other time periods are in our Archives of Daily Updates.  See also Election 2000 Ballad of the Battle for Ballots, a PoliSat Rhyme spanning the events from November 7, 2000 to December 31, 2000.

March 31, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
George Dubya tells how to eschew the cause of too-much C-O-2.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    They say I just want to pollute
    and want to have more C-O-2.
    They don't understand
    my top-secret plan
    will sharply reduce C-O-2: 

    My top-secret plan is quite deft: 
    I'll tell our good friends on the left,
    "Since humans exhale
    with C-O-2 trails,
    we'll rule that you must hold your breath."

© 2001 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010331-01.  Inspired by the 03-30-01 shrill depiction of Bush as a menace to the planet by the dominant media, foreign governments and the rest of the scientifically uninformed but politically correct "experts" on
political science, such as Chris Matthews' 03-14-01 assertion on Hardball that "no one" could "deny" we're experiencing "global warming" after seeing the "[disappearing snow cap] on Mount Kilimanjaro," which statement he based on his gullible acceptance of the demonstrably bogus claim by "scientists" that the Mt. Kilimanjaro snow-cap has almost disappeared just in the last few years-- See illustration at  http://polisat.com/du2001/du010228.htm#20010225-01.)  (Indeed, the Kyoto Protocol is yet another manifestation of such gullible acceptance of bogus, politicized science.)

March 30, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
timely reprise on the Gipper's good deeds. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Today marks the twentieth year
    since Hinkley caused national fear
    by shooting the Gipper,
    who somehow stayed chipper,
    and calmed all the other folks' fears.

    We're lucky that Hinkley's bad aim
    did not take Ron out of the game,
    who rose like a Phoenix
    to do what was needed
    and put all his critics to shame.

    The folks who said Ron's brain was small 
    were quick to just laugh and guffaw 
    especially when 
    he said in Berlin 
    to Gorbechev, "Tear down this wall." 

    Those same folks were also aghast 
    and claimed he'd returned to the past 
    the time that he said 
    when speaking of Reds, 
    "The Soviet Empire won't last." 

    They called him a man of the past 
    and made him the butt of their laughs, 
    but when the Wall fell, 
    then Empire as well, 
    I'm thankful he had the last laugh 

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010330-01 including a reprise of PoliSat Limerick 20010206-01)

March 29, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
George Dubya was funny and won Ben Stein's money. (PoliSat Limerick)

    The speech Bush gave media chummies
    was self-deprecatingly funny.
    He brought back the era
    of ole Yogi Berra,
    and clearly he won Ben Stein's money.

© PoliSat Limerick 20010329-01.  Inspired by watching Dubya and Ben Stein address the White House Correspondents' Dinner 0n 03-29-01.

March 28, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © PoliSat.Com.
How Hillary hopes to achieve higher polls. (PoliSat Limerick)

    When Hill'ry asks what the polls say
    she learns that they drop ev'ry day
    so how will she try
    to get poll numbers high?
    Attend Wednesday Breakfasts and pray!

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010328-01.  Insipred by 03-28-01 Fox News report about Hillary joining Senatorial prayer-breakfasts.

March 27, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
A new elocution for redistribution.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    When Social Security started
    't'was pay-as-we-go but imparted
    entitlement dreams
    in a pyramid scheme
    for the soon-to-be nearly departeds.

    With worker-force numbers much higher
    than numbers of people retired,
    the pyramid scheme
    paid entitlement dreams
    and the benefits kept getting higher.

    Recipients seemed not to know
    the funding was pay-as-we-go,
    and so they would yearn
    for better "returns"
    on what they had "paid" long ago.

    So candidates learned to buy votes
    by making those benefits grow.
    They called them investments
    instead of divestments
    from workers on pay-as-they-go.

    When experts on numbers then said
    it soon would go into the red,
    they raised FICA taxes
    while claiming such taxes
    were just "contributions" instead.

    When taxes on incomes were lowered
    to raise the no-income-tax floor
    the payments for FICA
    were often quite higher
    than income-tax paid by the poor.

    And all through the years of Bill Clinton
    the FICA was called "contribution"
    or called an investment
    that needed protection
    described as a "lockbox" solution.

