Resignation by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin generates new political cottage industry known as Palintology. (Update:  Palintology has its own domain:·

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
July 13, 2009--

            Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's resignation generates a whole new political cottage industry known as Palintology.  The punditocracy confidently claims to know why she did it, but few in the punditocracy agree on the answer.  That is, of course, the nature of the punditocracy-- each pundit confidently proclaiming prescience with political certitude in how and why pundits with different views are completely wrong.

            Few political figures within recent decades have generated such widespread interest and contradictory views.  Now, the Hystory Channel puts all these views into perspective in a hystorical docudrama titled Palintology.  Some pundits claim it's a hysterical rather than hystorical, but those are pundits that don't understand puns.  But the Hystory Channel's Palintology docudrama puts the "pun" in pundit. 

            When Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, most pundits on both the left and the right viewed her decision through the prism of the 2012 campaign for the presidency.  However, the Hystory Channel's Palintology docudrama shows why and how her resignation strategy focuses on 2010 rather than 2012.  

            The left side of the punditocracy will mock the docudrama because it portrays humans and dinosaurs alive at the same time-- indeed, they'll claim that Palin believes humans and dinosaurs walked the Earth in the Garden of Eden.  The left side of the punditocracy doesn't seem to understand artistic or literary devices except when they're employed by the left to mock figures on Palin's side of the political spectrum.  Thus, the left is likely to view Palintology as a "Creationist" view of politics.  

            The right side of the punditocracy is sharply divided among those who view Palin with disdain as a political amateur unschooled in the Ivy League branch of "conservatism" and those who view Palin as an embodiment of those by whom William F. Buckley (at the zenith of his intellectual acuity) professed a preference for being governed rather than the "faculties of Harvard or Yale"-- i.e., the "first 200 people in the telephone directory."  This latter group of right-side pundits says Palin is "the first 200 people in the telephone directory."  

            PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief is in this latter group believing that Palin resigned now because she reached two non-professional-politician conclusions:  (1) Congress, as currently constituted, is so rapidly accelerating American's slippery-slope slide from capitalism and liberty into collectivism, redistributionism, government-run "businesses", pantheopianism, Global-Warming Religion, and big-brotherism that "all the chips are on the table" in the 2010 races for the Senate and House if liberty and market-based capitalism are to survive, and (2) that in order to (a) put the fear of defeat in 2010 into the minds of as many Senate and House members not ideologically committed to collectivism but potentially willing to "go along" with current proposals by Obama and/or the current House and Senate leadership and (b) increase the chances for the 2010 election to reverse, if not halt, the slide into collectivism, she must go "pedal to the metal" to campaign for anyone seeking election (or reelection) in 2010 who opposes such collectivism and favors liberty, market-based economics, drilling for oil and gas for energy independence, and a strong foreign policy unapologetically opposing the growing threats posed by the Islamo-Fascist and Paleo-Stalinist alliance.   Correctly understanding that she could not go "pedal to the metal" on such mission while remaining Governor of Alaska, she sensibly concluded that her resignation was in the best interests of the country as well as Alaska in order to enable her to put her shoulder to the wheel between now and the 2010 elections to support candidates of either (or any) party willing to oppose collectivism domestically and appeasement abroad.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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