June 2, 2005--

Deep Throat Mark Felt links Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton in history-- Exclusive report from PoliSat.Com.

            Amidst all the hubbub and political controversy about the revelation that Mark Felt, the man who was "No. 2" at the FBI during the Watergate scandal, was Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's "Deep Throat" source, PoliSat.Com has obtained exclusive video footage linking Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton with respect to key aspects of scandals that plagued both of them.  Click the image to the right to view this exclusive sound-video.  More on that below.

            When Mark Felt, now age 91, was asked why he waited more than thirty years before identifying himself as "Deep Throat," he said, "I can't remember why I waited so long."  Meanwhile, the controversy intensified between those viewing him as a hero and those viewing him as a heel.

            When Woodward and Bernstein were asked why they picked the name "Deep Throat" for Mark Felt as their confidential source, each gave a different answer.  Woodward claimed it was the deep, mellow tones of Felt's voice that inspired him to pick the name.  Bernstein said the name was inspired by their recognition of how far down their source would go to undermine Nixon.  Of course everyone else in the world claims the name was inspired by a movie lauded at Cannes as the head of its class (or, as they say in France, "genre").  Being the only person on the planet who missed seeing that movie (the babe I was dating at the time told me it was an extremely boring movie about the efforts of a bass singer trying to make it in the world of opera), I can't judge the whether such world-wide theory may be correct.  However, as this sound-video obtained exclusively by PoliSat.Com reveals, Woodward and Bernstein were right in predicting the effects that Deep Throat would have on a President tempted to seek unlawful means to enlarge the Executive Branch .

            We were unable to reach Richard Nixon for a comment, but we did the next best thing.  We gained exclusive access to this just-declassified video soon to be on display in both the Nixon Library and the Clinton Liebrary.   Click the above-right image to view the full-size sound/video version.  If you don't have software such as WinAmp or Windows Media Player to view the sound-video version, click the image at the left to view the silent version.   If you're too impatient to view the full-size sound-video version, click the smaller, landscape-oriented image to the right to view a smaller, faster-loading sound-video version.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com

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