    But later when Bush said we must
    have cross-the-board income-tax cuts,
    "Such cuts," said his critics,
    "would go to the richest
    and give others none or not much."
    Then Bush pointed-out the plain-fact is
cuts go to folks who pay taxes,
    so now ev'ry day
    about FICA they say,
    "They're not 'contributions,' they're '
taxes.' "

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010327-01.  If proponents of Social Security were to have
ab initio described Social Security in an honest way, they would have described it as a welfare system for the elderly supported by taxes on workers, but instead, they portrayed it to an easily beguiled populace as a system under which funds that could otherwise be paid to workers would be "invested" on their behalf by the all-wise government for their "retirement."   Now, in an effort to counter the obvious fact that people who pay no income tax cannot receive a "cut" in such tax, the very people who spent decades saying that FICA payments were "contributions" or "investments" for "retirement" now finally admit they're taxes, but they still deny the benefits paid from such taxes on current workers are in fact a form of inter-generational welfare for the elderly.  Although it may be reasonable for society to decide to tax current workers to support the elderly, it's always been unreasonably to deny the obvious fact that such payments are inter-generational taxes and to instead pretend they were "investments" or "contributions" to go into a "lockbox" for future benefits of those currently in the workforce.

March 26, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
What's campaign financing "reform"?  Big Brother controlling the horns. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Political speech isn't free
    if speakers are regulatees.
    Candidates want
    to have rules that will daunt
    all unruly critics they see.

    I'll stipulate "Money corrupts,"
    and PACs donate more than enough
    to get the attention
    of government minions
    so bureaucrats won't beat 'em up.

    "Reformers" exhibit such fright
    at PACs from the left and the right
    As "bad" as they are,
    what's "
worser" by far?
    Control via government might !

what if a PAC shows its face
    in every political race?
    Freedom of speech
    is what we must preach
    'cause that is America's Ace.

    James Madison never would be
    for licensing critics, you see?
    It wouldn't be right
    needing legal advice
    for speech in the land of the free.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010326-01 by Jim Wrenn.

March 25, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
Says Hill'ry, "I may be in stocks, but Bush would just turn back the clock." (PoliSat Limerick)

    Demurely, I stayed in the Rose Garden
    while Bill gave those infamous drug pardons,
    and 'though all the cash
    went to Hugh Rodham's stash,
    my poll-numbers went to the bottom.

    I said that "a crook I am not,"
    but slides in my polls didn't stop,
    and 'though I'm entitled
    to never be bridled,
    I'm stuck in these public-square stocks.

    But now I know how to unlock
    my arms and my head from these stocks:  
    To make a diversion
    I'll cast the aspersion
    that "Bush wants to turn back the clock."

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010325-01 by Jim Wrenn.  Inspired by 03-25-01 N.Y. Post report on Hillary's claim that Dubya wants to "turn the clock back."

March 24, 2001 Political Satire Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
Will ending of Mir lessen mutual fear?   (PoliSat Limerick)

    We joined with the Russians in tears
    in watching the flame-out of Mir,
    and hope the new station
    will help our two nations
    get over our mutual fear.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010324-01 by Jim Wrenn. Inspired by the end of Mir.  See coverage at Space.Com.

March 23, 2001 Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
The health-care profession's political medicine.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    Some doctors proclaim it's outrageousness
    to just treat our hurts and contagiousness.
    They tell us to shun
    the possession of guns--
    'cause their specialty now is officiousness.

© 2001 PoliSat Limerick 20010323-01 by Jim Wrenn.  Inspired by a NewsMax report by Neal Boortz about a proclamation by "Doctors Against Handgun Violence" (in contrast to all other doctors who must be "for" handgun violence) that doctors should urge patients to abjure gun ownership. 

March 22, 2001 Daily Update-
01 by Jim Wrenn © 2001 PoliSat.Com.
What if McCain/Feingold were already the law?  (reprise of PoliSat Limerick 20000316-01)

    Most who want campaign "reform" 
    don't know how it
would change the norm
    They don't understand 
    its terms or its plans-- 
    on that they are quite uninformed.

    They think it will only impose 
    restrictions on those they oppose.
    They don't understand 
    that all through the land 
    such laws won't just silence their foes.

    But we who have read them, you see, 
    have learned what effects there would be.
    They won't just impose 
    restrictions on foes-- 
    they'll also restrict you and me !

