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The Peace Prize in Olso for Gore so clearly has brought to the fore the aura, do tell, of Alfred Nobel, that Earth's foremost poet lauds Gore.·

By Jim Wrenn,

Washington Bureau Drawer Chief, PoliSat.Com.

October 13, 2007--

            The Peace Prize in Olso for Gore so clearly has brought to the fore the aura, do tell, of Alfred Nobel, that Earth's foremost poet lauds Gore.  So thrilled is a poet that Gore in Oslo has come to the fore as Savior from Heaven for Earth in '07, he's written this Ode to Al Gore:

                Twas known that in Oslo was stored a "Peace Prize" for Climate Pope Gore, and so this is not a time to be shocked that Oslo is worshiping Gore.  And Gore will no doubt contend science was surely the grounds for reliance, but scientists know as "science" 'twas faux advanced by "Political Science."



     Remember their direst predictions?  Examples of facts derelictions recited as grounds so clearly abound, it's hard to complete their rendition.   For starters, remember '05 when Gore and his followers cried, "Katrina is just the first, and we must get ready for many "Cat-Fives"?

                Like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Al Gore blamed the carbon consumers for Cat-Five Katrina with pious demeanor and prophesied more to come sooner.  But yet in '06 and '07, when hurricane seasons were leavened with mildness instead of storming to dread, they still prophesy Armageddon.

                And yet one continues to hear the media treating their fears instead of as fiction as holy predictions from God's lips to humanist ears.   And likewise the media's blind to many more flaws they could find in science negating the claims he's re-stating that Man's warming Earth in our time.

                They echo his claims to defile dispute as a "state of denial" by claiming "consensus" in hopes to convince us that contrary science is "wild."   It's not merely once that they've veered from science and facts to spread fear.  They're many-- go hereºº and also go hereº¹ and also go hereº² and go here.º³ ·  

                But back to the Oslo "Peace Prize," we wonder how Gore will arrive to claim his new prize-- perhaps he will drive his car named the "Al Gore Mobile."  And there, will he find it convenient-- surrounded by fans who are lenient-- to show his unequaled Da Gorgle Code prequel to "Truth" that he's named "Inconvenient."

                If reading this text leads your mind to know it's in rhythm  and rhyme, and if you prefer the format of verse, go here for the stanzas aligned.


Scroll down for footnotes.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor & Washington Bureau Drawer Chief, PoliSat.Com.

Permanent link:  http://polisat.com/Da_Gorgle_Code.htm#20071013-01  


ºº·See increases in CO2 as effects, not causes, of ends of ice-ages.


º¹·See report of more than 500 non-bureaucratic scientists refuting the "man-is-warming-the-climate" theory.  Furthermore, a recent court decision in England found that Gore's movie, "Inconvenient Truth" contains numerous, scientifically demonstrable falsehoods.  (More on the demonstrable falsehoods is here and here.)


º²·See report of NASA correcting it's prior computations that most of the "hottest" years of the 20th Century were in late part of the century with the correcting computations showing that most of such "hottest" years were in the early part of the century at a time when advocates of the man-is-warming-the-climate theory admit there had not been sufficient worldwide industrialization to support a claim for CO2 as the cause.


º³·See NASA questioning claims about Arctic melting (need Real Time or Quick Time video).  Furthermore, in focusing on events in Greenland today, the advocates of the man-is-warming-the-planet conveniently ignore why "Greenland" was named "Greenland" (not "Iceland") by our ancestors nearly a millennium before the advent of industrialization.  Similarly, when the media uncritically report claims that the latter part of the 20th Century was the "hottest" in more than a thousand years, they completely ignore the undisputed evidence that the climate was significantly warmer before the 13th Century than in the 20th Century.  Indeed, it's undisputed that a "mini-ice-age" began in the 13th Century and that the climate began warming again in the 1800's, long before massive, worldwide industrialization.  Indeed, in 1971, the scientific "consensus" was that Earth was headed into another "ice age."  In contrast, as John McCaslin reported from news-report archives, in 1922 the "experts" were claiming the Artic ice caps were disappearing.

The four preceding footnotes provide merely several illustrative examples of flaws in Gore's theory.  The glaring scientific flaws in the humans-are-warming-the-climate theory being championed by Al Gore and the "thousands" of bureaucratic "scientists" in the United Nations' "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" (IPCC), who "shared" his Nobel "Peace Prize" are legion.  Extensive scientific analysis of such flaws are readily available at quite a number of sites, but a particular site containing links to a large number of scientifically reputable sites exposing flaws in Gore's theory is  http://JunkScience.Com.  

Not surprisingly, neither Gore nor any of the bureaucratic scientists sharing his prize is willing to engage in a direct, public, scientifically rigorous debate over Gore's theory of anthropogenic (i.e., human-caused)  warming of Earth's climate with any of the numerous reputable scientists vigorously disputing such theory.  Indeed, numerous scientists have issued public challenges (and some have even offered "rewards" as inducements) for public, scientifically-sound debates of the man-is-warming-the-planet theory.  Just as was the case in the Dark Ages when the established order felt threatened by scientific knowledge, proponents of the man-warming-the-planet theory today prefer to simply brand opponents as heretics rather than to confront their evidence in a scientifically sound manner.  Whether Earth's climate is warming now, as it has done millions of times over the billions of years of Earth's history, is a question of fact discernible by science; whether this particular "warming" is being "caused" by human activity is a theory rendered highly implausible by the overwhelming historical evidence of millions of prior warming and cooling periods having occurred long before the advent of modern human civilization.  See also "Global Warming or Scientific Flatulence" for an explanation of flaws in the theory listed in 2001, which flaws the proponents of Gore's theory still haven't refuted.  

In reality, there's probably a far higher risk of global catastrophe from Earth being again struck by a large comet or asteroid, by more eruptions of super-volcanoes, by mega-earthquakes greater than any quake experienced in modern times, by increases in solar activity (more here), by radiation from a massive coronal ejection from our Sun, or by other forces of nature we don't yet understand.  This anthropogenic theory of climate-warming is about as valid as the claims that extraterrestrials are here and have been secretly running our government.

So, what's really being accomplished by the anthropogenic-warming fraud?  To paraphrase Mr. Rogers, "Can you say 'Large sums of money for Al Gore and his like-minded allies selling "carbon offsets'"?  (See also here and here.)

Note:  If I were to include all links to all sources debunking the man-is-heating-Mother-Earth theory, this installment would be so large that accessing it would crash my server.





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