    But those who don't try to keep up 
    are likely to mutter "So what?"
    They won't be concerned 
    'til too late they learn 
    such laws can force them to shut up !

    When candidates say things misleading 
    to those who don't spend much time reading,
    there will be no PACs 
    to show the real facts 
    to those who decide without thinking.
© 2000 original PoliSat Limerick

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010322-01)

March 21, 2001 Daily Update-01 © 2001
Reform rope-a-dope; free speech on the ropes. (reprise of PoliSat Limerick 20000611-01)

    Proponents of campaign "reform" 
    must think we were yesterday born.
    We hear them insist 
    the laws that exist 
    have loopholes that must be reformed.

    Whenever they pass more reform, 
    more business for lawyers is born.
    Already complex, 
    more laws just beget 
    more lawyers in charge of our horns !

    Since campaign "reform" was divined, 
    involvement by voters declined !
    The legalese text 
    became too complex 
    on when, where and how to opine !

    So what do "reformers" now preach?  
    That more laws will give us more speech !
    But if that is done, 
    the lawyers become 
    the priests of political speech !

    So what's their proposal this time 
    to stop the corruption and crime?
    Delimit debate 
    and just regulate 
    our property, money and time.  (© 2000 original PoliSat Limerick 20000611-01)

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010321-01) For more limericks and rhymes about campaign finance "reform," go here.

March 20, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Patent tautology serves as theology. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Where householders must be gun-owners 
    the crime-rate is quite a lot lower
    than where they define
    owning guns as a crime,
    so what say the gun-law proponents?

    They say that in households with guns
    more accidents happen with guns.
    Such patent tautology
    serves as theology
    for those who would ban private guns.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010320-01) Inspired by 03-20-01 Fox News report about findings that crime rates are lower in communities in which non-felon heads of households are required (subject to conscientious objection) to own a firearm but that the rate of injuries from accidental discharge of firearms in homes is higher in that community than in communities not requiring heads of households to own firearms.  Gee, I bet the rate of injury in one's own automobile is higher among automobile owners than among those not owning automobiles.

March 19, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
I've known all along I'm entitled to not be politic'ly bridled. (PoliSat Limerick)

    I'm Hill'ry, who's sent by the people
    to pass through the eye of the needle
    and into the Senate,
    and so I have rented
    an office that's suitably regal !

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010319-01) Inspired by 03-19-01 Fox News report about the cost of Senator Clinton's New York offices.

March 18, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Demands for inventions recording intentions. (PoliSat Limerick)

    For voters demanding inventions
    to show their intent in elections,
    we need some designs
    to enable their minds
    to comply with quite simple directions.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010318-01) Inspired by 03-18-01 Fox News report that experts on voting machines agree that the best technologies available for voting machines would only marginally-- if at all-- reduce the voter-error phenomenon.

March 17, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Petty Woman (sung by Slick Willie to Julia Roberts).  (PoliSat Parody of "Pretty Woman")

    Petty woman, speaking Clintonese,
    Petty woman, callin' Bush a freak
    Petty woman ... since fans adore you, they'll think it's true.
    No one can bash Bush like you do---  Mercy!

    Petty woman, defend my pardoning
    Petty woman, support my Libraryee,
    Petty woman, I like you bet-ter than Denise
    I hope you're horny just like me!

    Petty woman make me smile
    Please an intern pedophile
    Petty woman give your wiles to me
    Petty woman, yea, yea, yea
    do that ho-oker thing my way
    Petty woman say you'll play with me-eee
    Cuz I need you-- Hill-ree's a fright!
    Stay with me baby, up-town toni-i-ight!

    Petty woman, for-get my lies
    Petty woman, show me your thighs
    Petty woman, you know the way, hey-- OK
    Just come with me up-town, it's late
    so I won't need to find jail-bait.
    What do I need?
    Will you come up-town with me?
    Yes, you'll come up-town with me!
    Oh, oh, petty woman.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010317-01) Inspired by 03-16-01 Drudge report that Julia Roberts (aka Pretty Woman), speaking of George Bush, said, "He's embarrassing ... He's not my president. He will never be my president," and that last year she told an audience:  "Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant... I looked up Democrat. It's of the people, by the people, for the people."

March 16, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
The news-team at Fox should hire Ingraham, a fox. (PoliSat Limerick)

    When "Watch It" with Ingraham was seen 
    on cable's MSNBC, 
    the network was vying 
    for right-wing opining 
    to balance it's left-lib'ral lean. 

    But since Laura Ingraham departed, 
    the network is back where it started. 
    Though Russert and Imus 
    and Matthews seek balance, 
    the network has otherwise farded

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010316-01)
*Not a typo. A word-search at www.webster.com reveals that "fard" means "to paint (the face) with cosmetics" 

March 15, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Here's a short rhyme to tell Rosie goodbye. (PoliSat Limerick)

    I've never watched Rosie O'Donnell
    however I know that she wallows
    in air-head ideas,
    and so I give cheers
    her program is soon down the toilet.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010315-01) Inspired by NewsMax report on 03-14-01 that Rosie O'Donnell's show will soon be off the air. 

March 14, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Avoid elevation of Flag-desecration.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    The folks who commit desecration
    by burning the flag of our nation
    deserve to be banished
    from social advantage,
    but jail ain't the proper location.

    To send such offenders to jail
    comports with their twisted avail
    to garner attention
    for twisted dissension
    most likely to otherwise fail.

    The best way to punish such jerks?
    Prevent free-publicity perks!
    Refusing to treat
    their behavior as speech
    shows best just how little they're worth.

    And that's why it's not a solution
    to change the U.S. Constitution. 
    To ban desecration
    would cause elevation
    of jerks into national attention.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010314-01)  Inspired by 03-14-01 Fox News report about the proposal for a constitutional amendment to authorize Congress to enact legislation to criminalize desecration of the American Flag.

March 13, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Theresa LePore teaches voters the score. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Instructions for voters have come to the fore.
    designed by the famous Theresa LePore.
    To voters she's showing
    the method for voting
    to punch all the way through the hole for Al Gore.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010313-01)  Inspired by 03-13-01 Fox News report that Theresa LePore has designed a voter-education campaign to instruct voters on the importance of punching the chad completely through the hole.

March 12, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
A place for Slick Willie to harbor some fillies. (PoliSat Limerick)

    The Library built for Slick Willie
    will have an apartment for Willie.
    He secretly pleaded
    that what will be needed
    is somewhere to take all his fillies.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010312-01) Inspired by 03-12-01 Washington Times report about plans for the official Clinton Library to have living quarters for Clinton in furtherance of his plans as far back as May 8, 2000.

March 11, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
The Butterfly Voters were Alpha Gore Voters. (PoliSat Limerick)

    The Palm Beach reporters have put-on their glasses
    to count cards thrown-out in computer-count passes
    to say that the Butterfly Voters
    intended to be Alpha Gore Voters!
    If bullfrogs had wings they would not bump their asses!

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010311-01)  Inspired by Palm Beach Post report that its recount of the Palm Beach "over-vote" and "under-vote" ballots shows Gore would have won if Palm Beach voters had not misunderstood the Butterfly Ballot.

March 10, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
It's hard work, we knew it, but someone must do it.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    The great tennis player, Bjoern Borg,
    hopes all in the West get the word: 
    There's not enough sex,
    but Clinton, our "Ex"
    already has gotten the word.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010310-01) Inspired by AsiaDailyNews-Yahoo report on 03-09-01 that Bjoern Borg purchased a full-page advertisement published in Sweden's main financial daily Dagens Industri urging Europeans to have sex more often because "there aren't enough babies being born [in the Western world]."

March 9, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
If "Library" means "Liebrary," does "Center" mean "Sinner" ? (PoliSat Limerick)

    The High Court of Arkansas ruled
    that Little Rock followed the rules
    in lending a hand 
    to buy Library land
    with funds from the Little Rock Zoo.

    He renamed the Library "Center"
    'cause "Library" has the wrong tenor:  
The reason I'm wary:  
        It rhymes with
    But "Center," to
us, sounds like "Sinner.")

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010309-01)  Inspired by Fox News report on 03-08-01 about the Arkansas Supreme Court decision rejecting a Little Rock taxpayer's challenge to the procedures for funding land for the Clinton Library aka Clinton Presidential Center by reallocating recreational funds otherwise allocated to the Little Rock Zoo.

March 8, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Organ donation would earn an ovation.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    A new law rewards organ donors,
    and Clinton should be a supporter
    and earn an ovation
    by special donation
    to Bobbit, who needs a new boner.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010307-01)  Inspired by 03-07-01 Fox News report on Congress' legislative proposal to encourage organ donations by "helping pay donors' travel and other expenses."

March 7, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Beware when you enter Bill Clinton's new Center. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Bill Clinton has named his library
    a "center" instead of library.
    Of course we know why
    in the blink of an eye:
    because "library" rhymes with "

    But why did he choose the word "center"?
    It's not 'cause the sound rhymes with "enter."
    The idea was his,
    so we know that it "is"
Clinphonics© for "sinner" !

    But OSHA made
safety-rules clear
    to which tourists
have to adhere:  
    For women they're
    For children, they're
    For Bill's protégés they are

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010307-01)
Clinphonics© is a term I coined and explained in the Clinton Liebrary Book in the chapter on Translating Clintonese. See also "Hookered on Chinphonics." You can also find this limerick at clintonliebrary.com/sacb.html.

March 6, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
What Jackson would say to O'Reilly and also about Don the Imus. (PoliSat Limerick)

    My just-released audit of Push
    was mocked by O'Reilly, that tush;
    Then Imus defamed
    our quite excellent name,
    when he said it should be "Rainbow bush."

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010306-01)  Inspired by 03-06-01 Fox News report about Jesse Jackson's release of financial information about Rainbow Push, O'Reilly's criticism of it, and Don Imus' description of the organization as "Rainbow bush." 

March 5, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
The H-B-O story of Monica's whoring. (PoliSat Limerick)

    A good documentary show
    should tell us the things we should know,
    But H-B-O's story
    of Monica's whoring
not tell it all blow by blow.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010305-01)  Inspired by 03-05-01 Fox News report that Monica Lewinsky "has agreed to take part in
an HBO documentary about her affair with former President Bill Clinton."

March 4, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
A new Gipper carrier makes bad-guys much warier. (PoliSat Limerick)

    To make all our enemies warier,
    the Gipper knew how to be scarier.
    So mem'ries won't fade,
    it's right that we made
    his namesake the name of a carrier.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010304-01)  Inspired by 03-04-01 christening of the new super-carrier as the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan to be completed in 2003.

March 3, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Longevity's greater in high-smoking nations. (PoliSat Limerick)

    Political scientist hacks
    ignore many obvious facts
    and leave 'em untold
    for political goals
    to change nicotine into fat.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010303-01)  Inspired by comparisons of longevity projections for residents of Japan, France and the U.S., which indicate longevity expectations are higher in Japan and France, where smokers comprise 35% and 59% of the population, respectively, than in the U.S., where smokers comprise only 25% of the population.  Regarding the politically-correct response (i.e., "the strange USA laws on gun control leading to more violent deaths of the young can be cited as a more likely cause for this association") immediately following the preceding observation, see the following in observation:  "You can't save the young twice. If nobody ever died again before their 51st birthday, you would still add only about 3.5 years to the average life expectancy."  What's the more likely culprit?  Obesity is dramatically higher among non-smokers than among smokers, and the still-suppressed World Health Organization study on 30,000 families shows that passive smokers (non-smokers living in households with smokers) are healthier than non-passive-smokers apparently because trace amounts of nicotine boost the immune system.

March 2, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Design of a ray-gun inspired by Bill Clinton.  (PoliSat Limerick)

    We've made for our soldiers and cops
    a ray-gun that makes the skin hot.
    Researchers began it
    when Clinton demanded
    a new way to get women hot.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010302-01)  Inspired by Fox News report on 03-02-01 about the military's development of a "non-lethal" weapon using milli-wavelenght microwaves to cause non-injurious sensations of heat on a target's skin.

March 1, 2001 Daily Update-
01 © 2001
Ergonomics or internomics? (PoliSat Limerick)

    Slick Willie had said he was pleased
    by new rules that OSHA released
    for office equipment
    to be ergonomic
    like pads for those interns on knees.

    But Congress had said all along
    those OSHA rules went much too far.
    It favors repealing
    what ceased to be needed
    as soon as Bill Clinton was gone.

© 2001 (PoliSat Limerick 20010301-01)  Inspired by a Fox News report on 03-01-01 about the Bush administration's plans to reverse OSHA regulations requiring an "ergonomic" workplace made effective 01-16-01 by the outgoing Clinton administration.

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